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Ho H o t "B rc a ti S h is *eat

U ntil you have deliberated and real ized th at within this booklet a mes sage o f im portance awaits you. This booklet is not for the idly curious and its contents have been sealed for a purpose. W h e n you have broken the seal do not proceed until you have read the next page. I f a letter accompanies this booklet, read it first. T o open, slit outside edge o f page.

You Have Broken The Seal!

Your quest has opened these pages! The reading of the book may be the turning point in your life! It may prove to be the most vital factor in your future career! Thousands, in many lands, have lilted their hands and voices in tribute to the Light that sheds its rays from these pages. The unsealed Booklet, with its open Path, is before you!

An Admonishment
Read Carefully Each Page, Each Paragraph
Place yourself in a quiet, restful mood, alone if possible, and permit the author to reveal to you the picture, the plan, the purpose leading to attain' ment, power, success, and Illumination. The value of this booklet cannot be obtained by skimming over the pages. This Booklet is gladly given to you. It carries with it the cordial in vita' tion to attune yourself with T he Invincible Empire and conquer. Start with the first page and, without missing or passing a word or line, in orderly progression follow the development ot its unique message and think as you read. You are a privileged seeker, indeed, and the A M O R C welcomes you within its private domains.


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W h en the mighty continent and civilization of Lem uria sank beneath the roaring waves o f the Pacific, centuries ago. Above is a famous artists conception of this great catastrophe. Science, today, has at last determined the vast extent o f this continent.

Ef)e H o st C g tate
A S M A N lost the great knowledge which he once possessed, and which enabled him to be the master of his own life and the ruler of the universe around him? Is man today a victim of circumstances and con' ditions because he has lost the high estate in which he once lived as the most powerful creature on earth? According to all of the ancient legends and historical records there was a time when man was mighty in knowledge, and when men and women had attained the highest degree of mental, physical, and spiritual unfoldment, and possessed all of the wealth of happiness, material blessings, and mystical powers ever dreamed of in the hearts of human beings. In these ancient legends and records we discover that once in various parts of the world there existed great cities in the center of greater empires with magnificent buildings, marvel' ous architecture, beautiful homes, gorgeous parks, boulevards, museums, theatres, and places of enjoyment and recreation. To such great heights did men and women attain cultural, mental, and mystical unfoldment that they were able to control the forces of nature, to direct the laws of the universe, to bring into their personal affairs all of the prosperity, health, happiness, and goodness that God intended every human being to possess. W h at happened in the centuries gone by to separate men and women from this great heritage, this great estate, power, and wisdom? According to the historical writings of Plato and Solon, we are led to believe that the most fascinating forms of civilization once existed, and that there was a real fall o f m an when man lost all the advantages he had attained. From Plato in ancient times to Francis Bacon in the Elizabethan period the worlds greatest thinkers have tried to solve this problem, and have tried to dis* cover why man lost what he once possessed, and how he may attain it again. Throughout the Middle Ages there came into the heart of Europe, from the mystery lands of the East, marvelous revelations of

T h e R o s ic r u c ia n s an august fraternity whose doctrines, hinted at by the earliest philos ophers, are still a mys tery to the unworthy. I do not blame them for their discretion. L o rd E d w a rd B u lw er L y tton . (A R osicrucian.)

superior knowledge that had been preserved, and the leading thinkers of Europe delved deeply into these mysteries to revive mans knowledge, and to assist again in bringing him up the mountainside of civilization to the highest attainments. Various mystery schools and organizations were established for this purpose, and Francis Bacon, the great philosophical leader, attempted to unify all mystical knowledge, and to encourage the search for ancient writings, buried manuscripts, secret doctrines, and concealed truths that man might have these rich possessions again.

T he Lost Continents of A tlantis and Lemuria

A ll of the ancient records that have been consulted by unbiased investigators plainly indicate that at various periods in the past man had attained sublime heights in personal power, and marvelous wisdom. A ll through the darkest ages of ancient traditions runs the story of mans masterful achievements, and then the great disaster that took away from him the great her itage which he had enjoyed. The story of the lost continent of Atlantis is just as fascinating as the story of the lost continent of Lemuria. One was in the eastern oceans, and one was in the western, and yet each in its time had become the center of higher civilization, and the controlling power of the world. Even in these modern times newspapers and magazines with special articles refer to the scientific explorations that are made to determine the size and the nature of the continents that lie beneath the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans.
W h e n natures many mysterious activities are understood, man is able to conquer the so-called evil influences which beset his path in life. Rev. G e o r g e B an n ing. (A R osicrucian.)

For an example, F. A . Mitchell-Hedges, famous explorer, archaeologist, and member of the M aya Committee of the British Museum, said recently in an exclusive newspaper interview, A highly cultured civilization existed before the flood. The flood wiped out all but vestiges of this early civilization. The flood dim accounts of which exist in the folk lore of the races of all peoples, and which is described in the Bible story of Noah actually occurred, but not as a flood in the sense in which we normally use the world. It was, in fact, caused by a cataclysm of the earths surface by colossal and devastating changes, by the sinking of rich and populous areas probably continen tal in extent to the bottom of the sea. A myth, many have contended. But it was a myth common to widely separated peoples and is as persistent as the legend of the flood.

An impossibility, others have argued; first, because the cata' clysmic geological changes of a magnitude such as 'rewrote' the earth's land and water map occurred too long ago. Second, mankind if existing before could not have survived the chaos accompanying the disappearance of continents. B ut I have returned lately from an area in which there is to be found conclusive proof that such a cataclysm actually occurred. A part of that evidence has been read by scientists, more of it, however, I have unearthed by hacking through scores of miles of sweltering jungles. l'M y two definite conclusions are: first, that at some remote time a great land area stretching eastward from Central America, sank and was engulfed by the sea. Second, during this gigantic geological adjustment, a portion of what had been sea bed was heaved upward to become land even uplands within the area we now know as Central America. A great and cul' tured race of men was destroyed by this holocaust. A few fleeing to the mountain tops and uplands of what very probably was the Atlantis of legend, others perhaps reaching mainlands to establish new races and new culture. Each new fact that is discovered proves that the peoples of these ancient continents were greatly advanced in scientific knowledge, in the arts, in architecture, and in the mystical principles that have been wilfully and deliberately concealed from man in these modern days. Think of the magnificent cities that must lie at the bottom of these oceans w'ith their ruined temples, great museums, institutions of scientific research, li braries of rare wisdom, machinery and scientific instruments of marvelous usefulness. It is not an idle dream to believe in these things, for we have evidences in every part of the world that at the time of the height of power of the continent of Atlantis marvelous things had been accomplished by man through the knowledge that had been passed on to him from century to century and from age to age as a secret heritage. There is no mystery about the fact that these ancient peoples did possess unusual knowledge, but the mystery surrounds the source of that knowledge and the passing of it on to other races and

In our sanctuary all the hidden M ysteries are p r e s e r v e d intact, they have never been profaned. . . . O u r sci ence is the inheritance promised to the Elect. Connctllor V on E d{h artsh au sen . (A Rosicru cian.)

