VOLTA N Y 2013 | B OOT H NU MB ER 2. 3 3

WEBS I T E E- M A I L PHO N E +39 02 2953 4903 CEL L +39 339 291 1810 CONTA C T N A M ES Rosanna Magro Massimiliano Rocca

At VOLTA NY the gallery is pleased to present the French artist Cyril Le Van with the “Old Street” project. The space is designed so the artist doesn’t try to magnify the real but rather questions the strength of the links between society and people. Le Van composes plastic artwork by using photography to reproduce in actual size and three dimensions objects of daily life, symbols of belonging to a group, a social or cultural identity, or characteristics of our age. The artist take photos of all sides of Nike sneakers, Vuitton bags, Adidas T-shirt, Rolex watches, etc., then prints them on a rigid support and finally recreates them with stitches or staples. So you have a new object, fake but extremely attractive. His work, mixed between New Realism and Pop Art, tries to recreate the identity unease of our society full of logos and pictures but lacking benchmarks. Le Van doesn’t draw the line between art and popular culture; he is using the brand concept to discuss globalization, consumerism, and their impacts on our society. MAGROROCCA focuses its research and its proposal in the contemporary art world. The gallery is in the center of Milan in Italy and was opened in 2003 by Rosanna Magro and Massimiliano Rocca. The gallery has a strong program of solo shows and promotes the work of emerging artists, whose proposals are innovative and multidisciplinary: photography, installation, painting, video and sculpture.

OTH E R R E P R E S ENT ED AR T IST S Kristian Burford Omar Chacon Floria Gonzalez Tamara Kostianovsky Francesco Merletti David Gremard Romero Jill Sylvia

COV E R Cyril Le Van Fridge printed photos on a rigid support, stitches and staples life-size INS I D E Cyril Le Van Chappy printed photos on a rigid support, stitches and staples life-size B AC K Cyril Le Van Shoes printed photos on a rigid support, stitches and staples life-size

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