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Sungazing — Living On Light Ancient Secrets Revealed For Increased Health, Longevity, And Spiritual Well-Being
Forge New Neuronal Pathways Through Your Brain, Awaken To Health, New Insights, Possibilities, And Peace

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Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.. We need sunlight to counteract the stress caused by exposure to artificial light. Sunlight is free and in many cases. Sunlight is necessary for the human race. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 4 of 109 -1Introduction To This Book Many people hide from the sun and deny themselves of the sun’s healing powers. We need sunlight to prevent and heal many common and often fatal diseases such as heart disease. When people avoid the sun. . Inc. they cause their bodies harm. Humans have used light for healing since the time of ancient Egypt. They fear the sun’s bright light. osteoporosis. We need ultra-violet light in order to function properly. History tells us the human race evolved and thrived under the light and energy of the sun. breast cancer. and multiple sclerosis.Sungazing — Living On Light . Sun is indispensable to our health and well-being.. it is readily available. This book reveals the evidence that sunlight is far more beneficial than we realize. the flashing of computer screens and television screens. and the general stressors and noise of everyday life. This book explains the therapeutic benefits of sunlight.

. Sun Yoga. . Sun gazing is the practice of deriving nutritional energy by gazing into the sun within an hour of sunrise or sunset. Seeking Spiritual Enlightenment Many sun gazers who are committed to the practice aspire toward achieve spiritual enlightenment. solar healing. solarhealing. our major source and provider of light. but it sustains the Earth itself.Sungazing — Living On Light . sun staring. Hira has become popular for his devotion to the practice of sun gazing. Solar Yoga.. Sunlight. This book uncovers the history and science behind sun gazing. which leads to higher states of consciousness. and energy. 1990). all are names for the same practice. Other Commonly Used Terms For Sun Gazing Sungazing. solar gazing. or non-eater. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 5 of 109 -2Sun Gazing — An Introduction “The idea of light as an integral part of all life and creation has been evident since the beginning of time. One well-known sun gazer. He has existed for long periods as an inedian. and gives tips about how to begin and safely practice sun gazing. and Surya Yoga. Sun gazing is a fascinating practice with a long history. solargazing. not only sustains all life on Earth. Most sun gazers seek a higher level of spiritual awareness along with improved physical and mental health. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts..” (Liberman. warmth. Hira Ratan Manek (HRM) has achieved the non-eating status.. Inc.

. The Sun As Primary — Rather Than Secondary — Source Traditionally. human beings eat secondary sources of energy as the plants and other vegetation which depend heavily on the sun for their growth. multiple sclerosis. . that is. Humans need sunlight for health and well-being. prostate cancer.Sungazing — Living On Light . Perhaps no one should be a sun worshipper. Simply put. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 6 of 109 Sun Exposure Versus Sun Deprivation It may be true — although many would disagree — that too much sun causes wrinkles and other health concerns. rheumatoid arthritis. 2004). depression. diabetes. If you want to keep your good health or return to good health. Brief exposure to sunshine may help ward off debilitating and deadly diseases such as osteoporosis. and colon cancer. They need sunlight for vitality and happiness. you need to welcome sunlight back into your life in a safe manner. the sun itself. On the other hand. the idea here is to learn how to absorb energy from the primary source. Sunlight was a powerful weapon for preventing and curing diseases in the past. but humans should not deprive themselves of the healing powers of the sun. hypertension. Sun deprivation may cause serious health problems.. vegetables. we need sun exposure as our primary source of vitamin D. breast cancer. Inc. (Vina Parmar. Fruits. and animals depend on the light and heat from the sun for their survival. This book Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.

Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 7 of 109 will tell you how you can use it to heal yourself. Inc. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts..Sungazing — Living On Light . Keep this book handy if you are interested using the sun’s energy to improve your health. . and how you can help yourself to stay healthy.. This book is a treasure house of useful information on the benefits of sunlight. This Book & Improving Your Health Sun gazers from around the world will attest to the benefits the practice has given them.

and healed their ailments by their aid. the inhabitants of India.. the sun has been utilized specifically as an aid to the restoration of health and as a means of maintaining and increasing it. The Human Need For Grounding “As humans we embody an electromagnetic polarity. Babylonians and Cretans. When we are grounded with the Earth and equally linked with the Sun.. and the early Chinese and Japanese.. our bodies become an open container through which cosmic energies can flow. with our feet representing the negative pole and our head representing the positive pole. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 8 of 109 -3History Of Sun Gazing A Visible Symbol Of The Creative Power “For untold centuries the sun has been worshiped as the visible symbol of the creative power. 2005). Egyptians and Assyrians. relative to each other.” (Bernarr. and most of the other nations that were glorious in their day.. From the dawn of history. The ancient. derived their superb health partly from their contact with the rays of the sun. Inc. the Aztecs. Greeks and Romans. We can then Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. .Sungazing — Living On Light . Arabians.

Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. East Africa. uncomplicated tools of this type were first discovered by Mary and Louis Leakey and were associated with Homo habilis at Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania. The deeper and stronger the Earth connection. There is much evidence of the importance of the Sun in their history. the more powerful the sky connection can be. “‘Grounding’ refers to anchoring higher-frequency energies safely within the body. Inc. From there.” (Windrider. at Olduvai Gorge.5 million years ago. Humankind’s Earliest Roots — East Africa The first indisputable stone tools were clearly made and used by early transitional human beings in East Africa. as a species.Sungazing — Living On Light . roughly 2. over the past four million years. .. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 9 of 109 expand out past the ‘skin-encapsulated ego.. Mesopotamia And Shamash.’ and connect with larger fields of consciousness surrounding us. 2004). While the earliest sites with these types of utensils are from the Gona River Region in Ethiopia. much like a step-down transformer changes high-frequency electrical energy into a form which can circulate safely through the wiring system of a house. The God Of The Sun “We emerged. we have spread out to cover the whole land mass of the planet.

Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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“Nearly every area of land close to the equator gets twice as much sunlight as Great Britain, and East Africa gets nearly three times as much. “Our history begins in Mesopotamia, where Shamash, the Mesopotamian god of the sun, exercised the power of light over darkness and evil. In this capacity, he became known as the god of justice and equity and was the judge of both gods and men. “In fact, Shamash did not represent the sun, or the sun God, but rather a hero who had the power to stare into the sun, as is written into the story of Gilgamesh

“Tablet X: 265: ‘No man has ever gone that way and lived to say he crossed the sea. Shamash only ventures there; only Shamash would dare to stare into the sun.’

“Tablet X: 307: ‘But there is no one else who can see what Shamash only can see, within the sun.” Mesopotamians watched the sunrise daily in honor of Shamash.

(, 2005).

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Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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Egyptians, Sun Worship, And Sun Gazing

The Quest For More Sun
Egyptians not only performed sun gazing, but also they ingested plant extracts that containing atropine, in order to enlarge the pupils to take in more sunlight.

The Source Of All Life
Similarly with the Hindu Surya, the Egyptian Ra was the source of all life forms:

“The gods of the South, the North, the West and the East praise thee, O thou divine substance, from whence all forms of life sprang.” (Papyrus of Ani, Sheet 18). (, Hymns to Sun God, 2005). Egyptians knew that the sun existed before the earth and the other planets. In the Bible’s Genesis, God’s spirit was hovering above the primordial waters, and after that, appeared the light. The sun god Ra “made all that sprang from the waters.”

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Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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Hymns At Sunrise, Adoration At Eventide
A Hymn To Ra, When He Rises In The East: “Hail, thou Aten, thou lord of rays, who risest on the horizon day by day! Shine thou with thy beams of light upon the face of the Osiris Ani, the truth-speaker, who sings hymns to thee at dawn, and adores thee at eventide.” (From the Papyrus of Ani, Sheets 18 and 19). (, Hymns to Sun God, 2005).

Great King Akhnaton And Scientific Understanding Of the Sun
Akhnaton’s Hymn to Aton also shows a remarkable scientific understanding of the Sun’s role in the functioning of life on the planet as a whole. Some see his religion as ‘a philosophic and scientific revolt against religion,’ rather than a new religion.

One scholar, H.R. Hall, sees Akhnaton as ‘History’s first scientific mind,’ due to his scientific understanding of the Sun and its relation with the organic world.

However, those versed in Vedic Spirituality know that true religion is based on scientific principles of reality. As a follower of Vedic Dharma, Akhnaton was aware of this and many other scientific and spiritual facts. (Parker, 1999).

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This method. What Is. It is this system that is used by the saints and sages in the distant areas of the world. change. organize. Wisdom. Book One. which allows them to live without food.... helps bring about positioning of the individual to infinity. . Therefore. What Is. we can reduce.. the ancient nine-step Suryayog technique is used. (Suryayog. when regularly practiced.Sungazing — Living On Light .org. (Suryayog. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. which resembles closely the view of the sun found in the ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 13 of 109 India And The Sun The Hindu Surya ‘Surya’ means sun. (Szekely. 1981). ‘Yog’ means to yoke (together) or to merge. living on energy obtained directly from the sun. remove. 2005). arrange. and balance the bio-electric. Suryayog creates the condition within us to join with the external sun to expand our consciousness and awareness of the life-giving light of Truth. Suryayog accurately means to merge with the sun — to become one. 2005) Surya is viewed as bringing a happy long life and purer innocence. If we use the Sun and its immense cosmic energies. and Love within us. To soak up the subtle energies from the sun for this transformation. bio-magnetic. and chemical powers that reside within each one of us.

. 2005).Sungazing — Living On Light . .. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Inc. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 14 of 109 Capture The Miraculous Healing Powers Of The Sun Through Suryayog PROBLEMS HELPED : Diabetes – Sugar Problems High Blood Pressure – Heart Problems Respiratory ailments – Asthma Joint Pains – Arthritis Obesity – Reduced Appetite Eye and skin problems Headaches – Migraines Lack of Energy – Laziness stress. tension Depression – Mental disorders Stomach and digestive disorders ADDED BENIFITS : More concentration More self confidence Positive attitude & outlook Inner peace Devotion towards Nature Expansion of love More Energy & Vitality Restful sleep More concern & care Improved Values in life Longevity (Suryayog. Healing Power.

2005) Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. The Gayatri Prayer Today in India.. Inc.” “This is the prayer addressed to the Sun in the Gayatri mantra: ‘Dheeyo yo nah prachodayaath.” (International Sai Organization. will come a consciousness (or knowledge) of the seven worlds. Vibhuti Pada III: 26).. The meaning of one of the individual words in the Gayatri: Savithur — the Sun.’ (May the Sun illumine our intellects in the same way he sheds his effulgence). Creator.” (Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali. millions of Hindus repeat a prayer to the sun known as the Gayatri. (Baily. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 15 of 109 The Yoga Sutras “Through meditation. 2005). 2005). . which similarly reminds us of the sacred relationship with this living being: “May we gaze on the splendor of your guiding power that charges us with light. Preserver.Sungazing — Living On Light . one-pointedly fixed upon the sun. (International Sai Organization.

Its exponents could revive dead persons by concentrating the Sun’s rays on the dead body.. and Swami Vishuddhananda were experts of this science and reportedly. could perform such miracles. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 16 of 109 The Amazing Power To Heal Concentrating The Sun’s Rays — Power To Raise The Dead “The Sun’s rays have the amazing power to heal. Swami Dayanandas preceptor. Inc. Krishna’s grandson. Till recently. Gopinath Kaviraj has recorded that he himself saw Vishuddhananda reviving a dead bird thus. NOTE: Be sure to visit many pages on the ExperienceFestival. Solar treatment was a well-developed science in ancient times. as they have many hyperlinked tools that are thorough resources for the topics in this Web site. Sun worship helped Sambha.Sungazing — Living On Light . . below. 2005).” (Ranjan.. India’s Ancient Sun Temples As is true with all other temples in India. get cured of leprosy. It is fascinating to note that one of the beliefs Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Swami Viryananda. legends and beliefs are connected with each of the listed temples.

Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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shared by believers at these temples — situated so far apart — is that visits, followed by a swim in the sacred tanks connected with them, would bring release to believers, sick from blindness, leprosy, and other diseases. (Templenet, 1999).