Strange W isd om
W hence came this great knowledge? T rac' ing man's development in the arts and sci' ences, and especially in the mystical wisdom that made him a master of his own life, we find that from the most primitive times there were men among men, leaders among leaders, m

and secret schools among the many others that possessed this knowledge, preserved it, cared for it, and devoted time and money to the continuance of the knowledge as a heritage to be passed on to future generations and future races. From ancient documents that have been translated, from carvings on stone, and secret writings preserved in metals and on jewels, it is evident that this great knowledge was given to only a few in each century, and in each country came as a Divine revelation, or as the budding flower, or consciousness, in the hearts and souls of selected individuals who were to become the avatars, mystic leaders, and saviours of their time. Such knowledge was not given to all human beings, and even today the great wisdom that constitutes the real power in life, and the real purpose of our existence, is not shared by all human beings but limited only to those who seek it, and who make their lives deserving and worthy. The destructive influence of storms and strife among men, and destructive powers of the elements, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, and great Cosmic cataclysms have never destroyed or taken from man this ancient wisdom. It has been carried down through the ages as Gods greatest gift to man. It has been revised and amended by continued revelations and human experiences. It has been tested and tried and found sufficient to meet all of mans requirements. It has been used to rebuild cities and nations and empires, and it has served to enable man to reconstruct cities and countries that have been destroyed. It has aided man in developing his abilities to design, construct, invent, and discover the great implements of peace and power that contribute to mans achievement.
Seek not too eagerly after the grace o f de votion, sensible sweet ness, and tears; but let thy chief care be to re main inwardly united to God by good will in the intellectual part of the Soul. A lb ertu s M agn u s. ( A Rosicrucian.)

T h e First Egyptian Civilization

W hen we attempt to trace the history of one of the worlds greatest countries, we find that along the banks of the Nile in what is now known as Egypt there rose in olden times a nation of people who seemed to possess the greatest knowledge ever revealed to man. For many ages the valley of the Nile was primitive in its civilization, and ignorant of even the essential fundamental truths of life. Its people lived in enclosed places beneath the ground like the wildest of animals. Their living structures were devoid of any type of architecture, and they had no appreciation of the value of hygienic necessities, nor even of the most commonplace requirements for peace and con' tentment. The desire fo r kn ow ledge had not

Building the Great Pyramid of Gizeh. to crect it. Instead of a great tomb, it brotherhood whose wisdom we today ancient Lemuria or

O ne hundred thousand men were employed twenty years is discovered to have been a temple o f learning o f a secret are just beginning to appreciate. Did the survivors of A tlantis hold their convocations here?

T h e C o s m i c influ ences are invisible, but they act upon man. H eat and light are in tangible and incorpo real; nevertheless, they act upon m an, and the same is true of other invisible influences. P aracelsu s. ( A Rosicrucian.)

been awakened, and the first steps toward civilization had not been taken. Then, suddenly, there came into the history of this land a strange and unusual awakening! History, upon such authority as James Breasted, eminent archaeologist, reveals that within a period of a hundred years the whole of that Egyptian territory was changed in its physical, material, mental, and spiritual aspect. Magnificent structures of stupendous size and marvelous beauty were built, as in the twinkling of an eye. Mechanical and engineering problems that we have not been able to equal even today were suddenly worked out under inspiring instructions of some great wisdom that came to them. They developed art, music, the rhythm of dancing, ritualism of religious ceremonies. They discovered the existence of heavenly deities. They found that there was a soul within them, and a mind that could be trained. They developed personal powers and attributes that made them the leading mental powers of the world. They dug canals, and built dams. They learned to make instruments, and carvings in stone. They discovered pig ments for paint. They found artificial ways of creating light to use in the darkest recesses of their temples and grottos. They discovered rare jewels. They found the secret of agriculture. The mysteries of the heavens became known to them; astron omy, astrology, chemistry, and physics, and all of the funda mental principles of the present-day sciences became known to them in the short span of a few years. Going back over all the ancient records of Egypt it would seem as though the whole valley of the Nile was transformed over night from the most primitive condition to the most modern and superb to be found anywhere in the world. How came this sudden change, and what was the cause of it? Our only answer is the fact that just prior to this great and revolutionary change in Egypt the con tinent of Atlantis had disappeared. A ll that man achieved in the valley of the Nile had already been achieved on the con tinent of Atlantis, and as the continent began to disappear beneath the waters of the ocean, its people went in all directions seeking new continents and safer lands for their rising genera tions. W ith them went the great heritage o f secret \nowledge and wisdom .

T h e G reat Hegira
Some of the Atlanteans reached the shores of a country now known as Yucatan in Mexico. Others went Eastward, and, reach ing what is now known as the Mediter ranean, arrived at the northern shores of Africa and journeyed up the Valley of

Arising out of the deserts of Syria are stupendous rock clitis, appalling in their size; but most mystifying and impressive is the city, partially in ruins, hewn entirely out of solid rock by an early, unknown civilization. T h e labor and patience required to execute such work is comparable to that required in building the great temples o f the N ile V alley. T hese ancient builders aided in perpetuating the secret heritage o f wisdom.

f 9 ]

the Nile. In regard to this great hegira migration, George C. Heye, director of an archaeological and historical foundation, in a recent interview, said, These people left behind imperishable objects of their own handicraft, from which many parts of their life story may be deduced. Thousands of such relics have been recovered and presented to the Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, New York, and the British Museum in London. It was a civilization infinitely older than that of the M aya, who, I am convinced, had developed a cul ture more advanced than that of any Aryan peoples of the old world who were their contemporaries. W here was the 'cradle of civilization after all? N ot, apparently, in the light of these findings, in the valley of the Euphrates. Is it not possible that the light of civilization traveled not Westward but Eastward, from what was thought to be a legendary land, known as Atlantis? I hesitate to estimate the antiquity of this civilization, but there exist certain bases for computation, which lead me to believe that this civilization flourished certainly not later than 15,000 B. C. or that it possibly dates beyon d 25,000 B. C. Perhaps they were the predecessors of the early races in the Nile region. These people then found conditions favorable for the use of the great knowledge they had preserved, and in a hundred years they transformed the primitive, barren valley of Egypt into the magnificent empire that remained for thousands of years, and is still today the marvel of mans power, and a monument to God, because it was in this land that the knowl edge of the existence of a one ever4iving God was spread throughout the darkened world.

T h e Mystery Cities
T h e Eternal Truths a r e revealed through spiritual meditation, and make all men who receive them the M agi of their time. S ir E d w ard K e lly . (A Rosicru cian.)

In both Yucatan and the valley of the Nile, today, we see remnants of the magnificent structures which these former Atlanteans had built in their own land, and which their knowl edge enabled others to build in other lands. Some of the temples, pyramids, and buildings in the country of the Mayans and the Yucatans are older than most of the oldest structures in Egypt, and yet are of similar nature and design. Beneath the soil of Central America, explorers have found hidden cities thousands of years old, and yet laid out in magnificent boulevards and streets, and having every evidence of being populated by people of astonishing wisdom. In each of these countries the great heritage of arcane and secret wisdom was taught to no]

preserve it for the future. T he Great Pyramid at Gizeh, Egypt, was built solely for the purpose of preserving in stone, in carv ings symbolic and hieroglyphic, in lines and symbols, in forms and pictures, all of the great knowledge that had gone down through the ages, and which might be lost to the future if it were not preserved in this manner. And out of Egypt came to all the countries of Europe the teachers and instructors in the secret schools who carried the secret teachings to Athens and Rome and to other places, and enabled man to achieve the marvelous conquests of the obstacles of life, and to build civile zation more gloriously than in the past.

