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Observe the following sentences:


I told the thief to drop the bag.

Indirect speech

2. Drop the bag, you ole tief! I shouted.

Direct speech

Which one sounds more interesting?

Direct speech: the actual words spoken by someone.

That party was great!

Indirect speech: someones reported speech

John said that the party was great.

Reported speech is fine if you are writing a report. But for a story, reported speech is boring!

Direct speech works much better for stories because:

It adds life to the story
It gives the characters a voice, which makes them more

real for your reader.

Punctuating your conversations

1. Always enclose your speakers words

in quotation marks.

I want to go home,John said.


Use a comma to separate the speaker from his words.

want to go home,John said. I ,

The person is asking a question:

Do you want to go home? Mrs. Roberts ? asked.

...or is shouting:

! I want to go home! John screamed.

Remember that all punctuation marks (full stops,

commas, exclamation marks, question marks) go INSIDE the quotation marks.

Its your turn to punctuate some direct speech!

Put in the appropriate punctuatio marks

What do you mean hes not here she demanded 2. Its time to go now Mummy said 3. I love the way this looks on me Maria said with delight 4. Hi Im Jamie whats your name