The Sun — The Store House Of Inexhaustible Power And Radiance
The Vedic scriptures of the Hindu religion refer to the sun as the store house of inexhaustible power and radiance. The sun god is referred to as Surya or Aditya. The Vedas are full of hymns describing the celestial body as the source and sustainer of all life on earth. The origin of the worship of the Sun in India is thus several centuries old. (Templenet, 1999)

Seven Indian Temples
Dakshinaarka Temple at Gaya, Bihar Suryanaar Koyil in Tamilnadu Suryanarayana Temple at Arasavilli Surya Pahar Temple in Assam Bhramanya Dev Temple at Unao Sun Temple at Modhera — Gujarat The Grand Konark Sun Temple

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Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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Iran — Once A Center Of Solar Worship
“It is also said that Iran was once a center of Solar worship and that some of the Magha priests of Iran (Wikipedia, Magus, 2005). had been brought to India to officiate in ceremonies.” (Templenet, 1999).

“With the Zoroastrians, sun worship was the dominant religious theme although a pantheon of other deities was not excluded... It was not the visible orb which was worshiped as the solar divinity, but the spiritual power or being within or above the physical sun, which was but its reflection. The lord of the solar system sends its septenary forces and substances to all parts of the solar kingdom, thus binding it into a single organic individual.” (, sun worship, 2005).

Fleeing The Advent Of Islam In Persia (Iran)
“Magi... The priests of the ancient Persian religion were renowned as being mages. The followers of this religion form a very small ethnic group known, in India, as the Parsis. After invading Arabs succeeded in taking Ctesiphon in 637, Islam replaced Zoroastrianism, and the power of the Magi faded.

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Sungazing — Living On Light ... Ancient Secrets Revealed

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The mages fled the advent of Islam in Persia, or Iran, by immigrating to India, settling in western principalities which form the modern states of Gujarat and Maharastra. As one can only be Zoroastrian by birth, the number of Parsis in the world is shrinking, and the remaining population risks passing down genetic defects as with any small community. Suffice to say, Parsis are very rare, and Magi are even rarer.” (Wikipedia, Magus, 2005).

The Roman Empire And The Power Of The Sun
The Blazing Rays Of The Sun — A Burning Mirror

The Sun And The Ships — A Weapon, A Geometrical Monster
“King Hieron asked Archimedes to invent new weapons when the Romans were threatening to invade his native city Syracuse. On discovering that a Roman fleet had set sail under Marcellus, the feared Roman Commander, Archimedes turned to the king and said, ‘I believe I can destroy the fleet.’

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And lo and behold. The Sun is inextricably linked with life on earth. (Ranjan. 2005). and with un-canny jugglery of his mind. has outrivaled the exploits of the hundred-handed giants of mythology. In fact. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Its true manifestation is in the form of life force.’ “Its devastating power is only one manifestation of the Sun’s awesome energy. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 20 of 109 ‘By what means?’ asked the king. and has whipped our most efficient engines and driven them off in disgrace. Sunshine is most cherished where it is cold most of the time. Without it..’ replied Archimedes. life is impossible. ‘By means of a burning mirror. on seeing the devastation wrought upon his fleet.Sungazing — Living On Light . . the fleet was destroyed! “The legendary Marcellus. “Archimedes trained a battery of specially constructed concave mirrors that reflected the blazing rays of the Sun directly onto the ships. who uses our ships like cups to ladle water from the sea. Inc. people start talking of annihilation if the Sun is not visible for a few days at a stretch.. is said to have exclaimed: ‘Let us stop fighting this geometrical monster.

” (Hockberger.. Then breathe long and deeply. 2002).. that the angel of sunlight may be brought within you. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of sunlight to embrace all your body. Sun gazing continued inside the community of Essenes as noted in the following quote. . Inc. “And if afterward there remain within you aught of your past sins and uncleanness. After it was banished. the Athenian physician Hippocrates prescribed heliotherapy (sunbathing) for both medical and psychological purposes. Sunbathing for medical and cosmetic purposes has continued to the present time due to a pervasive cross-cultural belief in the healing power of sunlight. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 21 of 109 Greco-Roman Era And The Practice Of Heliotherapy (Sunbathing) “The practice of heliotherapy continued throughout the Greco-Roman era. those who practiced sun gazing were sentenced to death.Sungazing — Living On Light . seek the angel of sunlight. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. even as the darkness of night fades before the brightness of the rising sun... And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall rise from you... The History Of Sun Gazing And The Jewish People Sun gazing was widely practiced among the ancient Jews. And the angel of sunlight shall cast out of your body all evil-smelling and unclean things which defiled it without and within.

and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the sun.. Inc. (Sunlight. .as.” Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.From the http://www. Truly. all must be born again of sun and of truth. None may come before the face of Web 2005). Sun gazing was mentioned in Ecclesiastes 11:7: “Truly the light is sweet.Sungazing — Living On Light .sunlight. for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother. the author wrote about the following accounts: The Jews employed watching the sun but the practice was officially condemned. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 22 of 109 “For I tell you truly.. The Ancient Jews And The Sun . and your spirit basks in the sunlight of the truth of the Heavenly Father..” (The ESSENE GOSPEL OF PEACE.. holy is the angel of sunlight who cleans out all uncleanness and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass. Book One).

and His light hath dispelled all darkness from my face. that he participated in sun gazing. Jesus And The Essene Community According to the authors of the http://www.Sungazing — Living On Light .. Odes of Solomon. (Sacred-Texts. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 23 of 109 Sun gazing was referenced in the Odes of Solomon: As the sun is the joy to them that seek for its daybreak. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. the . most of the scholars believed Jesus was a member of the Essene community and many of his teachings were similar to the Essene teachings. Because He is my Sun and His rays have lifted me so is my joy the Lord. The authors continue with the history of sun gazing by noting quotes that Jesus preached concerning sun gazing. and he considered the sun to be his power.sunlight. The apostles indicated that they were Essenes when they used the terms “children of light” and “sons of the light” when referring to their followers. 2005). Inc.. The Essenes considered themselves to be the children of Web site.

JN 1:9 There was the true light. . 2005). that all might believe through him. JN 1:8 He was not the light. `even the light’ which lighteth every man. that he might bear witness of the light. Inc. but `came’ that he might bear witness of the coming into the (Sunlight. and in him is no darkness at all. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 24 of 109 Jesus Preached Sun Gazing 1JN 1:5 And this is the message which we have heard from him and announce unto you. JN 1:7 The same came for witness. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts..Sungazing — Living On Light .. that God is light.

moon. human in their nature. and many of these cultures and places included the participation in sun gazing. but rather. every area of the world and every era of humankind have had a similar relationship with the Sun.Sungazing — Living On Light . fit neatly with a common search by peoples of all global reaches. Why are we placing such emphasis on the history of sun gazing and sun worship throughout the ages? We feel that in this manner. [endowing] the sun. the sky. you will see that current sun gazing interests are not out of line. and. with parts and passions. sun the life course. as it were. like their own. . realize the wonder with which men saw the daily and yearly renewed sublime spectacle of the birth. And Sun Gazing “We should be quite unable truly to understand how the central myths and poesies originated. Literally.. or any feature of the physical world admitting of being readily acknowledged with a soul and body. and for time going back to the Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 25 of 109 Other Global Areas With Sun Worship. and the death of the life-and-light-giving Creator actually visible in the Heavens — A wonder of eternal Re-birth. the sun and moon were alive. Sun Practices. “In early philosophy throughout the world. in some degree at least. 2005)..” (Sacred-Texts. if we cannot. Inc.

filling it with radiant light and bathing the mummies of the dead Inca rulers in sunshine which were seated in niches along the walls. . The Inca Empire. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 26 of 109 roots of humanity.. “The holiest religious symbol of the empire. a solid gold disc. You are not alone.Sungazing — Living On Light ..Inca Temple of the Sun) — “Santo Domingo in Cusco was built in the 17th century on the walls of the Koricancha Temple of the Sun. of such places and practices. The Inca Temple of the Sun Santo Domingo Church & Koricancha (Qoricancha. The uninspiring Baroque decoration of Santo Domingo makes a poor contrast to the superbly crafted Inca masonry — in fact.. mysteriously vanished before the main party of Spaniards arrived. far larger than a man. Inc. you will find a list found in this author’s research. much of the cloister has been gutted to reveal four of the original chambers of the great Inca Temple. Qoricancha. These histories will show that you are in very good company! Next.. The disc was positioned to catch the morning sun and throw its rays into the gold-lined temple. It has never been found to the present day. Coricancha .

Thunder and Lightning.. The Inca Empire. the Incas — Island of the Sun. Venus. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 27 of 109 “Every summer solstice. “Along with the main temple dedicated to the Sun. Lake Titicaca And The Children Of The Sun South America. the Inca king and high priests of the empire assembled in a small plaza beside the sacred rock to witness the dramatic setting of the sun between the stone pillars. 2005). the sun’s rays shine directly into a niche — the tabernacle — in which only the Inca was permitted to lowerclass pilgrims observed the event from a second platform outside the sanctuary wall. From the perspective of the lower-class pilgrims. “In the early 15th century. the Inca Empire — the largest state to develop in the Americas — expanded into the Lake Titicaca region in modern-day Peru and Bolivia and usurped the Island of the Sun from local control.Sungazing — Living On Light . the sun set between the stone pillars and directly over the ruling elite. “As the elites paid homage to the sun from within the sanctuary.. and the Rainbow. . there were others for the adoration of lesser deities — the Moon. “On the June solstice. who called themselves the children of the sun. Inc. (AndeanTravelWeb. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.

Huánuco Pampa.. Pachacamac. which were described by several Spanish chroniclers of the 16th century.. 1998). Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 28 of 109 “The remnants of stone pillars are similar to pillars around Cusco [Cuzco]. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. “The sun temple at Llactapata is not alone in the Inca realm. and courtyards.. Inc.” (Science Daily. passageways. and the Island of the Sun. a combination of post-conquest looting and recent urban growth in the Cusco valley has destroyed the area where the Cusco pillars once stood. such as those as those at Quito. some of which are remarkably similar in scale and orientation to the Coricancha of Cusco.Sungazing — Living On Light . “The Inca road that starts at the so-called ‘drawbridge’ or ‘hanging bridge’ at Machu Picchu provided an elaborate ritual entrance to Llactapata. Machu Picchu. The Inca Empire. Those pillars were large enough to be seen against the setting sun at a distance of 15 kilometers. The Coricancha apparently served as a model for other sun temples. Willka Waman. Vitcos. One such set of pillars marked where the sun sets at the June solstice. And The Sun Temple At Llactapata The Sun Temple. Llactapata — “A complex set of seven buildings. Unfortunately.. . It would have allowed the Inca and his retinue to visit Llactapata on special occasions to celebrate the rising of the sun at June solstice and the heliacal rising of the Pleiades some twelve to fifteen days before solstice.

as in surveying) marks. “The sightlines. which may have been the first day of the Incaic year. and pillars were erected by the Inca to mark the sunrise/sunset positions at solstices and other significant dates. containing geographical. shrines. .Sungazing — Living On Light . 2005). Of great interest would have been the heliacal rising of the Pleiades near June 6-9. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.. Inc.” (Malville et al. “Solstice-equinox orientation in relationship with alignments on Huayna Picchu and Mt Machu Picchu indicates that adoration and ritual focus on these special mountains and the sun may have been the primary purpose at Llactapata. “In contrast to the irregular horizon of Llactapata.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 29 of 109 “A further significance of the sun temple at Llactapata would have been that the June solstice sun rose over Machu Picchu. and cosmological meaning. “The jagged horizon visible from Llactapata would have allowed precise tracking of the sun and determinations of the number of days before the heliacal rising of the Pleiades and the June solstice. the smooth horizon at Cusco does not provide natural fiducial (regarded as a standard of reference. astronomical. “Llactapata may also have been important because it provided a horizon calendar. and buildings of Machu Picchu and Llactapata appear to establish an extended ritual neighbourhood of Machu Picchu.