Continued Cataclysms
Yet from time to time these new nations and new empires would allow selfishness, debauchery, intoxication from wealth and political ambitions to destroy them by dominating their thinking and poisoning the spiritual viewpoint of life. So these newer nations fell beneath the cataclysmic changes of the Cosmic laws, just as the continents of Atlantis and Lemuria had closed their glorious chapters with the passing of the waters over them. Dark ages followed ages of great illumination and power. From time to time, as in a chart of cycles, this old earth of ours has found its people and its countries submitting to the material weaknesses of life and losing the advantages of the power that might have remained with them. But in all of these changes the secret schools, the mystic brotherhoods, the invisible empire of inspired leaders and followers kept alive the spirit of the secret heritage, preserved the teachings, and carried on the spirit of the great work. These great leaders in all the ages of the past constituted the Great W hite Brotherhood of man. In the archives of this Great W hite Brotherhood have been preserved all of the ancient documents and writings made by the hand of man, and in their hearts they have preserved the spiritual revelations that can be transmitted only by word of mouth, and by Cosmic attunement with the Brotherhood. In secret grottos, in well' fortified temples, in carefully built vaults in the hearts of pyra' mids and tombs, they have concealed and preserved transla' tions of the ancient writings, and newly'made tablets of wisdom.

T h e A dept only converses at his best with the A dept. A round him is a sacred circle, and w ithin it only the Elect are allowed to enter. T h e Brotherhood of Consecrated Lives ad mits all who are worthy, and all who are exclud ed exclude themselves. - " F r a ." E lb e rt H u b b a r d . ( A R osicru cian.)

T he G reat W h ite Brotherhood

It has been the privilege of the Great W hite Brotherhood in all ages to transmit from century to century and from race to race the C11 ]

secret heritage, the ancient wisdom, the glorious knowledge that God and Nature have revealed to man from time to time. Here, all of the human experiences of life, all of the secret methods of unfolding the spiritual and physical personality of individual beings, all of the rituals, laws, principles, and methods of mastering the obstacles of life, of solving its mysterious problems, of discovering the great truths, have been fostered and taught to the few. Always the few in every land, in every race, and in every time, have been the protectors of the great heritage. These few have been known by various names such as the Essenes, the Therapeutae, the Knights of the Temple, the Rosicrucians, the Hermetic Brothers, the Alchemists, and the Martinists. They have formed secret lodges where they have taught their classes of humble students under various names and various symbols. The work of the Great W hite Brotherhood has been carried on, even up to this very hour, without regard to the individuals social or material standing, but mindful only of his worthiness and sincerity, along with his ability to help carry the heritage on into the future. Every history of civilization reveals the powerful good accomplished by these secret schools, that have been tolerant in their religious views, kindly and merciful in their political attitude, free from entangling situations, and always devoted to the service of mankind for the greater glory of God.

For Those W h o A re Prepared

God has given each individual the right to choose for himself his course in life. Born in unequal social and physical condi tions; born in unequal political and national classifications; bom unequal in every other sense, but a spiritual one, mankind throughout the world represents a complex mass difficult to understand and comprehend until one tours the world and contacts it personally. But within the soul of each individual there is the power and the urge to choose that which is uplift ing, constructive, and that which is beneficial to all and glori fying to the divine scheme. Those who choose to give of their time and service to the glory of a better civili zation, and to do the carrying out of the great Divine heritage, qualify themselves to become participants in the great wisdom, and share holders in the inheritance of the past. Each man and each woman who so desires may qualify himself to be one of the fortunate members of the inner circle and the recipients
[ 12]

G od's wisdom is for those who would reach up to receive it, and with others prepare themselves to be worthy o f it. P etru sd e A b a n o . ( A R osicrucian.)

of the secret wisdom. T o those who seek the kingdom of God within and then seek to bring on earth the kingdom of Heaven, and to help their fellowmen in rising to the sublime heights of Divine mastership and spiritual perfection, every opportunity is offered for them to share in the secret wisdom possessed by the Great W hite Brotherhood, and distributed through its various channels and organizations. It requires no special intellect, no special collegiate or aca demic training, no special social or political position, no special amount of wealth to be among those who are favored by the Brotherhood. It requires only sincerity of purpose, a humble ness of spirit, and a freedom from selfish desires. Those who feel the ambition to rise out of the commonplace positions in life, and those who feel the urge to make a success of their careers, and attain personal power that may be used to assist others, and to assist civilization in its onward march, are wel comed into the Brotherhood as the type of individual deserving of its assistance and qualified to carry on the secret heritage of the past. The Rosicrucian Brotherhood has been, through all the ages since the beginning of the secret schools, the most devoted and most sincere channel for the development of mans achievement to the highest stations of life. A s one of the secret schools teaching consistently, and in elaborate courses of personal guid ance, it has been the foremost of all the brotherhood organi zations among men. Today, the Rosicrucian Brotherhood extends its secret circle around the world with its colleges and schools, its temples, its reading rooms and chapters, its students, and its followers in every civilised community or in every progressive nation. It has always kept itself free from religious creeds and dogmas, from class distinctions, and political activities. It is concerned only with the individual development within man of the Divine heritage which has come to him as a living image of God and the most Supreme Being on earth.

He who knows most grieves most fo r wasted time. D a n te. ( A Rosicru cian.)

C 13 ]

The Rosicrucians and Their Purposes

Since the dawn of civilization there have been secret schools of philosophy and private movements sponsored by the leaders of personal evolution, and these schools and movements have had various names in various countries. According to traditions, amplified and supported later by tangible, historical records, the earliest of the mystical philo sophical schools and movements of a definite form was the Rosi crucian. In all ages the Rosicrucians have been distinguished from the various secret, religious sects, but have cooperated with every con certed effo rt on the part of human beings to advance the cultural power and attainments of the individual. Tradition traces the ancestry of the Rosicrucian movement to Egypt and the mystery schools that flourished at the height of the great wisdom cycle of Egyptian power. Certain it is that in the ritualism, secret teachings, symbolism, and strange revelations of great truths there are to be found many ear marks of the magnificent Egyptian knowledge that made Egypt and its mystery schools the center of the w orlds culture. In the Middle Ages we find the Rosicrucian Order flourish ing in many lands with a very wide membership representing the most progressive classifications of human activity. Because of the very secret nature of our arts and the exclusive nature of our organization, erroneous accounts appeared in many ency clopedias and reference books regarding them, even up to the middle of the twentieth century. U ntil a few decades ago it was commonly believed that the Rosicrucian organization had its origin in Germany in the beginning of the seventeenth cen tury, but records carefully preserved in the leading archives of Europe and in the principal libraries, reveal that what appeared to be the origin of the organization in Germany was but the rebirth of its older activities there and in other lands. The history and activities of the organization have always been surrounded with a glamor of romance and mystery and we find eminent writers such as Dumas, Lord Bulwer Lytton, and others using the intriguing ideals and fascinating achievements of the organization as the basis for many romantic novels and stories, while on the other hand the writers of philosophical and scientific manuscripts un [14]

God operates by His w ork; in heaven by A ngels, and on earth by m en. E lip h as L ev i. ( A R osicrucian.)

stintingly praised the achievements of the Rosicrucians in every field of important research.

