Pathwork ® of Cincinnati presents

Love Holds You ALWAYS

Transfiguration Spirituality Center with Erena Bramos and Patricia Mahaffey 
Erena Bramos has been journeying with the Pathwork® Guide's teachings since 1982. She is also a psychotherapist, a poet and drummer, and loves to share the many gifts she has received on her spiritual journey. Patricia Mahaffey is an Apprentice Helper who has studied Pathwork® for over 20 years. Her spiritual life is woven with the teachings of Christ, nature, Eastern and shamanic traditions, and yoga. Pathwork® is a practical body of spiritual wisdom that is being studied and used all over the world. It offers potent tools for feeling more alive, lighthearted, and connected to life, love, others and God.

Glendale, Ohio | April 26-28, Fri at 8pm to Sun at 2pm $295 includes meals, 2 nights, single room
Love...The wonderful, rich, nourishing experience we all long for is moving through us right now! Why be thirsty and dry if we are a channel through which a river flows?  The happy and electrified way we feel when we are "in love" here now.  The wisdom of love which can guide us through every life here now.  The powerful sense of peace and wholeness that love here now.  The courage to be truthful and here now.  And yet, most of us don't often feel like a loving channel. In this workshop, we will create the safe space within which we can lovingly uncover what blocks us from experiencing the Great River of Love. Through guided meditations, deep emotional processing, poetry, music, movement and humor, participants will have opportunities to open the flood gates — even throw the gates into the river!

“Love cannot be commanded. It is a free, spontaneous soul movement.” PGL #133    

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