The Almighty Southwestern Native Americans — The Southwest Culture. “Most Southwestern Native Americans believed that in the universe there exists an Almighty. 2005). The sun was venerated as the power of the American Indian Spirituality and Sacred Rites. to pray for the renewal of the people and earth. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. “The Sun Dance amongst the Plains Natives is perceived as a replay of the original creation. a formless spiritual force that is the source of all life. “It fulfilled many religious purposes: to give thanks to the Creator. Inc.. etc.. Its name is a mistranslation of the Lakota sun gazing dance (Also see the Testimonials chapter — The Sun Dance: an Example of Personal Sacrifice for the Spirit). to promote health. “The people of the Southwest supported full-time religious leaders with shrines or temples. It also gave an opportunity for people to socialize and renew friendships with other groups. . Other tribes use different names.Sungazing — Living On Light . Southwestern Native Americans — The Sun.” (PurpleHawk. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 30 of 109 Native American — Lakota Tribe And Sun Gazing Native American: Renewal Celebration — ImPurplehawk.

‘The noblest strains in all Gaelic literature are in praise of the sun. This was from right to left. the sun was its symbol. And The Sun As Symbol Of Divinity Scotland: The Gaels — Sacred-Texts. There is.’” Sacred-Texts. and which is also represented as the ultimately inexplicable factor in the Sun Worship. as with Dancing Dervishes now. to bless the sun. the Gaels found the highest attributes of divinity. sun worship. Sun Worship. or the old Bacchic dance. still keeps up the memory of the old Celtic circular dance. from east to west. writes in a similar way of his ancient northern kindred. “Donald Ross. 2005). The Gaelic Religion. In the sun. but prayed to the Almighty. And Sun Worship Scotland: the early Celtic religion — Sacred-Texts. . A Scotch dance.” (U-S-History. or practice of turning sunways. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Early Celtic Scotland. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 31 of 109 “They did not worship the sun. Scotch Inspector of Schools.Sungazing — Living On Light . power. sun worship.. Sacred-Texts. and purity. 2005). 2002-2005). the Deisol. the Reel.

you will have increased mental and physical energy. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 32 of 109 -4Sun Gazing — What To Expect When Listening To The Masters Please keep in mind that every individual is different. “Because from birth we have infinite Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. . was asked if sun gazing was coming back now. “Yes. in an interview in November 2004. After approximately three months of sun gazing. When asked why sunlight brings the kind of effect that it does. Your need for food will decrease since sun gazing nourishes your body.” (Knight & Manek. A few things happen if you perform sun gazing correctly. he responded. Sun gazing has many benefits and it benefits people in different ways. people are fed up with modern medicines to cure their illnesses. In his simplistic manner... 2004). Inc. HRM said. because the world needs it. You will experience tranquility in your life. One very exciting concept came up in this interview. Hira Ratan Manek Solar Empowering: Nutrition & Nurturing HRM.Sungazing — Living On Light .

We are moving into an age where computers will be a thing of the past. 2004).. This light can enter the brain only through the human eye. . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 33 of 109 powers. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Inc. “After all. We will be using our ‘brainuter!’” (Your brain is your internal computer. we know that this generates electricity. The eye is connected directly to the brain — that is a medical fact.) “The power we enjoy from birth is the software of this computer. Our brain is a supercomputer. Then our thinking process is the combination of the keyboard and the mouse. and the power supply is the sun energy.. “Now. and actually much more powerful than today’s PCs.” (Knight & Manek.Sungazing — Living On Light . what this computer lacks is the power supply.

“First major crisis is mental tension and worries. Inc. “Next crisis. greed. Fear. become a good-natured person contributing to world peace? “Yes. All these are ailments of the mind.. 2002 Lecture by Hira Ratan Manek: Crises Occur Due To Lack Of Use Of Sun Energy “Now days we rarely use the sun energy willingly as we are scared of the solar radiation and treat it like the enemy. Lack of selfconfidence. Negative thinking..Sungazing — Living On Light . Many human crises occur due to lack of use of sun energy. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. . after psychosomatic disorders come physical diseases and then lastly spiritual ignorance. if we make use of the sun energy. We can ourselves hardly liberate us from these problems and diseases. Can we overcome all these setbacks easily? Can the present human kind — each and every one of us.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 34 of 109 HRM contends that many social and personal ills are due to a lack of sunlight in our lives. Ponder this Transcript of a Dec. 01. hostility. irritation. and lack of compassion. anger..

and spiritual wellness.. . “The biggest setback we have encountered is lack of immunity. Solar Empowering.. We have no energy to tackle day-to-day living. IN Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. physical. Taos Pueblo Tribe. It is an established fact that total health includes — mental. we have the onset of geriatric diseases Parkinson’s. We can overcome all this by taking sun energy.Sungazing — Living On Light . and the grand realization that all of our similarities of culture and religion. Indianapolis.” (HRM. both current and from the past had bonded them together in one fantastic repertoire of history: “Our conversation took place on the roof of the fifth story of the main building [pueblos at Taos]. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 35 of 109 “As we age. Most of us suffer from poor immunity. 2002). At frequent William Victor Higgins (1884-1949) A Review by Eiteljorg Museum. Southwestern USA: Carl Jung In “Memories.. Inc. Alzheimer’s. Dreams and Reflections Two very wise men within their respective cultures..

figures of other Indians could be seen on the roofs. and exclaimed at last. Obviously.. . then. ‘Of course. “As I sat with Ochwiay Biano on the roof. ‘You think. My question did not even arouse astonishment..’ he said.’ His excitement. ‘Is not he who moves there our father? How can anyone say differently? How can there be another god? Nothing can be without the sun. wrapped in their woolen blankets. which was already perceptible. and with our religion Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.’ “I asked him whether he did not think the sun might be a fiery ball shaped by an invisible god. His only reply was. he pointed to the sun. he said. Everyone can see that. it touched nothing within him.. If we did not do it. what would become of the world?’ And with a significant gesture. sunk in contemplation of the wandering sun that daily rose into a clear sky. pointing to the sun. he did not even think my question stupid.. I had the feeling that I had come upon an insurmountable wall. the blazing sun rising higher and higher. he struggled for words. ‘We are a people who live on the roof of the world. ‘The sun is God. we are the sons of Father Sun. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 36 of 109 intervals... ‘What would a man do alone in the mountains? He cannot even build his fire without him.’ From another conversation with the Pueblo chief: “I therefore asked him. mounted still higher.. ‘After all. Inc. let alone anger.Sungazing — Living On Light . that what you do in your religion benefits the whole world?’ He replied with great animation.. It merely left him cold.

in ten years the sun would no longer rise. Then it would be night forever.library. Department of the Interior.’” (Memories.. Hispanic.cgi Pueblo de Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. New Mexico — Part of the U.Sungazing — Living On Light .cr. of the National Park Service. We do this not only for ourselves.nps. Curtis’s The North American Indian — Table of Contents. Carl Jung.taos-art. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 37 of 109 we daily help our father to go across the New Dreams Reflections 248-52). (RaySender. at: http://www. Located at: http://www. Inc. .html Taos Pueblo: A Thousand Years Of 2004). at: http://www.northwestern.. & the Southwestern region.htm Taos Free Art Site Map — Taos Free Art provides an educational resource for teachers & students as well as public domain &/or publicly owned & disseminated fine art suitable for use as clip art on non-commercial sites. If we were to cease practicing our religion. but for the whole world.S. Other Web Sites Of Interest —Taos Pueblo & Father Sun Edward S.taospueblo. & Anglo arts & cultures of Taos.S. Taos Free Art celebrates the Native American. at: http://curtis. World Heritage Sites.

Sungazing — Living On Light . . in Sunyogi Umasankar Inhale Your Nutrients Another well-known sun gazer. The award was “in recognition of his contribution to the treatment of diseases. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 38 of 109 Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum: Lure of the West. or sleep. Niels Ryberg Finsen was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1903.” (Nobelprize. Inc.. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. 2005). removing the need to eat. with concentrated light radiation. the medical community recognized the use of sunlight as a treatment in battling a disease. whereby he has opened a new avenue for medical science.. at: http://americanart. Sunyogi Niels Ryberg Finsen Sunlight As Treatment In Battling Disease. discovered a method of absorbing energy directly from the sun. in 1903! Moving forward in history. especially lupus vulgaris. drink.

He realized he was able to absorb powerful energies from the sun’s rays. He felt increasingly soothed with an indescribable feeling of peace and calm as the harsh brightness disappeared and the sun’s cosmic energy rays touched his body.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 39 of 109 The Sun’s Cosmic Energy Rays Touched His Body Every morning he meditated upon the reflected sunlight. he began to see the sun as a clear hazy ring with soft blue sky inside. yet he felt fully nourished and energized. Inc. He looked directly into the sun as it was rising and then he concentrated on the sun as it rose higher into the sky. His body rejected food.Sungazing — Living On Light . He experimented by looking directly at the sun.’ Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. “‘My discovery made me believe that looking directly at the sun is a way of charging one’s body cells with kinetic energy. “After meditating for a couple of months. he found even [simple foods] hard to digest. “After this experience.. .

is because of eating.. Inc. he just inhales them directly from surroundings. the Sunyogi claims that as they are present in the air.. 2004). “‘I believe that almost all the ailments that our body develops. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.Sungazing — Living On Light .” (Iyer.’ “And the Sunyogi strengthens his claim by saying that he hasn’t knocked on a doctor’s door since 1988. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 40 of 109 “As far as essential vitamins and minerals are concerned.

. you can use sunlight to heat your home in the winter and save energy. If you experience high levels of stress. which promote the feeling of well-being. If you live in northern climates. On the other side of the coin. Sunlight helps you stay healthy. Doctors have successfully treated Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with vitamin D. In recent years. Inc. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. They warn of skin cancer and premature wrinkling. others in the medical community encourage the therapeutic use of sunlight for treating depression and fighting cancer. some members of the medical community have warned people to avoid sunlight.Sungazing — Living On Light .. People have used sun gazing for increasing mental strength and memory power and developing the confidence to face problems in life. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 41 of 109 -5Getting Into The Light In Everyday Life! Sun Gazing Tips — Let The Sun Shine In! One of the most overlooked ways to get more sunshine into your life is to let the sun shine into your home. you may need to increase your exposure to UV-B sunlight and increase your calcium intake. The sunlight will make you feel happier. Sun gazing has been used for curing psychosomatic and mental illnesses. . and psychological problems. It is a fact that sunlight exposure increases vitamin D levels and releases endorphins.

Inc.. learn the precautions you should take. Please note that we have created somewhat of a “mirror” of information found on HRM’s site. For example: If sunrise in your area occurs at 6:04 AM. 2003) Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. would be very wrong and probably harmful. except for brief editing.. Before you jump in with both feet. Increase your sun gazing as your eyes adjust to sun gazing. You should never sun gaze outside of these hours. (HRM. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 42 of 109 Safe Sun Gazing Practices Start sun gazing gradually in duration. HRM’s words are EXACTLY what you need to study and follow. . If sunset occurs at 8:52 PM. confine your sun gazing to the hour from 7:52 PM to 8:52 PM. Anything we would do to change his words. sungazing process.Sungazing — Living On Light . Note For Sun Gazing Beginners Confine your sun gazing to within one hour of sunrise or within one hour of sunset. Solar Healing Center. confine your sun gazing to the hour from 6:04 AM to 7:04 AM.

You will have the best results sun gazing at sunrise. Always time your sun gazing sessions. . Some contact lenses block UV light. Sun gaze in silence. Follow These Sun Gazing Tips Catch the sun in the morning just as it appears over the Print the monthly calendar for your Your bare feet draw energy including vitamins and minerals from the earth. Do not sun gaze when the UV index is above 2. Use a countdown timer. Check the current UV index at http://www. Remove your contact lenses if they are removable.. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Relax and maintain good posture. Blink naturally. Visit http://www. Inc.sunrisesunset. Grass absorbs the sun’s energy so avoid standing on grass or other to find out when the sun rises in your area. Sun gazing at sunset is an option although it is slightly less effective. Stand up straight.Sungazing — Living On Light . Remove your shoes and feel the sand or the earth with your bare feet. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 43 of 109 For All Levels.