'Western W orld Rosicrucians

The first Rosicrucians to come to the W estern W orld were those who came in a specially arranged pilgrimage from the Old Country to what is now known as Philadelphia, Pennsyl' vania, in 1694; and the early history of the United States is illumined with impressive incidents of valued contributions made to the cultural development, the scientific unfoldment, and masterly advancement of m any o f the principal American institutions. Throughout the world today the Rosicrucian movement is guided and directed by an international council having its representatives and activities in twenty or more civilized lands and holding national and international congresses from year to year and spreading its work into every community. It is un' questionably one of the largest philosophical'scientific move" ments in the world devoted to individual, personal unfoldment and evolution of a practical and tangible nature, free from any superstitions or any indulgences in the so-called black arts or theoretical practices such as fortune telling, necromancy, spiritualism, and similar subjects. T he organization is strictly N O T a R E L IG IO U S organiza' tion, though it has within its ranks those who are active officers not only in the Rosicrucian movement but in the leading re' ligious movements of the world, as well as those devout fol' lowers of every religious sect. It is non-political, non-commer' dal, and tolerant of all the human efforts that tend toward the advancement of mans best interests, while maintaining a strict and exclusive system of cultural education and develop' ment uniquely its own.

Demonstrable Truths
Through the activities of this great movement there has been carried down to the present time and through all of the change ing ages and periods of civilization the great heritage of know!' edge that was once possessed and cherished by the few in the lands and countries now almost forgotten. It has adhered rigidly to the preservation and perpetuation of certain forms of wisdom, knowledge, and understand' ing which might have become lost, hidden, or cast into oblivion by the advancement of the materialistic sciences, the development of arbi' [m

B e persuaded first to apply thyself to the E ternal M ind, entreat ing H im to grant thee understanding; t h e n seek knowledge with d iligenceand thou shalt never r e p e n t having taken so laudable a res olution. - F ran cis B a r rett, F. R . C . ( A Rosicru cian.)

trary theories, and the creating of a great superstructure of unsound knowledge which constitutes the general wisdom of the present period. T he teachers, the instructors, the workers in the labora tories, and the advisers associated with this great movement have never been influenced in any of the past ages by the vacillating, fluctuating artificialities of human thought. They have found in the Rosicrucian teachings those truths which they have been able to demonstrate easily and conveniently as being unquestionably sound and Cosmically precise. Upon the foundation of this wisdom and knowledge the Rosicrucians have carried out their multitudinous researches and expansive investigations, adding to the wisdom and knowledge and bene fiting by the human experience resulting therefrom. T he Rosicrucians have proved through the years of their past existence that the duality of man makes possible the unfoldment of two individuals in one the inner man, and the outer man. T he Rosicrucians have proved that each of these beings within the one body has its respective powers, abilities, advantages, and possibilities. The Rosicrucians show, even in their early and primary forms of instruction, that all of the other systems of schools and academic education are centered upon the development and unfoldment of the mental and physi cal possibilities of the outer self, while the greatest powers and latent faculties of the inner self remain dormant, undeveloped, unused, and even unsuspected by the average human being.

T h e M astery of Life
The student of Rosicrucianism learns very quickly through his first contacts with the secret teachings that there is resident within him a mind with attributes and faculties that can exert an almost unlimited power for the discernment of the truths of life. T he mastery of life is not dependent evclusively upon the development of those faculties of the brain which give man a wide or general knowledge of the mundane and material things of life, but upon those inner, special faculties which distinguish one individual from another. For this reason the Rosicrucians teach the student stepping upon the Path, that he must seek to develop his own person ality and unfold his own unique and distinct faculties which will make him a living, vital power in the affairs of life and enable him to fill his own special mission and attain his own contented and masterful position in life.

A]] that happens tim e has in Him e t e r n a l principle.

A lb e r iu s M a g n u s ,


R osicru cian.)


A modern pen picture of Sir Francis Bacon, one time Im perator o f the Rosicrucians.

For a full appreciation o f the mes' sage that follow s in Part T w o, it is necessary that Part O ne be carefully read and understood. Just as you are a dual being with an outer physical self and inner m ental and em otional self, so, too, the strange story and facts o f this boo\ are in tw o parts the inner and m ore im portant contents must be approached by beginning from w ithout. If you violate this order o f arrangem ent, the value o f the book, to you will be depreciated, just as w hen you violate the order o f your nature, life loses its fascination for you. W h e n you have com pleted read' ing Part One, carefully slit the edge o f this page and slow ly and deliber ately read the m essage that follow s.


F rom a rare painting b y Rembrandt

P a rt


j f tnbtng Hour $lace 3n ILiit

O SU C C E E D in life the adult discovers sooner or later that it is the individual personality which he possesses that distinguishes him from all others. Likewise, he will discover in due time that his success and happiness in life depend upon the finding of the right place, the right groove, and the right career. Regardless of our complex talents and abilities which are awakened and quickened in our schools and colleges and which make every man and woman capable of doing many things in his contribution toward the necessities of life and in support of his or her own requirements, each individual has special aptitudes, special qualifications, special abilities, and special powers which fit him to fill some unique position in life wherein he will attain success with greater rapidity, find happi ness with less effort, become successful in every material sense with less selfishness, and at the same time find that great contentment that brings the immeasurable peace that the happy and successful person desires most of all. Unless the individual is so situated that he fills the place which is most suitable for him and is doing the things in behalf of humanity and himself that contribute most abundantly to his requirements, he is drifting along the course of life and can never attain success and happiness in any field of activity. Ninety per cent of the human beings in the world are occupying mediocre, common-place positions in life, and a large majority of these are far below the classification of being happy and contented. Being trained for some arbitrarily selected profession, or having developed some ability in some trade or occupation, simply qualifies an individual to labor and share with others only a portion of the blessings of life. Beyond this great majority we find the few who have discovered their real places in life, who are busy at their real missions, and who, as real masters of their careers, are controlling their destinies, creating their fate, and mastering their lives in every sense.

Life is a mission. Every other definition o f life is false, and leads all who accept it astray. Religion, science, phi losophy, though still at v a r i a n c e upon many points, all agree in this, th at every existence ie an aim. M azzin i. (A R osicrucian.)

Unique Assistance
T he Rosicrucians have developed ways and means of enabling their associates in this great
[ 17]

work to discover the individual possibilities that lie before them. Accompanying the general instructions for the awakening and development of the special aptitudes of the individual are instructions given from time to time to the sincere seeker and student to enable him to change the course of his life, to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles that are holding him back. He will find paths and by-ways that lead pleasantly to individual at tainment and happiness. The Rosicrucians seek constantly to make each one of their members an outstanding example of individual attainment. Reviewing the past history of the organization and the many biographies and records of eminent characters who have been leaders in the Rosicrucian work or contributors to its vast storehouse of knowledge, we find thousands of men and women who have been, in their period of time and in their country and nation, leading citizens in various lines of thought and activity and who are examples of individual unfoldment.

How Knowledge M ay Become Power

Knowledge is power, but only when it is applied and when the knowledge is of a specific nature to fit the requirements of the individual. T he assimilation or memorizing of a vast amount of scholastic or academic knowledge, no matter how diversified and general it may be, in itself cannot make a man or woman mighty and successful in meeting the problems of life. It is the special knowledge required by the individual, selected to meet his inner and outer faculties and unique capabilities, that en ables a man or woman to step out of the mass of human beings and be an individualized citizen of the world, as well as a personal representative of Cosmic unfoldment and development.

T h e one remains, the m an y c h a n g e and pass; H eaven's light forever shines; earths shad' ows fly. S h elle y . ( A Rosicru* cian.)


