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Issue 20

3A News
February 19 Day A

February 18-22, 2013

February 18 Day D

February 20 Day B

February 21 Day C

February 22 Day D

Reading Workshop Writing Workshop I finished all assessments and conferenced with students today about their reading levels and the areas that they need to focus on for improvement. If you have any questions please contact me. We will start a unit on mysteries tomorrow.


Social Studies

Last week we started writing poetry. I am very impressed with some of the pieces Ive seen so far. This week we will write Diamante poems and Haikus.

Division is going well. We will have a test covering chapter 10 on Thursday. Keep practicing your facts at home!

We will wrap up the chapter 2 today and have a test on Wednesday. I will send home a study guide for homework tomorrow.

Lesson 17: ed and ing 1. chatted 2. cheating 3. drooped 4. hugging 5. nodded 6. needing 7. shouted 8. chatting 9. dropped 10.drooping 11. heaped 12. nodding 13. shopped 14. shouting 15. cheated 16. dropping 17. hugged 18. heaping 19. needed 20. shopping

3A T.I.G.E.R. of the Week Eric + Claire S.