. On each new sunny day. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 44 of 109 Begin by sun gazing for ten seconds on the first day. If you are afraid to stare directly into the sun. fourth and fifth days are cloudy. Stare directly into the rising or setting sun with your eyes open. Do not sun gaze through glass if you can go outside. You will encounter cloudy days. Inc. The second day is cloudy so you will devote 20 seconds to sun gazing. You may blink. The glass absorbs the UV rays and you will not receive the full benefit of sun gazing.Sungazing — Living On Light . For example: The first day is sunny and you will devote 20 seconds to sun gazing. so you will devote 20 seconds each day to sun gazing. Do not add seconds to your sun gazing during cloudy days. Go outside. Do not wear sunglasses. add ten seconds per day to your sun gazing time. Do not wear sunscreen. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. look at the sun’s reflection on water or on polished obsidian stone. . Gradually increase your sun gazing. The third..

walk on sand. If sea sand is not available. Never exceed your sun gazing time allotment. When you increase your sun gazing time. Sea sand gives you the most contact with earth and the sun recharges the sand daily. It holds the charge for a long time. bare Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. so you will devote 40 seconds to sun gazing. You will devote 30 seconds to sun gazing.Sungazing — Living On Light . You will always have a sun gazing time allotment per day. . Walk on sea sands.. If you do not have access to sea sand. Inc. Practice your walking and sun gazing separately. For example if your allotment for the day is 30 minutes. The seventh day is sunny. you may need to split your sun gazing between sunrise and sunset. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 45 of 109 The sixth day is sunny.. Sea sand becomes charged by the sun. walk on bare ground. Take a 45-minute walk each day in your bare feet when the earth is warm. so you will increase your sun gazing time by 10 seconds. you could sun gaze for 20 minutes at sunrise and ten minutes at sunset. Remember. sunsets are not as powerful as sunrises.

make sure your gaze is firm. your sun gazing benefits will be decreased. but when gazing. Inc. You cannot rush sun gazing. You can blink as necessary..Sungazing — Living On Light . Avoid standing or walking on grass. Do not doubt the safety of gazing directly into the sun. (HRM. Close your eyes after you sun gaze. .. If you exceed the time allotment for the day. savor this moment and let it linger. if you sun gaze with your shoes on or sun gaze while standing on rocks. and do not move. If the sun’s disc suddenly appears black. mud. or water. road. sungazing process. or concrete — in that order. 2003) A Few Other Considerations Attempt to focus your line of vision steadfastly on the sun. Some say that this moment of the black disc is when true transformation begins within you. Keep the after images recorded in your mind. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. rocks. in relationship to you. The sun will begin to appear unchanging in one spot. you will reduce your sun gazing benefits. Similarly. Do not take shortcuts. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 46 of 109 ground.

of about 5 seconds. You may have myopia or may have had laser surgery on your eyes. Sun gaze inside your home on days when it is too cold to sun gaze outside. If possible. and you should allow yourself to be very open to it. Many people find increasing levels of joy as they continue sun gazing practice. loved one.. gaze through a window pane that does not have UV protection.. Sun Gazing Tips For Various Situations You may live in a city where you do not have access to sand or the ground. If you cannot open the window. Allow your diaphragm to relax in deep breathing. Here are a few sun gazing tips for you. Stand in your bare feet.” or something similar. Many will experience a rapid heart beat. Remove your shoes before you sun gaze. Inc.Sungazing — Living On Light . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Open your heart to the sensations. The sensations can be very intimate.” or even a deeper thought. and similar to sensations felt when in the presence of one you love. Many people mentally say “Thank you. . such as “I adore you. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 47 of 109 Sun gazing is a very personal experience. sun gaze through an open door or window. You may live in colder climates. as loving energy flows within you. Consciously relax your breathing with slow intake and then out. This is a good sign.

Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. When you have achieved 15 minutes of sun gazing. Inc. but not until at least three months after the surgery. and roads. Wear your sunglasses as long as prescribed. If you live in an area with grass. stand in a box of sand with your bare feet to get the full benefits of sun gazing. Time your sun gazing sessions as close as possible to sunrise or sunset when the sun is large and red. When you are able to go without sunglasses. If the sun is too strong for you to sun gaze within an hour of sunset. .Sungazing — Living On Light . If you have myopia.. follow your medical care practitioner’s advice on limiting your sun exposure following your surgery. you may see two or more suns when you sun gaze. begin your sun gazing. The sun will be more at a more comfortable brilliance for your sun gazing. remove a section of grass so you can stand on bare ground. Also see sun as a black disc.. keep your sun gazing limit at 15 minutes for one month and then increase your sun gazing time in ten second increments. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 48 of 109 If you live in a high-rise building. If you see black spots during or after sun gazing. If you have had laser surgery on your eyes. Keep your eyes closed until the black spots disappear. close your eyes after your sun gazing session. concrete. wait until the sun turns large and red just before sunset.

. Inc. Expose as much of your body as possible for the most medicinal value. Sweat is a waste product and needs to go out of the body. When the body gets heated up. do not use sunscreen. and why we end up blaming the sun for skin cancers. This is our wrongful use. Bask in the sun but do not bake your body. sungazing process. When you are painted or coated with lotions and creams — they degenerate and the chemicals enter your body. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 49 of 109 Sunbathing in moderation in comfortable hours during the day is beneficial... (HRM. Again.Sungazing — Living On Light . you perspire. 2003) Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.

at the end of 10 continuous days of sun gazing you will be looking at the sun for 100 seconds. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 50 of 109 -6Sun Gazing — The Practice. look for a maximum of 10 seconds.. Stand on bare earth with bare feet. It has been proven scientifically. sungazing process. The practice includes looking at the rising or setting sun one time per day — but only during the hours that are safe. adding ten seconds every succeeding day. Inc. during the safe hours. which is harmful to your eyes. beyond a reasonable measure of doubt.. Second day look for 20 seconds.e. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.Sungazing — Living On Light . and 6 to 9 months. i. that during these time periods. 3 to 6 months. The safe hours are during the one-hour window after sunrise or during the one-hour window before sunset. 1 minute and 40 seconds. (HRM. one will not experience UV and IR rays exposure. The Process Sungazing is a one-time observance of your lifetime — usually for a time period of 9 months.3 Months : Achieve Perfect Balance Of Mind First day. No injury will happen to your eyes during the morning and evening safe hours. You can break up the sun gazing time into three phases: 0 to 3 months. Therefore. 2003) Sun Gazing : From 0 .

which are priced at about $2. you should have periodic check ups. You need not restrict any of your normal daily routines. Have a belief that the sunrays or lights that you are getting into your eyes are of immense benefit and will not harm you. Hunger will disappear eventually by itself. Additionally. As a precaution. Also. Do not wear any lenses or glasses while sungazing. you can buy photo sun-cards to monitor UV and IR radiation. Stillness or steadiness of the eyes is not required. have your eyes examined by a doctor. This will give you earlier. leading to the human brain...Sungazing — Living On Light . You can enjoy your food while applying this practice. When you reach three months. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 51 of 109 Eyes can blink and/or flicker. you will have gazed at the sun 15 minutes at a stretch. which is the pathway behind the retina. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. What is happening as you go up to 15 minutes? The sun energy or the sunrays passing through the human eye are charging the hypothalamus tract. and better results. Inc. This is to err on the side of caution from a scientific standpoint. quicker. There are no restrictions.

In the absence of sunlight. it is activated into a “brainuter. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 52 of 109 As the brain receives the power supply through this pathway.Sungazing — Living On Light . you develop: A sense of confidence and know the answers for yourself. as well as all the ills of the mind. We will have the self-confidence to face life’s problems by means of developing a positive mindset instead of a negative one. which are two sides of the same coin. where you are in a position to judge personal answers — the correct answers. Humans have good and bad qualities. even spiritual ignorance goes away. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. . spiritually. Inc. replacing bad ones.” One of the software programs inherent in the brain will start running and we will begin to realize the changes. There is a balance of the mind. After 3 months of sun gazing.. we develop bad qualities. good qualities appear. Eventually. We will become fearless since our psychosis will have disappeared. When sunlight enters the brain. since we will have no mental tension or worries..

With a lack of mental tension.Sungazing — Living On Light . (HRM. anger. You will become a compassionate person. This is a great contribution to world peace. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 53 of 109 You develop powers that are already inherent in you. You will do no wrong. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Everybody likes you. Bad qualities disappear. you will not harm anybody nor pain anybody. Inc. This is the first phase of the method and lasts around 3 months. the brain does not require the same amount of energy as before. greed.. jealousy leave you. A positive approach creates solutions to problems and waste in society. You become a lovable creature. If you are positive or fearless. sungazing process.. 2003) Sun Gazing : From 3 .6 Months : You Are Your Own Master Within 6 Months 70 to 80% of the energy synthesized from food is apprehended by the brain and used up in fueling tensions and worries.

. Eyes receive the entire spectrum of the sunlight. Kidney/red. your tensions will decrease and the need for food intake will go down. Colors reach the organs and address any deficiencies. The vital organs are dependent on certain sun color prana.. in the causal.. It is important to note that the prana divisions are not the same as what we normally see in the solar spectrum. (dhyansanjivani. mental and astral bodies. Inc. Liver/green. By then all the colors of the sun will have been reached by the brain. The brain regulates the flow of color prana appropriately to the respective organs. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 54 of 109 As you continue This is how color therapies work — Reiki and Pranic Healing. Heart/yellow. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. you can become cured of your physical ailments with autosuggestion.Sungazing — Living On Light .. After 3-4 months. As a result. you will slowly be liberated from physical disease.. All the internal organs get ample supply of the required color prana. 2005). When you reach 30 minutes duration of continuously looking at sun. They resemble the display of colors that we see on the higher levels. through the eyes. which is distributed to the different parts of the body by the brain on a need-per basis. which is imagining and visualizing healing your ailments while gazing at the sun.. etc. you are cured from all diseases.

thus. . its storage level increases in your body. energy is no longer being used up for mental impairments or physical ailments. The need for food intake decreases.Sungazing — Living On Light . Additionally. 7 ½ months and 35 minutes of sun gazing is when hunger starts going down obviously. By eight months. as that is only for plants) is transforming the sun’s energy into a usable energy format. As you continue gazing at the sun. Inc. But. you should see hunger almost gone.. Hunger Disappears Forever In 6-months time. food is not a necessity for the body to function. only energy is needed. (HRM. and energy levels are at a higher level.. This is how Photovoltaic cells work and electricity is produced. which is necessary for its existence. you will start to have the original form of micro food. You are your own master within 6 months. Hunger comes because of energy requirements of the body. which is our sun. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. sungazing process. No one needs to eat more than his or her hunger levels. this can avoid the toxic waste that you take into your body while you eat regular food. 2003) Sun Gazing : From 6 . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 55 of 109 Photosynthesis (not the type utilizing chlorophyll.. You will sense that the brain is well activated with the sun energy.9 Months : Energy Is High..

you should give up gazing because solar science prohibits further gazing for the sake of eye care. preferably when the earth is warm and sunlight is falling on your body. and it has to be recharged. hypothalamus..Sungazing — Living On Light . The big toe of the foot represents this gland. Inc. Nurture The 3rd Eye After nine months or when you reach a 44 minutes level of sun gazing. It’s a nucleus of the sun — or cosmic energy — and plays an important role in the photosynthesis via the sunlight reaching the brain through the eye. 2003) Sun Gazing : After 9 Months : Sun Gazing Ceases. Relaxed walking only. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Now you must begin walking barefoot on bare earth for 45 minutes daily. Amygdala for the last 2 years has been gaining importance in medical research. When you walk bare foot. an important gland in the brain’s center called the pineal gland or the third eye is activated.. for a total of 6 days. The remaining four toes represent glands too — pituitary. sungazing process. It has always been known as the seat of the soul. The body will become discharged when you stop practicing. thalamus and amygdala. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 56 of 109 Well done! You are now a “solar cooker”! (HRM. The Pineal gland has optic nerve endings. Walk And Relax. .