A Personal Message To Men

C enturies ago the ancien t Sophists o f G reece d eclared, M an is th e m easure of all things. In m odern tim es this ancient adage has been construed to m ean, A s a m an thinketh, so he is. B ut m erely think ing ourselves what we are not, is not sufficient. T h e creative power o f thought does not consist o f m erely visualizing, but also bringing the ideas into m aterialization or into concrete form . Successful m en, whether in business or th e g aining o f know ledge, are those who have acquired th e m ethod of co nverting their in tangible ideas in to w orkable, dem onstrable facts. T h e R osicru cians have taken th e elem ents of luck, guess, and hunch out o f this m ethod and reduced it to a ration al, sim ple system, w hich all can use, based on natural law and phenom ena. g T H E YOUNG MAN THE LEA D ER O F TO M O RRO W .

M an y young men strike back at the times by declaring that the future holds little for them because o f the machine age. Y e t they are responsible, for they compete with the m achine. Y ou cannot compete with a machine either in regularity or infallibility, but Y O U C A N go beyond it. Y ou can create, master, design, and find new channels for the expression o f your spccial talents by which you can rise to the heights. L et the Rosicrucians disclose what your special talents are. g F O R T H E M A N I N T H E B U S IN E S S O R P R O F E S S IO N A L W O R L D .

T h ere arc four ages which mark the course o f a m an's life! T h e first, from infancy to tw enty-one, the age of visualizing; the second, from twenty-one to thirty-five, is th e age o f dom ination; the third, from thirty-five to fifty, is the age o f accomp lishm ent; the fourth is the age o f reward. T h e Rosicrucians, by directing your mental powers, can help you in each or any of these four ages.


T h e distinction which man has as a su perior being is not found in the fact that he lives, but th at he has a mind by which he can find the answer to the ancient query, W h y am I here and whence came I ? " F or those who find jo y in thought and seek knowledge, not alone fo r its monetary value but for the satisfaction it brings to them, the Rosicrucian teachings will be inspiring and beneficial.


A man need not be a scientist to inves tigate the fundam ental laws o f cause and effect. Every intelligent man eventually reaches a time in life when his interests become partly, at least, disassociated from self; a time when his mind begins to in quire into the world about him. H e is not merely content with living like a human machine, but in knowing the reason why. H e seeks the utmost from life. F o r him the Rosicrucians will open the door to the splendor o f Cosmic mysteries. F O R W O M E N W om en, also, whether in home or business, find that these teachings bring them a more abundant life. (S e e subjects on page 2 6 .)
C 19]

R O S IC R U C IA N P A R K 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. G eneral A d m inistration Building. A m enhotep M em orial P y lo n and Tem p le. Francis B acon A u ditoriu m and C on ven tion H all. O rie n tal M useum and Egyptian Ro om s. Planetarium and A stron om ical M useum . S cien ce L ectu re H all and Laboratories. T h e Fountain in C en ter o f the C am p u i.


The Rosicrucians Offer You

Personal, Private M embership
Wherever you may live and whatever may be your situation in life, the Rosicrucians reach out with a kind offering and invite you to share in their fascinating work. Men and women, regardless of age and regardless of any religious, social, or business connections, will find the private, personal membership the most satisfactory at the very start. If you live where you can receive mail regularly each week, and if you are so situated that you can give a little spare time to private, personal reading without any effort of study and without any effort of memorizing, you will find that you have the very best opportunity to take advantage of this personal, private membership. The Rosicrucian system of instruction, guidance, and unfoldment is not solely a matter of systematized knowledge applicable to all, nor is it solely a course of study in the fascinating fields of the mysteries of life, but all o f this com bined with the individual guidance and instruction of a very personal nature. For this reason, the course of study that is given gradually to every member who is associated with the organization is ar ranged to bring forth in the consciousness of the member a revelation and understanding of his own requirements and his own possibilities. Every encouragement is given for individual speculation and investigation of the distinctive faculties that make each individual different from all others. The instructions and teachings are given in a form which the student can study conveniently at home without any at tempt at memorizing, without difficulty in absorbing the facts, and without any stress or strain in comprehending their real significance. In the privacy of his or her own home, unknown to his or her friends or acquaintances, the individual, regardless of age, may pursue his course of Rosicrucian develop ment, study, unfoldment and attainment, at tracting no attention to his fascinating inter ests until by his own advancement and his greater security and happiness he reveals to others that he has made something of his life that is quite definite and exceedingly attractive.
f 21 ]

In ou r M onastery li brary the sacred, secret m a n u s c r i p t s of the Rosicrucians furnish a never-failing supply of rare k n o w l e d g e ; the supply seems to be in exhaustible in its rich ness o f illum ination. F riar D u d ley E v ersleig h . ( A R osicrucian.)

Fascinating M ethod of Study

so be by of A s this plan of private instruction at home is so unique, and new to this country, it must be explained so that it will not compared with the so-called correspondence courses issued correspondence schools in America, or the mere issuance pamphlet lessons. First of all, it was recognized at once that such lessons as were to be sent to nation-wide students C O U L D N O T BE P R IN T E D IN BO O K S, for two excellent reasons; first, the time-honored injunction against any of the lessons of the Order in any land being issued in book form; secondly, the continued changes, improvements, amendments, and modern adaptions of the teachings would prevent their preparation in text-book or printed form of any perm anent nature. It is common for a correspondence school to send its students a set of text-books, accompanied by monthly printed reading lessons analyzing the various chapters of the text-books. Year after year, the same instructions, the same books and pamphlets are sent to the thousands of students. This is possible in pre senting such subjects as Law, English, Mathematics, History, or some of the sciences. It would not do, could not do, in presenting the teachings of the Rosicrucians, for such teach ings are continually improving in subject matter, application to human affairs, and relation to recent discoveries by the Masters of the instruction.

How the Lessons A re Prepared

W e now come to the knowledge of ourselves, whither we are directed by the ancients, which merits a closer exam i' nation, since the knowl edge o f h im s e lf is to man the end and time of the sciences, o f which nature o n l y forms a portion. S ir F ran cis B a c o n . (Im p erator of the R osicrucians.)

The first principle insisted upon by the Imperator of the Order (the Supreme officer of the Order) was that the lessons to be sent to the home-study members must be specially made and prepared from time to time to keep them up to the minute with the findings and elaborate experiments made by the most learned workers in the Order in this country and in other lands. T hat means extensive work, great cost, and a staff of master teachers continually working upon the lessons. It is because the Order is able to keep its members informed in advance of important matters, and give knowledge which outsiders cannot obtain, that it enables them to overcome obstacles, meet oncoming conditions, and prepare for future circumstances. The world outside of the Order is just now trying to discover and evolve certain principles regarding health, dis ease, and the prolonging of life which Rosi[22]

crucians have known and practiced for centuries. The same can be said regarding new discoveries in the various methods of using the mind to attain success in life.

A Unique Plan
Therefore, the Imperator appointed a staff to prepare and issue the private lessons for those members who would be admitted to the Home Study Classes. A plan was finally adopted, based upon an old system used by the early Rosicrucians, whereby such members arranged to use one part of some room usually a sleeping room as their study corner or personal Lodge corner. By the use of private instructions in typewritten, personal form, the members prepare for the first surprising lessons. The many thousands in America today who have used these instructions men and women in all walks of life from the highest positions in the country to humble workers in the home have found the lessons, explanations, simple experiments, and practical tests more fascinating and alluring each week than the best drama or works of fiction.

