PGDM Trimester I

Database System Architecture 2 ITAM. 2012 .

Database System Architecture 3 ITAM. 2012 .

2012 .Database System Architecture 4 ITAM.

2012 .Database Development Process 5 Database administrators and designers work with corporate and end user management to  develop an enterprise model that defines the basic business process of the enterprise. Purchasing. receiving) Data Modeling   ITAM. Define the information needs of the end users in a business process (ie.

2012 .Data Modeling 6   Databases must be carefully planned Data modeling: analysis and organization of data  Proactive process  Develop conceptual blueprint   Entity relationship diagram: graphical representation of the conceptual design of the database ER Modeling ITAM.

Summary 9  The development of databases can be easily accomplished using microcomputer database management packages for small end-user applications. ITAM. 2012 .

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