Achieve enlightenment on all levels.Sungazing — Living On Light . physically and emotionally. (HRM. To read more in depth on this topic area. 2003) Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. for one year and food continues to be not necessary for you. your body weight stimulates all these 5 glands through your toes. Walk 45 minutes per day. sungazing process. Relax. .. After one year of recharging. This is strengthened by the earth’s heat/energy and the sun prana falling on the head or the crown chakra. spiritually. All these create a magnetic field and the body/brain recharges with the energy of the sun entering into you. Solar Healing Center. go to HRM’s Web site.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 57 of 109 When you walk barefoot. Strengthen your immunity system by continuing with the barefoot walking. you can give up barefoot walking. if you are satisfied with your progress. from then on. Inc. A few minutes of sun energy falling on you once in 3 to 4 days will be enough.

tells us that Germans used to carry their sick. and energy.. “The old German epic poem.. try to draw some of these divine particles [of the Sun] into yourself. If you are able to watch the sun with a free.Sungazing — Living On Light . Emotional. And Spiritual Well Being Find Peaceful Cures For Mental health. in order to expose them to Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.. you will completely regenerate all the materials of your being. . with its spirit. warmth. Fear. Inc. like so many seeds of life. Thanks to the Sun. Their comprehension of how sunlight provides these life-sustaining effects was wrapped up in mythology and traditions of their the Edda. you will think and act as a child of God. 2005). In this way. Grief.” (Sunlight. in the springtime to the sunny mountain slopes. And Anger Omram Michael Aivanhov — Think And Act As A Child Of God “In your thought. Personal Frustration. with your imagination.. Healing Benefits Of Sunlight Ancient civilizations knew very well that sunlight provided the power to see. clear mind you will feel that you are entering into contact with it. Irritability. Physical. and that you are absorbing its rays. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 58 of 109 -7Sun Gazing —Mental. little by little.

Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. which was founded on scientific principles and presented the foundation for a more dependable understanding of the connection between human beings and sunlight. 2005). infrared.. a new mythology raised its head in Europe. Sunbathing And Health Even though heliotherapy (sunbathing) has been practiced worldwide for at least 2400 “There were also reports that sunlight had beneficial effects on internal maladies. This insight inspired further studies designed to determine whether dissimilar wavelengths might be accountable for the various effects of sunlight..” (Sunlight. the application of this philosophy led to the awareness that sunlight is not a sole stimulus reports began to appear in the medical literature indicating that sunlight ameliorated different skin diseases. . Inc. Beginning in the late 17th century. a gathering of stimuli of diverse wavelengths (e. “By the 18th century. Certain Germanic tribes placed their feverish children in the sunlight on the tops of their houses. rather.g. and ultraviolet). (Hockberger. visible.Sungazing — Living On Light . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 59 of 109 the sunshine. By the beginning of the 19th century. 2002). there was not very much objective verification supporting its supposed curative abilities.

who had recommended surgical removal. outside in the sunshine. in writings by Herodotus and Antyllus. 2002).D. after which he reported back to the M. thereby revealing all their muscles to the sun’s beneficial effect. The Ancients.. Cicero.Sungazing — Living On Light . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 60 of 109 “Additional observations indicated that sunlight was capable of altering basic human physiology. knew that “the sun feeds the muscles.” (Hockberger.” — the sun is the best remedy — exclaimed Pliny. Sunbathing Helps Heal Almost Everything Sunbathing helped heal the skin cancer of Dr. Harland G. he confirmed Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. This idea can be traced back to Hippocrates who recognized that depression was more common in the winter months in Greece. Their athletes went through training naked. the skin cancer disappeared. one of whom was a surgeon who recommended surgical removal..’s. “Sol est remediorum maximum. and Pliny the Younger (Gaius Plinius Caecilius Secundus).” The Greeks clearly respected the significance of sunlight. Galen. Among the Roman writers who described the use of the sun-bath were Celsus.D.D. Call employed sunbathing of the affected area. when there was less sunlight. “Probably the most remarkable claim during this period was the positive influence of sunlight on mental health. Within a short time. Call. Inc. His skin cancer was diagnosed by two M. examined him. When the local M. .

Although proteins are being used by the body while fasting. they remain hale and hearty.Sungazing — Living On Light . the body will steadily cleanse itself of everything except for the vital tissues. minerals. all critical substances are utilized and conserved in a very amazing manner. 2005). or a lack of vitamins. we have an unwarranted fear of fasting. believing that body strength shrinks from the catabolism of proteins from the muscle fibers. or fatty acids. . Bernarr. not to worry! Even during long fasts.. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. But. Visit his Web site to read his perspective on the healing powers of sunlight. the quantity of muscle fibers stays the same.. During the absence of food. Traditionally. According to Dr. (Bernarr. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 61 of 109 that the skin cancer had disappeared without surgical removal. As unhealthy cells break down. Starvation will only occur when the body is made to use vital tissue in order to survive. a person that fasts even as long as 40 days on water will not undergo a protein deficiency. You can consume fluids in adequate quantities to satisfy thirst and physical requirements. Inc. Fasting And Sun Gazing Fasting is an episode of abstinence either from all foods. sunbathing helps heal almost everything. or from specific items. Even though healthy cells may be reduced in size and vigor for a short time.

we must understand several body chemicals. atomic level. When fasting..” Detoxification: Allow Your Body To Use Its Own Wisdom It is understood that rest is a big factor in supporting recovery. By stimulating serotonin production and suppressing melatonin production into the pineal gland. Sunlight suppresses hunger by using two body mechanisms: By stimulating melanocyte stimulating hormone (MSH) production into the pituitary gland. In exactly the same way Copyright ©2007 ● Creative every cell’s function is enhanced. As the toxic burden is reduced. . It is when your body is at rest that it can direct the most energy toward various mechanical and chemical sequences of detoxification. people experience revitalization at a rate that is much quicker than normal.Sungazing — Living On Light . and what processes prompt them to interact with one another. A deeper understanding of this process is found at http://www.. This allows her body to use its own wisdom to healthfully restructure itself from the base.sunlight. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 62 of 109 Sunlight Works With Normal Body Mechanisms Understanding the process whereby sun gazing helps in fasting. She is getting rid of toxins and excesses.htm and do a go/find (keyword) search for the section title. “Sun Gazing Helps Fasting.

Sungazing — Living On Light . The first stage of fasting can be quite difficult. The freer your body is of toxic products flowing through your blood and lymphatic system. A person is then simply more alert. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 63 of 109 that crucial nerve energy is “stockpiles” during a night’s sleep. they in fact have no hunger.. there might be a feeling of euphoria.. and many times. . and fulfill an intention. the clearer is your ability to think. that when they fast. The other senses also become more finely tuned. Inc. we will be taken care of. and actually have more energy than in their “normal” situation. our bodies become our guides. but after your body has thrown off its cargo of toxins.. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. and most efficient method for finding out that we really do have the freedom and power take control of our bodies. to set a goal. and one’s thinking processes seem to launch into new areas. Fasting is the simplest. and detoxification.. You gain self-confidence in your new-found ability to have power over your life processes. the fasting person builds nerve energy through rest. Almost everybody who fasts discovers the same thing. Don’t ever deprive yourself of necessary sleep. It is certainly liberating to discover that if we let go and trust. Your mind powers and your clarity of thinking are amazingly increased. Mental as well as physical senses become heightened.. your brain is supplied by a more unpolluted bloodstream.. sleep. easiest. and to heal. even while not fasting.

Even though fasting is not recommended in every circumstance — for instance. Some people. Inc. for the first time in their lives.Sungazing — Living On Light . leaving healthy tissue. Fasting has been beneficial for: arthritis asthma high blood pressure lupus cases of paralysis neuritis neuralgia mental illness chronic fatigue syndrome colitis Crohn’s disease diverticulitis spastic colon irritable bowel syndrome neuroses fibromyalgia Fasting will also break down tumors and because of this. fasting is contraindicated in cancer of the liver — in many situations. It dissolves unhealthy cells in a systematic approach. The body goes through a tearing down and rejuvenation of damaged materials. It is during a fast that a metamorphosis takes place.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 64 of 109 particularly during longer fasts. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. many people have overcome cancer with fasting. fasting is legendary for its capacity for rejuvenating and giving the body a more youthful quality. Because of this. fasting is the only known resolution. . The fasting body experiences an extraordinary redistribution of nutrients. will have the experience of emotional stability..

ro. When light is diminished to the level of the light on cloudy days. depression bipolar disorder and is influential on appetite and sexuality. Melatonin is a hormone produced in the pineal gland.” Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Serotonin plays an important part of the biochemistry of anxiety. The retina is a thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball and it is the part of the eye which converts light into nervous signals. . 2005). Inc. The pineal gland secretes melatonin around twilight and helps in the sleep process in response to diminishing Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 65 of 109 Pineal Gland And Sunlight The pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located in the center of the brain. Melatonin is suppressed on cloudy days when the level of light is diminished.. Let’s look at a few definitions: Melatonin has a role in regulating circadian rhythms. the retina. (Sunlight. the pineal stops producing melatonin within about half an hour. Click here to read more information about “The Third Eye — The Pineal Gland. and the GI tract. The circadian rhythm is a name given to the “internal body clock” that regulates the (roughly) 24 hour cycle of biological processes in animals and plants..Sungazing — Living On Light . It is responsible for the production of the hormones melatonin and serotonin.

Continue until you feel these chakras becoming fully Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. It is oneness. back and up to the heart. up to the third eye. make a figure 8 loop down to the sacral chakra.. “Now. Learn to use the Sun as part of your general system for achieving peace and health. Use the circular breath to activate these two chakras fully until each is experienced as a bright radiant Sun. feeling it radiating out further and brighter with each breath. Inc. from the heart. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 66 of 109 -8Sun And Soul — Sun-Related Exercises For Your Health Awakening The Sun Within — Hollow Earth Model Often. This is designed to help you let go of polarity. Take time to deepen here at the heart. we simply need to feel stillness. make a ‘figure 8. It is a place of stillness. as well as nothingness. back to the heart. and returning back and down to the heart. Now.Sungazing — Living On Light . “Bring your awareness now into the heart. from the heart. Stay with this for a while.. awakening the ‘sun’ within. . and then back down to the heart. and experience no separation between creator and creation. in this world full of stress.’ looping front and down to the solar plexus chakra. then front and up to the throat chakra.

Sungazing — Living On Light . “Again. let your breath be slow. As you return to the heart. in the center of the mantle. up to the soul chakra. more inclusive. you might even find that your breath seems to stop completely at times. Then link together the root and crown chakras in a figure 8 loop. Now extend a figure 8 loop connecting down to the Earth chakra. feel yourself linking the Earth’s center of gravity to the Moon. subtle. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 67 of 109 activated. and then move up above you. more alive? “Now. and circular. again starting from your heart. again centered around the heart. As these awaken. As you deepen. Feel these chakras lighting up. Inc. Link together the energy centers found about half a mile below the feet and half a mile above the head. notice what happens to your sense of self. “Once these chakras are fully activated. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Do you feel more expanded. continue the journey along the vertical axis.. this would be in the middle of the inner and outer surfaces of Earth. These chakras are at a distance of about two feet below the feet and two feet above the head. In the Hollow Earth model. Let each of these polarities become merged within the heart. and back to the heart. connect below with the Earth’s center of gravity.. Let your breath simply follow its natural course. then back to the heart. .

“The sun is regarded as a very important place.Sungazing — Living On Light . soul. The immediate Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. prays to the sun for opening a passage. after having completed its career of life through meditation in this manner. Remain here until this connection feels strong. the world originates from the Sun and is established in it. 2004). Inc. It is a very prominent location where the soul is not only purified in an intensive manner but is landed in the realm of light as it finds itself in the region of the sun. 2005).” ( the sun is the symbol and the tangible representative of the Deity. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 68 of 109 imagined vertically above. the Sun is the embodiment of Brahma. the nearer you will be to God. with your heart and Of all the deities who are supposed to direct the soul onwards in its passage upwards. 2005).” (Sunlight. The soul that is to depart the body. “According to the Markandeya Puran.. a halting point of the soul in the gradual ascent to the Absolute. The Sun — A Very Important Place “The nearer you get to the sun in . and thought.” (Windrider. for on the physical plane. the sun is considered the most

it will reincarnate. 2005). which is the center and creator of everything. the self. goes to the sun. through the first breath. to regain its energy. and where we become aware of our spiritual mission on Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. “At the birth. “Tiphareth is the switching point where divine powers are transmitted into human existence. the inner self takes energy from the body and grows stronger.. That is the main reason for the cremation rituals from ancient India. that inner self leaves the body and returns to the With each heartbeat.” (Sunlight. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 69 of 109 experience after the body is cast off is one of ascent to the sun. The dead body is offered to the sun. the soul will feed the sun with his energy and when it will become depleted.” (Sunlight. The Relationship Between The Sun And Individual Souls There is a very close relationship in Indian religion. .Sungazing — Living On Light . coming from the sun. “The offering which is offered in the fire. and establishes its location in the heart. enterers the new born baby. Inc.. facilitating the liberation of the soul and ending the cycle of the reincarnations. 2005). between the individual soul and the Sun. “If the sun was not worshipped during the life. “At the death. by cremation.

