Answers of igcse past paper (2H)Nov 2009 a) wire melts breaks circuit b) P=IV I=6.

25A c) i)13 A ii)all the others would blow d)toaster and electric kettle a) i) protons and neutrons ii) buildings , rocks , nuclear power stations, medical uses and Radon gas b) space less dense c) i) the average time taken for half of the original atoms to decay ii) 1-6,000 2-no activity (activity approaches to zero) d)smoke detector , sterilizing , medical tracers, checking welds, monitoring thickness control of sheets and cancer treatment A) Force , distance , direction B) P=E/T =400W C) I) Efficiency = .

ii)efficiency =


a) I) loft insulation ii) Curtains or double glazing b) air heated Less dense and rises

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