Helpfulness o f the Lessons

Such lessons are not mere speculative statements or points of philosophy, but carefully written and edited explanations of laws, beginning with the fundamental and simple ones, worded in language which any can understand, and illustrated by analogies, examples, common references, and every-day experi ences. Then several experiments are given to be practiced at convenient times throughout the week. In this way, week after week, month after month, special lessons, always being revised and amended, are sent to each member, and these cover the whole system of private Rosicrucian teachings, developing faculties and powers the members never realized they possessed.

T here is a transcendent power th at comes to the h u m a n mind when it finds jo y in att u n e m e n t wi t h t he Cosmic wisdom. Friar R o g e r B a co n . ( A Rosi cru cian.)

A rranged in Easy Steps

The lessons are arranged in Grades or Degrees, like classes or grades in a school. There is no better way to spend an evening than by reading these fascinating lectures, lessons, and explanations. They are sent to the student weekly in a sealed, private envelope. It is like having the heart I'ownTTi ~r and Soul of the R E A L mysteries of life . u T o v i' i nT opened to you in a picturesque, intriguing manner.

A t the end of each degree there is a self-examination to be sent to the Master of the class. He may thus see wherein you have succeeded or failed to grasp a clear understanding of each point and will send you such additional information as you need. These examinations are not at all difficult if the lessons have been properly read. They do not require laborious study.

A Lodge at Home
Members are asked to reserve part of one night of the week to be their Lodge night at home. W hether it be every W ed' nesday night, every Thursday night, or every Friday night, thousands of other members will be studying, practicing, and experimenting in attunement with you. W e prefer that each member select an early or late part of Thursday evening for his or her Lodge night at home, for this is the Rosicrucian night throughout the world and it means greater power through the multitudes who are thus attuned. A ny other evening will do, however, should you find it necessary to temporarily change your selected weekly Lodge night.

T im e Required for Study

A s stated above, we recommend that each member select one evening of the week for a definite study evening. On that evening, one hour to one hour and thirty minutes is sufficient time for reading of the new lesson, the testing of the new principle, and a complete understanding of the work for the week. Then throughout the following days in spare moments while resting, walking, riding, or even during the busy hours of work, the member can test the new principles in connection with the many incidents of daily life and the solving of serious personal problems. In this way the old principles of the pre' vious week, and the new ones, are constantly applied and used and made more familiar. Such testing and application of the principles and laws do not interfere with any of your daily affairs but actually help you to make the day more successful and profitable in whatever you are trying to accomplish.

T h ere is no chance, no destiny, no fate Can c i r c u m v e n t , or hinder or control T h e firm resolve o f a determined soul. E lla W h e e le r W ilc o x . ( A R osicrucian.)

T h e Spirit of Brotherhood
Letters and telegrams come daily to Head' quarters from students to their teachers here, asking for immediate and special help in ill' ness, or for guidance in matters connected with the studies. Such personal help sent at

once is one of the immediate aids rendered by the Order to its members, and without any fees for such service. In this way the National Lodge permits men and women in all walks of life, and with just ordinary school education, to have the full advantage of Rosicrucian membership regard' less of where they live.

7\[o College Education J\[ecessary

These interesting lessons begin with the very fundamentals of Natures laws as they relate to man and the universe, and make plain all mans secret powers, possibilities, and potential activities. The lessons are carefully graded. No college, academic, or even high school education is necessary to understand them, for they have been prepared by some of the best educators in various lands for the purpose of meeting the general mind. They are simply but effectively worded and easily understood.

J\[o Memorizing Required

Various educational boards have said that the system employed by the Rosicrucians in teaching and instructing is the ideal system for it does not require memorizing. Through ex amples, illustrations, and experiments, the student comprehends and remembers without conscious effort. Concentration upon words you read, and a few moments meditation upon each principle or law, makes them stand out in the mind and consciousness for all time.

For Those W h o See\ Peace and Contentment

This, then, is your opportunity to decide at the crossroads whether you will continue to live in the manner and along the path of least resistance, accepting conditions as they come, or whether you will turn to the right on the newer and higher path that leads to definite mastership, peace, and contentment. You alone can decide this matter, and no argument from any other individual can serve to do more than present the possi bilities. If you decide to unite with those who, through many ages and in many countries and in all walks and positions of life, have found the Rosicrucian system unusually helpful and very definitely efficient, then your next step should be to test the new path and give it an opportunity to serve you and guide you.

God is a Num ber en dowed with m o t i o n , which is felt but not demonstrated. B alzac. ( A R osicrucian.)

Topics of Truth
Subjects of the Rosicrucian Teachings
O ne may read the personal speculations and theories of an individual fo r years only eventually to find them unfounded in fact. It is fa r wiser to devote ones search for knowledge to that accumulated wisdom which has been tested and tried throughout the years. T h e Rosicrucian teachings are not speculative; they are not the product of one mind nor are they colored by the opinions and interpretations o f any one personality. M ost o f the knowledge presented by the Rosicrucians today has been taught fo r decades and found by thousands of men and women throughout the world to be not only rational but applicable to the affairs of their lives. Y early , daily, the teachings are augmented by the latest findings of science and the most profound thoughts o f Rosicrucian metaphysicians and philosophers. How ever, all subjects are presented simply, forcefully, and in a fascinating manner. It is not possible within the confines o f this booklet to give a complete index of all the subjects o f the teachings, but below is a partial list of the many subjects included in the various Rosicrucian degrees. W h e n e v e r th e p h ra se, " secret h e r i t a g e a p p e a r s belo w , this in d ica tes th a t th e su b ject is o n e o f th e a rca n e R osicru cian tea ch in g s which the O rd er cherishes as a golden gem o f knowledge to be carefully preserved and transnutted to the sincere seeker and member. Obviously, the real name of the topic cannot be publicly divulged.


T h e M y s te rie s o f T im e and S p a ce T h e Five S en se s o f M a n T h e H u m a n C o n scio u sn ess T h e T r in ity o f M e ta p h y s ica l P o in ts C h a n g e D e a th T h e U n re a lity o f M a tte r S E C R E T H E R IT A G E T h e D e v e lo p m e n t o f the In n e r S e lf T h e P r in c ip le s o f th e M y s tic a l Law s P o w ers and F a c u ltie s o f th e In n e r M an P r o p e r P r in c ip le s fo r C o n c e n tra tio n D e v e lo p m e n t o f th e W ill P ow er M y stery o f M a tte r C o h e sio n , A d h e s io n , M a g n e tism T r u e M e a n in g o f A n c ie n t S y m b o lism A tta in in g C o sm ic C o n scio u sn ess F u n d a m e n ta ls o f M e n ta l A ttu n em e n t T h e P rim a ry P r in c ip le s B a ck o f C re a tio n S E C R E T H E R IT A G E W h a t th e M a sters o f th e O rie n t T a u g h t H u m a n A u ra and I t s V ib r a to r y E f f e c t T h e P ro c e s s o f T r u e V is u a liz a tio n M e ta p h y s ica l H e a lin g , A S e c r e t A rt C o s m ic P o w ers and F o rc es A D a ily H e lp E x p e rim e n ts in P ro d u c in g V ita lity and P e rso n a l M a g n e tism

