1 Office of the Superintendent of Schools MONTGOMERY COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS Rockville, Maryland August 23, 2012

MEMORANDUM To: From: Subject: Members of the Board of Education Joshua P. Starr, Superintendent of Schools Procurement Contracts of $25,000 or More

WHEREAS, Funds have been budgeted for the purchase of equipment, supplies, and contractual services; now therefore be it Resolved, That having been duly advertised, the following contracts will be awarded to the low bidders meeting specifications as follows: 03670058 Unleaded Gasoline—Extension Awardee Truman Arnold Companies 11-12-01 Frozen Food and Staple Groceries Awardee Peterson Farms Fresh, Inc. 1033.3 Legal Services for Special Education-Related Issues Awardees Carney, Kelehan, Bresler, Bennett & Sherr, LLP Jeffrey A. Krew, LLC Nussbaum Law, LLC PK Law Total $ 99,000 $890,000


Members of the Board of Education


August 23, 2012


Implementation Services Under the Autism Waiver—Extension Awardee Department of Health and Human Services $425,000


Maximo Subscription and Support—Extension Awardee IBM Corporation $ 25,237


Employment Engagement Consulting Project Awardee Gallup, Inc. $900,000


EpiPen Purchase Awardee Bioridge Pharma $ 45,000



Formal bids and request for proposals (RFPs) were obtained and evaluated by the Division of Procurement, Department of Materials Management, in consultation with the users. The tabulations, cost comparisons, and budget account verifications are available in Procurement’s files. JPS:LAB:KCL:PJM Attachment


Bid Activity Report August 23, 2012 Total No. Total No. of No. of No. MFD Total No. of MFD Total No. MFD Vendors Vendors of Bids Bids of Bids Contracts Mailed Mailed Received Received Awarded Awarded N/A Montgomery County Government N/A Houston Independent School District 4 0 4 0 4 0 N/A MOU with Department of Health and Human Services N/A Ongoing Maintenance and Support N/A Consulting Services N/A Minnesota Multistate Contracting Alliance

BID No. 3670058 11-12-01 1033.3 4306.1 4335.1 4336.1 4337.1

BID NAME Unleaded Gasoline—Extension Frozen Food and Staple Groceries Legal Services for Special Education-Related Issues Implementation Services under the Autism Waiver—Extension Maximo Subscription and Support—Extension Employment Engagement Consulting Project EpiPen Purchase


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