Putting Principles Into Practice
Corporate Social Responsibility

+ Presented By Arpita Pandey Pooja Katiyar Surabhi Singh Parvesh Garg Gunjan Lunia Chopra Chirag Guided By Raghvan Sir .

. HUL reconstructed a village in the Kachchh district . • All the structures are earthquake and cyclone-resistant. • Underground reservoir and an overhead tank for water.+ 
 Yashodadham : After the devastating earthquake in 2001. • Health centre. • School building. Gujarat.

+ Tondiarpet . Cuddalore and Andamans.000 cooked meals for families in Chennai. .Rs. .12. .distribution of bread and biscuits to over 500 families in Pondicherry.relief and rehabilitation of Tsunami affected families by way of relief material. 10 crore . Nagapattinam. land and towards construction of facilities.

The kit contained essential items such as  utensils  clothes  Blankets. 000 kits worth Rs.+ Bihar Floods: After the floods in Bihar in 2008. HUL contributed 10. . 60 lakh as first instalment of relief material for the immediate relief of the flood affected families of Araria District in Bihar.

.Mobile medical vans camp for six hours in a village everyday and treat nearly 100 patients.year 2003 near Assam.A free mobile medical service .Two mobile vans dedicated to the project . .+ SANJIVANI – Free Mobile Medical Facility .

+ Sanjivani also undertakes activities like • Awareness campaigns on hygiene • Child immunization camps • Iron supplement therapy • Free eye check ups • Family planning awareness camps • Anti-tobacco education • Anti-alcoholism camps. .

500 patients since its inception and in 2007 alone in 344 camps more than 22.395 patients were treated. 54. In 2008 through 438 camps. 32000 patients have been treated.+ • The Sanjivani project has provided medical assistance to more than 1. • • .

challenged children the HIV-positive and the destitute.+ Special Education & Rehabilitation

Under the Happy H Education and rehabilitation of children with challenges. . Asha Daan : a home in Mumbai for abandoned.

+ The needs of the abandoned/challenged children are met through  special classes of basic skills. corrective surgery is also arranged for in the city hospitals by the Home. 
 .  Wherever necessary. being taken care of by the Sisters of the Home.  physiotherapy. etc.

bamboo crafts. HUL's Doom Dooma Tea Plantation Division set up Ankur. embroidery.+ Ankur : 
In 1993. etc depending on their aptitudes. the second centre for special education of challenged children. such as cookery. painting. candle making. stitching. a centre for special education of challenged children These children are taught skills. weaving. . Kappagam : 
Encouraged by Ankur's success. was set up in 1998 on HUL Plantations in South India. Kappagam ("shelter").



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