Inc. the Great Work. our higher self. Tiphareth illustrates the unique position of the human race as a healing mediator between heaven and earth. Our outcry is pure and clear. 2005).Sungazing — Living On Light . of God. Apologies disappear.” Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Omram Michael Aivanhov And The Sun Within Again.. below. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 70 of 109 earth. When we combine this with Aivanhov’s quote. For “When we focus our attention on the sun. let’s explore the ages-old comparison of the Sun with God. 2005).” ( we draw closer to our own centre. Our personal inner sun shines. the sun within. We begin to express ourselves easily and with self-confidence. when the sun emerges after the rain. it becomes very clear that one goal of sun gazing may fulfill yet another concept. our intrinsic enthusiasm for life makes us vibrant and glowing. To come into a bond with God is to know what sunshine truly feels like. We feel its radiance bathes us in warmth. .. that we are made in the image of the Father. “This is the message he has given us to announce to you: God is light and there is no darkness in him at all.” ( found in all major religions. we melt into it and begin to resemble it more and more. reticence retreats. the centre of our universe.” (1 John 1:5 NLT). “Here I am! I am ME! Who I am makes a difference in this world.

sleeps for a couple of hours per day and feels little or no drowsy. If you work in an office or factory setting. If you try to grow plants under incandescent bulbs. Sunlight entering the eyes provides a counterbalance to blood sugar lowering effect of sunlight hitting the skin (Relkin cited in ( — Living On Light . be aware that fluorescent lighting increases fatigue and drains you of vitamin A and energy. need the light of the sun. such as trees. people run out of energy.. Exposure to sunlight raises insulin level and lowers blood sugar. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Glass removed the UV component. When the blood sugar drops. and emotional. but you will notice a significant increase in vigor and growth if you put the trees out in the sunlight. If you grow your plants under full spectrum light. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 71 of 109 -9Immune System — Your Body’s Defense Against Disease Fatigue And Full Spectrum Light If you spend your days indoors. they will die. The glass bulbs of light bulbs absorb UV. 2005). You can keep trees inside for short periods of time. you miss the ultraviolet (UV) component of sunlight. Inc. they will 2005). Studies have proven that UV light lowers the blood sugar of diabetics (Pincussen cited in (Sunlight. The sun gazing guru. Some plants. become irritable.

but plants are secondary sources of energy. Holick. Vitamin D — It Regulates Your Immune System The ancient civilizations worshiped the sun and used the sun’s energy to heal their bodies.. PhD. . it’s hard to know where the accolades should start. Others stay out of sunlight for fear of developing cancer. who heads the Vitamin D. 2004). “Activated vitamin D is one of the most potent inhibitors of cancer cell growth. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. MD. The key to this book is to learn how to absorb energy directly from the sun. Skin.” says Michael F.” (Trubo. Some of the people work in environments where sunlight is absent. We eat plants for energy. “It also stimulates your pancreas to make insulin. Fruits and vegetables grow in the sun and absorb their primary energy from the sun. As the research into vitamin D is accumulating. It regulates your immune system.. and Bone Research Laboratory at Boston University School of Medicine. As we get closer to the modern civilization. Inc.Sungazing — Living On Light . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 72 of 109 Rainbow Fruits And Vegetables The sun is a primary source of energy. we see individuals who do not get enough sunlight.

10 Vitamin D Deficiencies And Light Therapy Sunlight — Your FREE Source Of Vitamin D. Osteomalacia results in muscular weakness and weak bones. And What Is Better Than Free? What is better than free? If it is also highly effective. Who Is At Risk Of Vitamin D Deficiency? The National Institute of Health has determined these individuals may be at risk of vitamin D deficiency: Individuals with darker skin have higher levels of skin melanin content. Sunshine is a significant source of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to rickets and osteomalacia. Rickets results in soft bones and skeletal deformities. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color.. Inc. UV rays from sunlight trigger vitamin D synthesis in your skin. then that is surely better! Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is used by the body in the absorption of calcium.. . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 73 of 109 .Sungazing — Living On Light . A deficiency of vitamin D can occur when individuals have limited exposure to sunlight. The high melanin content reduces the skin’s ability to produce vitamin D from sunlight. The body can produce vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.

. (NIH. This population includes people living in northern latitudes in the United States.. homebound individuals. Health “What’s really remarkable is that vitamin D deficiency is epidemic throughout the entire United States. or they never see the light of day because they’re working all the time. we found that Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Americans age 50 and older are believed to be at increased risk of developing vitamin D deficiency. When we did a study in Boston. individuals who work in settings that prevent sun exposure and individuals who wear robes and head coverings for religious reasons.Sungazing — Living On Light . And I’ll give you some examples. “But we also now realize that even younger adults that are otherwise active and who may be always wearing screen before they go outdoors. And upwards of 40-60% are at risk for vitamin D deficiency. 2005). through all age groups. The Vitamin D Factor In Disease vs. Inc. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 74 of 109 Individuals who have limited sun exposure are at risk of vitamin D deficiency. It’s well known that elders throughout the United States are at high risk. .

2005). was that we also looked at young girls (working with Dr Sullivan and Dr Rosen in Maine) — and these are Caucasian girls ages 9-11 . even with excessive sunlight exposure Why vitamin D deficiencies are now epidemic in the Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 75 of 109 students and doctors 18-29 years of age. The UV Advantage. Vitamin D And Sunlight Exposure — 15 Crucial Facts Click here to read the Fifteen Facts You Probably Never Knew About Vitamin D and Sunlight Exposure that were compiled by Mike Adams. the article addresses these important topics: How and why your body manufactures vitamin D How your body regulates levels of vitamin D automatically. Michael Holick.. And 17% remained vitamin D deficient at the end of the summer because of wearing all the sun protection. . In addition. 32% were vitamin D deficient. Inc.and we found that 48% were vitamin D deficient at the end of the winter..Sungazing — Living On Light . author. at the end of the winter. though. based on an interview with Dr. 2005). (Adams.” (Adams. “More shocking.

cervical cancer. . breast cancer. osteoporosis. Inc. Holick Why milk and orange juice are poor sources for vitamin D Why where you live on the planet ultimately determines how much sunlight you need How dermatologists misinform people about the real risks of sun exposure Seasonal Affective Disorder: how to treat it with sunlight exposure Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts..Sungazing — Living On Light .. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 76 of 109 American population How vitamin D deficiencies cause prostate cancer. rickets and other diseases The true cause of asthma Why antihistamines conceal the symptoms of asthma rather than treating its cause Why skin pigmentation makes African Americans and Hispanics especially susceptible to vitamin D deficiencies Why the sunscreen industry has tried to discredit Dr.

Holick: “What’s really remarkable is that vitamin D deficiency is epidemic throughout the entire United States. 2005). Remarkable Vitamin D! Dr. “But we also now realize that even younger adults that are Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. . And upwards of 40-60% are at risk for vitamin D deficiency. through all age groups. And I’ll give you some examples.. Inc. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 77 of 109 A simple.Sungazing — Living On Light .. (Adams. “It’s well known that elders throughout the United States are at high risk. five-second test that reveals whether you’re suffering from severe vitamin D deficiency Why vitamin D deficiencies impair your body’s ability to absorb calcium Fifteen facts you probably never knew about vitamin D A complete list of diseases and disorders caused by vitamin D deficiencies.

2004). 2005)... “When we did a study in Boston.. or they never see the light of day because they’re working all the time. the incidence of certain kinds of cancer increases. “More shocking..” (Adams. There is more prostate and colon cancer in the north than in those who live closer to the equator.Sungazing — Living On Light . There is some striking evidence that as you go farther north. at the end of the winter. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 78 of 109 otherwise active and who may be always wearing sunscreen before they go outdoors. we found that students and doctors 18-29 years of age. was that we also looked at young girls (working with Dr Sullivan and Dr Rosen in Maine) — and these are Caucasian girls ages 9-11 — and we found that 48% were vitamin D deficient at the end of the winter. Vitamin D And The Reduction Of Cancer “Sun scarcity can take its toll on human health.” (Trubo.. And 17% remained vitamin D deficient at the end of the summer because of wearing all the sun protection. 32% were vitamin D deficient. . though.. Inc. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.

when converted into a hormone. osteoporosis. promotes the normal growth of cells and has anticancer properties. is not known. and it significantly increases the risk of bone fractures. The amount of vitamin D that might help prevent cancer. and on evidence that vitamin D.Sungazing — Living On Light . Inc. “Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by fragile bones. yet dermatologists say that no amount of sun exposure is safe because ultraviolet radiation can cause skin cancer. Osteoporosis And Vitamin D It has been estimated that over 25 million adults in the U. a person’s distance from the equator.. The current information about vitamin D can be confusing. or are in jeopardy of developing. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 79 of 109 The hypothesis that vitamin D may reduce cancer risk is based in part on studies showing that vitamin D deficiency is associated with an increased prevalence of cancer. .. The answer varies depending on the season. and clothing. The skin manufactures vitamin D after exposure to ultraviolet radiation. have. The National Cancer Institute Bone Health.A.S. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. It also is not known just how much or how little sunlight is needed to replenish stores of vitamin D. a person’s skin color (the process takes longer for people with darker skin). if any.

in post-menopausal women. Multiple Sclerosis And Vitamin D Research has shown the immune disorder. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 80 of 109 “Osteoporosis is most often associated with inadequate calcium intake. “Adequate storage levels of vitamin D help keep bones strong and may help prevent osteoporosis in older adults.. Inc. 2004).” (Trubo. multiple sclerosis is more common in Canada and the northern states of the U. “Daily supplementation with 20 µg (800 IU) of vitamin D may reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures in elderly populations with low blood levels of vitamin D. For example. 2004). multiple sclerosis. However.Sungazing — Living On Light .S. a deficiency of vitamin D also contributes to osteoporosis by reducing calcium absorption. than in the southern states. .. and in individuals on chronic steroid therapy. in non-ambulatory individuals (those who have difficulty walking and exercising). “Osteoporosis is an example of a long-term effect of vitamin D insufficiency. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. (Trubo. is more common in areas with fewer hours of sunlight.

Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. HRM: There will be no energy crisis because sun energy will never end... and spiritually fit. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 81 of 109 What Is The Vision That Drives HRM To Lecture All Around The World? Global Healing And Peace Everywhere. . Inc. 2004). no AIDs and no cancer. All will be mentally. physically.Sungazing — Living On Light . (Knight & Manek. no obesity and no hunger. Yes. we are moving towards the golden age of Satya Yuga from the present Kali Yuga — from bad to eternal good. no pollution because sun energy never produces pollutants.

