Third Time Around 1. Introductions 2. What is a sentence? What are the five parts of every sentence? 3.

What is a paragraph? What are the format conventions for hand-written academic writing? 4. What are subject nouns and verbs? 5. What are complete subjects and predicates? 6. What are the kinds of sentences? 7. What is the word-order of sentences, (including yes/no questions with be)? 8. What are the capitalization and punctuation rules for sentences? 9. Verbs BE and HAVE 9.5 BE: Yes/No Questions, Short Answers, Information Questions 10. What are the subject pronouns? 11. How do you talk about the weather with it? 12. What are third-person singular verbs? 13. What are the spelling and pronunciation rules for final –s? 14. What is subject-verb agreement? 15. What are plural nouns? 16. What are the spelling rules for plural nouns? 17. What are irregular plural nouns? 18. Verbs DO, MAKE, GET, GO, HAVE 18.5 Simple Present: DO helping verb, yes/no questions, short answers, information questions 19. What are the object pronouns? 20. What is a Topic? Controlling Idea? Topic Sentence? 21. What are the possessive adjectives? 22. What are adjectives?

23. What is time order? 24. What are frequency adverbs? 25. What are time expressions and time prepositions? 26. What are this / that / these / those? 27. What are possessive pronouns and nouns? 28. What are titles? 29. What are the capitalization rules for titles? 30. What is the Present Progressive Tense? 31. What is a BE-helping verb? 32. What are the spelling rules with –ing? 33. Present Progressive: Yes / No Questions, Short Answers, Information Questions 34. What is the difference between the simple present and the present progressive? 35. What are non-action verbs? 36. What are supporting sentences? 36. What are sentences with there and be? 37. Questions with “how many” 38. Prepositions of Place 39. Prepositional Phrases