T h e S y m p a th e tic a n d P h y sic a l N e rv o u s S y stem s L ig h t, C o lo r , a n d S o u n d and T h e ir E f f e c t U p o n M in d S E C R E T H E R IT A G E R e g e n e ra tio n H e a lth and A d d in g Y e a r s to Y o u r L ife T h e S o u l a n d I t s P r o c e s s o f E v o lu tio n P ra c tice s o f th e A n c ie n t A lch e m ists M e th o d to D e v e lo p th e M e n ta l A b ilitie s M e th o d s fo r Q u ic k e n in g th e I n n e r C o n scio u sn ess S E C R E T H E R IT A G E

R o sicru cia n M y s tic s a n d the C re a tiv e P o w er o f M in d E x p e rim e n ts o n T h o u g h t T ra n sm issio n M a te ria lis tic S c ie n c e a n d M e ta p h y sica l Law s D isco u rse o n E x p e rim e n ts in C re a tin g L ife o u t o f N o n -L iv in g M a ile r S E C R E T H E R IT A G E Im p o r ta n t D is c o v e r ie s in R o sicru cia n C h e m istry and P h y sics S e c re t T e a c h in g s o f th e R o sicru cia n s M in d s In f lu e n c e O v e r M a tte r T h e C re a tiv e P o w e r, th e C o sm ic M in d R o sicru cia n V ie w -p o in t o f L ife E x p e rim e n ts w ith C o lo r , T h o u g h t V ib r a tio n s , S o u n d , and L ig h t S E C R E T H E R IT A G E U se o f D o r m a n t F a c u ltie s o f M an T h e G e o m e tric a l Law o f M a tte rs A ss e m b ly L ife C a u s e s B e g in n in g s S E C R E T H E R IT A G E T h e A n c ie n t P h ilo so p h ie s and th e M y stery S c h o o ls T h e Law s and C y c le s o f R ein ca rn a tio n P e r io d ic ity o f th e S o u ls R e b irth T h e S o u l s E n tity o n th e D iv in e Plan e H u m a n E m o tio n s and In s tin c ts , T h e i r R e la tio n s to P e rso n a lity T h e M y s tic a l P r in c ip le s o f P ro p e r B r e a th in g C o s m ic T r a n s m iss io n s o f P ic tu re s and Im p re s s io n s S E C R E T H E R IT A G E C o s m o g o n y S tu d y o f U n iv e r s e s B e g in n in g H o w to Im p r o v e th e A ff a ir s o f D a ily L if* A c q u ir in g H a rm o n y o f th e B o d y a n d M in d H ap p in ess

P e r fe c tin g th e P h y sic a l B o d y T h e V ita l L ife F o r c e o f th e C e ll and H ow to U se I t A n c ie n t M y stics an d A n c ie n t S y m b o ls T h e P e r fe c tio n o f C o n c e n tra tio n In tu itio n T h r o u g h C o s m ic A ttu n e m e n t T r u t h A b o u t V ib r a tio n s and T h e i r E f f e c t U p o n U s F o rm a tio n o f M a tte r A to m s, E le c tro n s , M o le c u le s R e la tio n s h ip o f P sy c h ic P o w ers o f M a n to S o u l H ow to O p e ra te th e P ow ers o f M in d a t W ill


'T o Know is Common, But to Know W h at One Should Knoiv, Is U n c o m m o n V a l i d v

a r.


T h e illustrations above show the interior and exterior of the weekly lesson sent to each student. In addition to personal letters as many as are needed to answer your questions pertaining to the studies the lessons are accompanied by all necessary charts and diagrams to further explain and make perfectly clear the interesting subjects. You are also given certain experiments and tests whereby you can P R O V E and D E M O N ' S T R A T E to yourself the efficacy o f the principles and teachings. T h e lessons are printed in large typew riter style type, easy to read, and graded so as to advance you step by step.


Inviting You To Become A Member


W h a t M embership W ill M ean to You

Membership in the Rosicrucian Brotherhood means all that is included in most other fraternities, plus many features not offered by any other. Fraternal membership has so many values that it has been popular for ages. Both men and women of the present day are rapidly filling the ranks of hundreds of associations solely because of the personal, direct, and indirect benefits to be derived. Perhaps this desire for alliance and association with others o f li\e mind is born of the human tendency toward the formation of clans, a tendency responsible for the building of hamlets, towns, cities, countries, and nations. Membership in the Rosicrucian Brotherhood means that each member is affiliated with a large and increasing body of progressive men and women whose sole purpose in life centers around the desire to advance, succeed, and become unusually contented with the building and enjoyment of a better life. Each member is part of the great wor\. The work is to master the obstacles in life and make the world better for the individual. Each member, therefore, is kept in contact with all the progressive methods for bringing about such results. In other words, each member is kept informed of all the information, advice, and help that the Order possesses which will help him in his personal affairs. Through correspondence, through the monthly magazine, T h e R osicrucian Digest, and through contact with members, unusual help is offered by those who have had all kinds of experiences in life and are ready to help others to master similar ones.

Good always flows in the channels it has once selected. L. C. de S ain t-M artin . ( A Rosicrucian.)

T h e Free Instructions and Lessons

In addition to all the other benefits, the Rosicrucian Brotherhood offers its members the special help of graded instructions. The Rosicrucian Brotherhood is not a correspond dence school. Its lessons and private instruc'

tions are not for sale on any basis. They are given freely to those who desire to advance on the path of personal attainment. Every active m em ber is entitled to the com plete instructions.

Accepting Our Invitation

Those to whom this booklet is sent usually receive letters inviting them to become M em bers o f the O rder. No one is invited to become a mere student of the course of instruction. As a m em ber of the Order you are entitled to every benefit of any \ind the Order has to confer and which it may add in the future. By filling out the enclosed application form which should accompany this book you accept our invitation to apply for the opportunity of uniting with us. T hat application will be examined by a committee and passed upon. If for any reason you cannot be accepted you will be notified. Otherwise, you will be accepted and a formal notice sent to you.

W h a t the Student Receives

When an application proves acceptable, it is first given to one of the Class Masters and Secretaries for personal attention. The procedure thereafter is as follows: F IR S T : The chosen candidate is immediately notified of the acceptance and is sent, without delay, the preliminary Secret Mandamus Number One, which contains valuable information, enabling the applicant immediately to attune himself and relate himself with certain fundamental principles of the organization. W hile the applicant is studying the very important, private documents, the Master of his class and certain scribes of the Order make further investigations to deter mine how best to proceed with the applicant in order to give him or her the very best instruction and personal help. This results in a Second Mandamus sent to the applicant the second week, and other similar private documents are sent each week for six weeks, thereby giving the new member an excellent

M en who are devoid o f the power of spirit ual perception arc un able to recognizc the existence of anything that c a n n o t be seen extern ally .- P aracelsu s. (A R osicrucian.)