Peace.. in my opinion.Sungazing — Living On Light . I can see how the world will change.. the holiest [persons] had halos. “If we sun gaze. and shows their holiness. If all of a sudden people realize how to become saint-like people. Inc. “Discipline. Discipline. to ascend yourself to the next level. They are very simple. and can be as simple as mind over matter. And another thing. very well depict a sun behind their head. but they are very important. as I now understand. where does the sunlight go? Exactly.11 Testimonials From The Forums: Discipline. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 82 of 109 . there are three things that you must learn. or going as far as being so disciplined that you do not have to eat for years. which can be found in certain ascended masters such as Jesus. These halos. Peace. Get it? It is as if the power of the sun lies in these people. (HRM!) Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.. and Charity — I’m A Changed Person From the Life Mysteries Forums: How To Become Saint-Like People posted by Lumin4000 “I realized that with a lot of the Bible-based art. and shining rays of golden light. and Charity.. .

and become that bright creation that you envision in your mind.” (LifeMysteries. which can be found in the Dali Lama (did I spell it right?).. and breaking the boundaries which separate us from others. . just giving to others. Inc. 2005). becoming ascended seems next to impossible.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 83 of 109 “Peace. as well as myself.Sungazing — Living On Light “Without these things. as it really is. “My advice for those on the Web site is to let go of your life of worldly affairs. which were illusions in the first place because in reality we are all one. and I believe they refer to it as the master lesson. because you can do it! You should not treat it as just some ordinary aerobics exercise. as it is not. This is the overall feeling of being one with everything. they do not mix well together. “Charity. Saint-like. Many people have reported peace in sun gazing. piece by piece. because the practice can unite yourself with a very great body.. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. and becoming self-less (like Jedi’s!). because you cannot remain secular if you want to become supernatural. which is the highest form of love. Charity is talked about on Life Mysteries.

ro. she was kept under strict scrutiny but was eventually “released” with the endorsement that yes. she had not eaten nor taken fluids for over 56 years. Inc. been taken away to the palace of the leader of her region.’ she answered.. (Sunlight. As Witnessed By And Written About. 2005) Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. ‘To demonstrate that by divine advancement he can gradually learn to live by the Eternal Light and not by food. Autobiography of a Yogi. By Paramahansa Yogananda The story of Giri Bala was told to Yogananda when he met her at the age of 68. in her early years. ‘What is the use of your having been singled out to live without eating. At the time of their meeting. She had. CHAPTER 46 The Woman Yogi Who Never Eats).’” (From Paramahansa Yogananda. indeed. as rumor spread.Sungazing — Living On Light . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 84 of 109 The Story Of Giri Bala.’ Her face lit with wisdom. ‘To prove that man is Spirit. She was still living the life of a modest and uncomplicated’ When Yogananda asked her. she did exist purely on Light. .. There. Yogananda wrote: “‘Your nourishment derives from the finer energies of the air and sunlight. This fascinating true story has been verified by many entities. From his Autobiography of a Yogi. and from the cosmic power which recharges your body through the medulla oblongata.

I felt it was their way of saying. to make flesh offerings. It was like a rebirth. blowing on their eagle-bone whistles.. to endure the self torture of this. .Sungazing — Living On Light . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 85 of 109 The Lakota Sun Dance: An Example Of Personal Sacrifice For The Spirit “Mary Crow Dog tells that by participating in these rituals and ceremonies. “To dance. “It also celebrates the creation of the world. energy and mass all interacting. the Lakota still feel the symbolic connection to their past with this ritual. space. some Native Americans gained a sense of who they were. our most sacred rite. praying with the pipe.. Although the importance of hunting buffalo is gone. instead of a feeling of displacement in a culture so unlike their own. ‘I am Indian again. This is why the Sun Dance contains steps re-creating the mythological perception of time.. gazing at the sun..’ “The primary purpose of the Lakota Sun dance is to ask the Spirit to bring a successful bison hunt. The strange thing was seeing men undergoing the ordeal of the Sun Dance who came from tribes which had never practiced this ritual. Inc. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.

Physical feelings. almost sexual.Sungazing — Living On Light . . I can’t think of any other way to describe it. and of course.. the Lakota lose a sense of who they are and what they believe. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. 2000). “Dancers vow to dance from sunrise to the daybreak star of understanding. from that the whole self feels good. Returning your own flesh and blood to the Creator was considered a thanksgiving (giving back) not torture or mortification. Without this dance.” (Thompson. I feel thrills in my heart area. Inc. “The Lakota Sun Dance was a powerful and deeply emotional four-day long ritual involving great personal sacrifice.. This was an act of sacrifice for the community given to the Creator.. From The Forums: The Source Of All Brightness & Love Ray Sender’s May 2004 Blog Pages You wrote: When I use my peripheral vision to gaze.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 86 of 109 “The Lakota Sun Dance is so often misunderstood because of this piercing of flesh that occurred during the ritual. my whole chest.

‘Interesting. but later with an EKG monitor. 2004). I thought to myself. .Sungazing — Living On Light . really. From The Forums: I Wonder What A Full Person Is? From the Life Mysteries Forums: How To Become Saint-Like People posted by BeholdInfinity “I have worn glasses for over 30 years and would really. Also see Rapid heart beat.. Inc.. Definite change of heartbeat was occurring when I sun gazed — big speed-up! I’d like to do this again at some point.’” (Sender.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 87 of 109 “Could you describe in greater detail what you mean by ‘When I use my peripheral vision to gaze?’ I get a similar thrill in my heart and chest — and once had it measured. “I used to turn the old phrase ‘Things seem brighter when you’re in love’ around to ‘When you look at the source of all brightness you feel as if you’re in love. “Last week after I finished one of my daily meditations. Then my vision “fogged” up. It was crystal clear and I was not wearing glasses. really.’ I closed my eyes for a Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. (get the picture?) enjoy not needing to use them anymore. I opened my eyes and looked at my altar. at first by having a woman friend put her ear to my chest to listen to the change of pulse. really..

Inc. chant.. Then it fogged up again.. There is a mental obstruction that I feel is being slowly removed by sungazing. my thoughts started to evaporate.. there is nothing to say. 2005). with the awakening of brain cells that are in the heart. “I wonder what a full person is? With a fully awakened brain. when I got to 12:50 sungazing. talk to the sun. indicates that I already have perfect vision. “This. now. So I remember the clarity and continue. heal eyesight. This is one of my aims. what type of person does one become. I would — Living On Light . and suddenly. “There is just ‘being.” (LifeMysteries. .’ if that makes any sense. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. sing. again. my vision was crystal clear. When I first started sungazing. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 88 of 109 moment and reopened and. with the awakening of the neurons in the intestines. “Also. to me.

Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.” (Sacred-Texts. HRM had these things to say about attaining spiritual peace and physical health. The act of sun gazing was the “open gate” to a personal relationship with the god entity. or deity. current information to this book. We truly must heed the words of the current practitioners of sun gazing. sun In the November 2004 interview with NewConnexion. was regarded as the Creator and as sustainer of all things. We have so many desires.. in all climes. 2005). As we researched to bring the most vital. Inc. .Sungazing — Living On Light . as they are the ones who are living proof that this concept is valid. the Sun. All other benefits were results of the relationship with god. HRM: The Development Of The Spiritual Side HRM: “Why are we backward in spiritualism? Because we lack mental health and spiritual balance. a primary discovery was that if you dig deep enough. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 89 of 109 .12 Conclusion Creator And Sustainer Of All Things “In all in almost all areas studied. under various names and symbols. data begins to show that sun gazing has always been an intrinsic part of sun worship. and in all nations. father.

but harming others? When there is no sin. after all. becomes much more than a rote process that we follow in hopes of improving our life. The gift of SUNLIGHT becomes perhaps the most important element in your life.” Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. 2004). you are in the spiritual kingdom. the best things will come to you automatically.. or a meditation.. Sun gazing leads to that kingdom. Sun gazing. comes this testimonial: “I developed a close and personal relationship with the Sun. all of these wonderful benefits come from being in the spiritual kingdom.. . They are killing our physical system and disturbing our peace and world peace. Therefore. are gifts of being in the spiritual kingdom.. a journey.. it is a walk.Sungazing — Living On Light . more than a prayer. What is sin. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 90 of 109 desires.. through establishing relationship with the being that has been core to all life on this planet.. In my transmissions to the Sun. then.. As we’ve seen in the pages of this book. and the meeting of the king. From the Sunlight Web Site. or solutions for physical discomfort or disease. Inc. Answers for mental problems. The Sun became my friend and companion. More than a mantra.” (Knight & Manek. sun gazing opens a door to intimate knowledge of universal truths. I like to keep it simple.. I called them ‘talks’ not necessarily a prayer. when you seek answers through the procedures of sun gazing..

Shine.” Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. LIGHT — by Eric Ashford “Light is your understanding. Light is your sensual nature and your spiritual Web site. Light is the knowing. and it seems so very fitting to bring closure to this writing. Light is releasing all that has gone. Light is awakening from littleness. . Light is where you are. Light is your breath in God. Inc. Light is the gift of grandeur.” or “I wish you wealth. Light is your awareness of the love you are. Light is growth. Light is God on your breath. In all the world there is only you. Light is no thought in thought.. Light is seeing what is. infinitely expressing itself. most sincere thing you might wish for someone is not “I wish you health. Light is Love.” It is simply this: “I wish you light. Light is where your going. Light is your acceptance of humanity. Light is where you came from. Light is the understanding of children. Light is not clinging to anything. decay. Light is the vibration of infinite energy. Light is knowing you are at the very point of perfection now. Light is soul awareness. Light is the home of peace. Light is your open and unashamed heart. Light is gratitude. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 91 of 109 The kindest. Light is the bloom of creation. Light is knowing you have everything worth having. in what appears. Light is recognition. Light is your divinity. Light is the eternal in the atom of this moment. Light is beauty in all things. Light is the bud of manifestation. and renewal..” A beautiful quote that embodies this wish was found on the RaySender.Sungazing — Living On Light . Light is an awakening from fear. Light is being compassionate with yourself. Light is the content of form. Light is the bloom of holiness. Light is anything that is open. Light is your forgiveness. and not the knowledge. Light is wanting nothing.

Inc. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.crystalinks. Source: Wikipedia Inedian refers to sun gazers who no longer need to eat any food.. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color.. . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 92 of 109 . Visit http://www.Sungazing — Living On Light . Source: Wikipedia Hormone is a chemical messenger from one cell (or group of cells) to another.html to learn more about the pineal gland. It is responsible for the production of melatonin. which has a role in regulating circadian rhythms. Source: Wikipedia Melatonin is a hormone produced by pinealocytes in the pineal gland.13 Glossary Circadian rhythm is a name given to the “internal body clock” that regulates the (roughly) 24 hour cycle of biological processes in animals and Source: Wikipedia. the retina and the GI tract (Wikipedia) Pineal gland is a small endocrine gland located in the center of the brain. Pinealocytes are the main cells of the pineal gland.

Serotonin plays an important part of the biochemistry of anxiety.Sungazing — Living On Light . . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is used by the body in the absorption of calcium. depression bipolar disorder and is influential on appetite and sexuality. Inc. Sun gazing refers to the practice of looking directly into the sun within one hour of sunrise or within one hour of sunset.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 93 of 109 Retina is a thin layer of cells at the back of the eyeball and it is the part of the eye which converts light into nervous signals.

D. Mike. The Healing Sun: Sunlight and health in the 21st Century. Retrieved July 18.falconblanco. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 94 of 109 ..14 Recommended Reading This author recommends these books and Web sites for further information about sun gazing. Richard. http://www. Sunbathing helps you and everyone.healself.truthpublishing. Mason. Adams. Fasting. (2000). Sick? Well? .htm Hobday. (2005). Herndon. The entire Web site is a treasure chest of resources in this book’s topics. (2005). D.. 2005 from http://www. Dwinell.D. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Inc. (2005) The Earth Was Flat: Insight into the Ancient Practice of Sungazing: Insight into the Ancient Practice of Sungazing.C. .html Bernarr.. VA: Findhorn Press.. The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D: an exclusive interview with Dr. This page provides an excellent overview on This is the only book that I’m aware of that’s written by a sun gazer about his personal experience with Sun Gazing – Highly Recommended! FalconBlanco.html This Web site describes how sunbathing helps heal skin cancer and does not cause skin cancer. Michael Holick.Sungazing — Living On Light

printed in Hindu Business Line.blonnet. Ricardo B.rawpaleodiet.Sungazing — Living On Light . testimonials. September 8).) Sun yoga and its healing aspects. VT: Bear & Light: Medicine of the future. Mercola often speaks about using sunlight to heal various physical and emotional conditions. How we can use it to heal ourselves NOW.unexplainedmysteries. Begin your journey to independent health. Sungazing at www. Rochester. (2003. (2004). Dr. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 95 of 109 Liberman. Mercola. It’s sun gazing now! www. Vinny.d. Savur. public-service Web site offers the history. www.html This article discusses sunlight. (2000). and resources.htm This This was formerly the primary forum for sun gazers and contained an abundance of articles. discusses sungazing. (n. This educational. information. Serrano. Sun Yoga. Joseph. He raises the question “Has Science Made a Mistake”? Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. stories and links about sungazing.freedomhealthrecovery. The Life Mysteries Forum is no longer available online. Jacob. Bharat. 2005 from www.. Some of the sun gazing discussions have continued at http://www. Pinto. Serrano delivers the reasons why we need UV light from the sun. .. Retrieved July 18. Inc. the eyes and our

acid reflux. . The Web site contains information about the discovery of sunyoga.. or sleep. The purpose of this group is to offer support and advice to folks who have chosen to sun gaze. and for sun gazers to share experiences. arthritis. back pain. Sunyoga at http://anandaproject. is the Web site of Sunyogi Umasankar. sleep problems.rawpaleodiet.groups. More Natural Cures Revealed: Previously Censored Brand Name Products That Cure Disease. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 96 of 109 Shah. Sudhir V. lupus. Shah observed HRM during his 411 day fast. Sudhir V. Schenck. cancer. (2006). The Live Food Factor: A Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body. Dr. The article discusses Hira Manek’s sungazing and his loss of need for solid food.html Dr. suffer from depression.a hypothesis. Sungazing group at http://health. are overweight or have acne . Spirit & Planet. sexual is it possible . If you have allergies. He has discovered a method of absorbing energy directly from the sun. www. Trudeau. The Live Food Factor is the first comprehensive guide to not only the raw food diet.Sungazing — Living On Light . Prolonged fastings . Kevin (2006). the basic principles of sunyoga. sun Susan E. and links to other resources. but also the raw food movement itself. Inc.all of these Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. heart disease. Mind.. removing the need to This group is for people who sun