foundation for personal development and experience with important laws and Cosmic principles. SE C O N D : T he chosen candidate also receives a Member ship Identification Card number; and certain signs and words as he advances, whereby he becomes recognized as an initiated member of the organization. T H IR D : Thereafter he receives, weekly, the specially pre pared private instructions, monographs, and lessons, with daily and weekly experiments and exercises which enable him to master each step easily and properly. T he lessons and mono graphs each week require a part of one evening of the week for study or reading (there being nothing to memorize everything remains in the mind through the unique methods used by the Rosicrucians to teach their law s), and the exercises and experi ments require only a few minutes each night, morning, or noon time, at the member's convenience. These exercises and experi ments develop certain faculties from the very first lessons. F O U R T H : The lessons relate to life's immediate problems as well as the future needs of the members. They help the mem bers to master the obstacles and overcome adverse conditions from the very start. N o vague theories, no speculation about conditions in the ethereal realm" that have no bearing upon our present life, but laws and principles that men and women must use here and now in practical ways. F IF T H : T he monthly private magazine, called T he Rosicrucian Digest," is sent to every member each month without additional fee. It contains special instructions and lessons on general life problems, and the questions and answers relating to new principles as well as reports from members, and articles by leading persons in the country on what the Rosicrucian Order is doing for them. It also contains a beautiful pictorial section of rare mystical pictures. S IX T H : Each member, regardless of the study course, is entitled to the many departmental services of the Order, which include help by correspondence and through our metaphysical methods, as well as additional information by mail on points in the monographs, aid in health matters, without additional fees. S E V E N T H : The privilege of meeting with other members in the same locality as soon as a certain stage of the work is reached where members can assemble weekly in our own Temples in various cities, or in special places for mutual discussion and help. T he graded, systematic lessons and experi ments continue weekly, with special helps to
[ 30}

In proportion as you d e t a c h yourself from things, in t h a t s a me proportion, not one de gree more or less, will God enter in with all that is H is. E c\ hart (A R osicrucian.)

make each member proficient, until the first degree is completed. From this point onward the member may proceed with the higher lessons, through all the degrees of the W ork, having the satisfying knowledge that under the tutelage of the wisest fraternity of the centuries, he or she is remaking himself or herself into a newer and finer personality, building toward the Perfection we seek in Man and Woman.

Fees and Dues

The Order is strictly a brotherhood, operating in that sense as do other fraternities. Membership in the Rosicrucian Brother hood carries with it the many benefits distinct to all fraternities and many others quite unique. A s in fraternities, there are membership dues, payable monthly, and a nominal "registrar tion fee." This fee and monthly dues of small amount are the contributions on the part of members to the general operating funds of the Order, and take care of its propaganda expenses, its building funds, national and international humanitarian activities, and donations to many scientific expeditions and methods of research and investigation. In addition to these general activities of the Order, the Rosicrucians conduct the courses mentioned on previous pages. These courses of study are given freely and without charge or fees of any kind to members of the Order. Therefore, we wish you to keep in mind that the study and instruction work is a separate and distinct feature of the Order, not fou n d in any other fraternal organization, and for which, in reality, our members do not pay. The Supreme Council has purposely made the Registration Fee" very nominal. It is five dollars, payable with application. Monthly dues are two dollars, payable on the first of each month. T hese fees include all th e benefits o f the Order's ac' tivities. T h ere are no other fees or assessments, or boo\s w hich must be purchased in order to study, and no limitations to the degree o f advancem ent that m em bers m ay m a\e in their studies. The monthly magazine, The Rosicrucian Digest, is also given free to all members taking the course of study by correspondence from the Grand Lodge. T h e m onthly dues are to be paid by mem' bers only as long as they are active m em bers o f the B rotherhood sharing in all its m anifold benefits.

T ru e happiness con sists not in the know l edge o f good things, but in good life ; not in understanding b u t in living understandingly. N either is it great learn ing but good will that jo in s men to G od. C o rn eliu s A g r ip p a . (A R osicru cian .)

Final Instructions
There are several ways in which this booklet may have come into your hands. It is intended for careful and discreet distribution only to those who seem worthy of admission into the Order. It may have been handed to you by someone who wishes you to realize that there is something vital in life that may answer your desires and end your quest. It may have been passed along to you by a friend or acquaintance who feels that it will arouse an inquiry in your mind. Therefore, there may be no application blank or letter of invitation enclosed. In that case, if you feel interested, write at once to the Grand Secretary and ask for an application form. If your inquiry appears to be sincere the Secretary will invite you to file an application with him. You may have written to Headquarters for this booklet and it may have come to you accompanied by a letter and Application Blank. It is a direct invitation for you to become a mem ber, issued after your request had been properly considered.

How to Proceed
F IR S T : Carefully fill out the Application Blank. The an swer to each question is important and will be treated as strictly confidential. SE C O N D : Having answered all the questions in the Appli cation Blank, sign it accurately. Enclose with it the Registra tion Fee of Five Dollars. T H IR D : Mail your Application Blank and Registration Fee promptly to the Grand Secretary. Register your letter if it contains cash, and if you send a check or money order make it payable to A M O R C FU N D S. Acknowledgement should reach you within ten days or less. If you do not hear from the Secretary in that time, write to him in detail. If your application is rejected for any reason whatsoever your Registration Fee will be returned to you with a frank explanation.

Ignorance is the true original sin. M en are bankrupt m o r a l l y because they do not know the gold mine that is in them . B ricrly . (A R osicrucian.)

Address all mail to R O S IC R U C IA N B R O T H E R H O O D ( AMOR C )

R O S IC R U C IA N P A R K , S A N JO S E , C A L IF O R N IA Long Distance T elephones: Ballard 8 2 9 5 , 82 9 6

( R e m e m b e r , th e R o sicru cia n s a r e N O T a R elig iou s O rg a n iza tion )

[ 32 ]

T he documents shown above are the official de crees admitting and acknowledging the affiliation of A M O R C with ''F U D O S I,'' Federation Umverselle des Ordres et Societes Initiatiques, of Europe. A M O R C is the only Rosicrucian move ment in North and South Am erica recognized by F U D O S I.


The International Nam e

T h e O rd er uses the same ancient name that is found in the oldest records. T h a t name in complete Latin form is: Antiquus A rcanus O rdo Rosae Rubeae et Aureae Crucis. In America and other English speaking countries the name is shortened to A ncient, M ystical O rd er Rosae Crucis. T h e Latin words Rosae Crucis mean of the Rosy C ross." For the sake of brevity, the initials are used thus: A . M . O . R . C.

T he True Organization
T here are certain characteristics that determine at once the authenticity of any organization claiming Rosicrucian authority. T h e true Rosicrucian Organization for every jurisdiction of the world is represented at all In ternational Rosicrucian Congresses held in Europe. In N orth and South A m erica that Organization is the A . M . O . R. C . and has a U nited States patent on the name o f the O rd er and its true symbol. It never uses the name o f R osicru cian S o cic ty or Rosicrucian Fellowship or Center. T he initials A , M . O . R . C. appear on all o f its literature, on its an nouncem ents, and are associated with all of its outer activities.

Its True Symbol

T h e official true symbol o f the O rder is a gold cross with a single, red rose in th e center. T h e cross has no religiou s sig nificance, as it was used as an ancient symbol before Christianity. Its true m eaning is the material body o f man with arms out stretched in salutation. T h e rose represents man's soul confined in the body unfolding as it receives more light and understanding. (T h e Rosicrucian O rd er is N O T a religious organization.)

Directors o f the Staff

T h e following are the staff directors of the N orth and South American jurisdiction. T he organization maintains subordinate bodies in all o f the principal cities o f the countries composing this jurisdiction. R a l p h M . L e w is , F. R . C ..................................................................... ......... P resid en t o f t h e U n iversity a n d Im p er a t o r o f th e O rder C e c il A . P o o x c, F. R . C ............................................Supreme Secretary T h o r K iim aleh T O , F . R . C .........................Sovereign G ra n d M aster H arv ey M ile s , F. R. C ................................................... G ra n d S ecretary



T h e m atter contained in this booklet is officially issued through the Supreme Council of A M O R C . T h e A ncient Name and Symbols of the Rosicrucian Order are Registered and Protected by T h e U nited States P aten t Office exclusively in the name of