. Wolfe. . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 97 of 109 problems are addressed via alternative therapies in the book. The Sunfood Diet Success System. It is the latest edition of his classic book. and the specific products and ways to cure these diseases are listed. updated and made gorgeous by library binding. David Wolfe's Sunfood Diet Success System could be regarded as the raw foodist's bible..Sungazing — Living On Light . Inc. spectacular Kirlian photography of raw foods throughout. David (2006). and cutting edge information about raw foods. Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.

html to learn more about “The Third Eye — The Pineal Gland. as they have many hyperlinked tools that are thorough resources for the topics in this book: Alternative Medicine: http://www.” Be sure to visit many pages on the to find out when the sun rises in your area. Do not sun gaze when the UV index is above Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 98 of 109 .com/ for information about UV meters. Print the monthly calendar for your reference. Visit http://www.sunrisesunset.15 Useful Web sites Check the current UV index at e Alternative Medicine Dictionary: e_dictionary Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.Sungazing — Living On Light . .crystalinks. Visit http://www.. Search Web timers and watches and UV Inc.

Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 99 of 109 Alternative Medicine Terminology: Mayan Calendar: http://www. at Google: http://snipurl. .com/native_american_sp irituality Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.Sungazing — Living On Light nce Native American Spirituality: Native American Dance: for dictionary. ul e_terminology Astrology: http://www. Inc.experiencefestival. and Soul: Body.

com/a/Surya/id/195135 Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.Theosophy Dictionary on Surya: http://www.experiencefestival.Sungazing — Living On Light .experiencefestival. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 100 of 109 Natural Healing Dictionary: http://www.experiencefestival.experiencefestival.experiencefestival.experiencefestival. .com/a/Polarity_energy_ balancing_massage/id/79835 Prana: http://www... Spiritual Dictionary: tionary Polarity energy balancing massage: Alternative Health Dictionary: Spiritual Enlightenment: ment Surya: Spiritual .com/prana Solar System Dictionary: http://www.

htm Bernarr. D. The light of the soul: Union achieved and its results . The healing power of sunlight and vitamin D. The. 2005. .thenazareneway. retrieved 7/2005). Sick? Well? . Retrieved from the World Wide Web. 2005. July 18. Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali.healself. Dr. (2005).andeantravelweb.D. (2005). A tour of the City of Cusco/Cuzco: Santo Domingo Church & Koricancha/Qoricancha (Inca Temple of the Sun). at: http://www. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 101 of 109 . Michael Sunbathing helps you and everyone.html Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.truthpublishing. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. accessed 9/2005). Inc..d. (n. An exclusive interview with Dr. 2005.. September 10. 2005. This Web site describes how sunbathing helps heal skin cancer and does not cause skin cancer.Sungazing — Living On Light Retrieved from the World Wide Web.. July 20. at: http://www. at: http://www. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. Alice A.Vibhuti Pada III: List Of References Adams.html Baily.. (n. D.html AndeanTravelWeb. at: http://www. September 8.d.

at: http://indiamonitor. at: (2002). September Hockberger.jsp?ni=3257&ct=I September 11. Retrieved from the World Wide ( 750 International Sai Organization. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 102 of 109 dhyansanjivani. at: http://apt. 2005.Sungazing — Living On Light . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.allenpress.sathyasai. Sun worship. at: http://www. Photochemistry and Photobiology Web site. (n. at: http://www. A History of Ultraviolet Photobiology for Humans.experiencefestival. The yogi who survives on sunlight.asp ExperienceFestival. September 8. Inc. August 6. 2005. at: http://www. (2005). Why are colors associated with the Chakras? Retrieved from the World Wide Web. accessed 9/2005). September 9.. Animals and Microorganisms.. (2004). Retrieved from the World Wide Web.d. Meenakshi. *No longer available as of August 6.. Retrieved from the World Wide The Gayatri Mantra.. . 2007. The India Monitor. 2007. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. accessed 9/2005). Philip E.html Iyer.

(2005). 2005.. with the title ‘El redescubrimiento de Llactapata. September 12. How we can use it to heal ourselves NOW.’ the article was accompanied by peer- Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. LifeMysteries. VT: Bear & Company. *No longer available online as of August 6. 2007. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 103 of 109 Knight. Thomson. antiguo observatorio de Machu Picchu. at: http://forums. LifeMysteries. Retrieved from the World Wide Web.php?topic=218. Topic on halos. Ziegler. and Manek.. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. (2000).com/index.html Liberman. accessed 9/2005). 2005. I’m a changed person. Human photosynthesis — back to our origins? NewConnexion. McKim. 3. Topic on sun gazing and healing of eyesight. (n.Sungazing — Living On Light . Forum posting by Web site.lifemysteries. Malville. J. September 9. Hugh.0. Miriam. at: http://forums. saint-like Bible persons in religious art. at: http://www. (2005). 2007.newconnexion. Jacob. Light: Medicine of the future. Gary. P. . 2005. This is a longer English version of the article that was first published in the Revista Andina (2004. #39).lifemysteries. Sungazing progress..php?topic=362.d. Inc. *No longer available online as of August Forum posting by BeholdInfinity. Hira Ratan. September 12. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. (2004). Machu Picchu’s observatory: The re-discovery of Llactapata and its sun-temple.

Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 104 of 109 reviews of the findings by R.Sungazing — Living On Light . (2005). Retrieved from the World Wide age4 National Institutes of Health (NIH). (2005). Peter Kaulicke and Vincent Lee. 2005. Tom Zuidema. especially lupus Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. 2005. Hira Ratan. Recent Results Cancer Res 2003.thomson.. Retrieved from the World Wide Web.theopenline. at: http://www. at: http://ods. at: http://www. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. September 11. September 10. (n. Dietary supplement fact sheet: Vitamin D. at: http://www.solarhealing. (2002). Hira Ratan.html Manek. Evolution and function of vitamin D. 2005.nih. 2005.164:3-28. July Retrieved from the World Wide Web. Retrieved from the World Wide Web.htm Manek.clara.d.htm National Cancer Institute. .org.cancer.asp Nobelprize. As cited in references: Holick MF. 01 2002 Lecture: Solar empowering: Nutrition and nurturing.. 2005. July 18. Solar Healing Center: Process — Safe Sungazing Practice. at: http://www. Inc.od. accessed 7/2005) Sunlight and cancer: Testing the vitamin D hypothesis. The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 1903. July 20. (2003).org/ArticleSun. “In recognition of his contribution to the treatment of Jürgen Golte.. Transcript of a Dec.

September 10. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. Sudhanshu. with concentrated light radiation.html Parmar. at: http://www.html Sungazing — Sun worship quotations and books: Carl Jung in Memories. Vina. whereby he has opened a new avenue for medical science. Retrieved from the World Wide Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Living on sunlight: The art and science of sun gazing as taught by Hira Ratan Manek. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 105 of 109 vulgaris. (2004). at: http://nobelprize. (1999). 2007 at: http://www.html Ranjan... (2004). 2005.html or http://www. 2005. September Dreams and Reflections. Vrin.Sungazing — Living On Light . at: http://impurplehawk.vnn. at: http://www. (n. Retrieved from the World Wide Sungazing Method. 2005. .salagram.” Retrieved from the World Wide Web.experiencefestival. (2nd Ed.pdf PurpleHawk. Retrieved from the World Wide August 6. (1998-2005). MBA. American Indian spirituality and sacred rites. 2005. July 17.astralsociety. HRM. The eternal healer. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. September 8 RaySender.. accessed 9/2005). Surya Sahastranam: Surya. Vedik Africa: Vedic Egypt. Inc.

.htm Science Daily.htm Sacred-texts. When I use my peripheral vision to gaze. (n. Source: University Of Illinois At Chicago. Odes of Solomon. at: http://www. Ode 15.]. Inc. Forgotten Books Of Eden. at: http://www. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. August 16. 2005.htm Sacred-Texts.raysender. accessed 9/2005). Retrieved from the World Wide Web. accessed 9/2005).com/bib/fbe/fbe209.d.d. 2005. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. September 12. at: . at: http://www. 2005. m Sender. at: http://www. Retrieved from the World Wide Web.sacred-texts. page (2004). ( Sheets 18 and 19.Sungazing — Living On Light . at: http://www. accessed 7/2005). (n. Hymns to the sun-god.raysender. 2005.. [From Irish Druids And Old Irish Religions..html Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Forum entry. (1998). New archaeological evidence illuminates Inca sun-worship ritual.html Sacred-Texts. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. July 20. Sun Worship. September 11. July 20. Ray. [From the Papyrus of Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 106 of 109 Web. 2005.]. September 10.

History of sun gazing. July at: http://www.html Thompson. .edu/users/mugmt2/SUNDANCE. Edmond Bordeaux.Sungazing — Living On Light . Capture the Miraculous Healing Powers of the Sun through Suryayog. at: http://www. 2005.suryayog. at: http://www. 1999. at: http://www.. at: http://www.. 2005. (2000). September 9. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 107 of 109 Sunlight.thenazareneway. Retrieved from the World Wide Web.sunlight.htm Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts. Inc.htm Suryayog. September Suryayog. Sun temples in India: A special Templenet feature on the eve of the Total Solar Eclipse on Aug 11. September 9. and the International Biogenic Society.d. 2005.suryayog. Sun Dance: An example of personal sacrifice for the Spirit. 2005. (1981).d. What is Suryayog? Retrieved from the World Wide Web. htm Templenet. The Essene Gospel Of Peace. September 8. accessed 9/2005).ro/history_of_sun_gazing. accessed 9/2005).as. Book One: The Original Hebrew and Aramaic Texts.d. accessed 7/2005). (n. Ginger (n. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. at: http://www. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. Retrieved from the World Wide (1999).ro. (n. September 10.

of Doorway to Eternity: A Guide to Planetary Ascension. Inc.u-s-history. Kiara. (2002-2005). Retrieved from the World Wide September 9. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. at: http://en. 2005.. Retrieved from the World Wide Web. at: *No longer available online August 6. (2004). 26. September 9.. Richard. 2005.Sungazing — Living On Light . Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 108 of 109 Trubo. July 17. at: http://my. 2005. Retrieved from the World Wide Web.html Wikipedia. From Chapter 31. (2005).com.wikipedia. 2005. . Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.htm U-S-History. Magus. September 9. Vitamin D: Vital role in your health. 2007. Book available at: http://www. Earth-Sun Meditation. WebMD Health. Earth-Sky Visualization.lifemysteries. (2004) Windrider. Native Americans: The Southwest culture. Published Feb. at: http://www.

.. Ancient Secrets Revealed Page 109 of 109 Ecover – Full Art Copyright ©2007 ● Creative Counterparts.Sungazing — Living On Light . Inc. .

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