Simple Present vs.

Present Progressive
See also FEG, page 4. Charts 1-1 and 1-2 Meaning Simple Present Daily Habits; Usual Activities General Statements of Fact Characteristics / Descriptions Every day (every morning, every Tuesday, etc.) Always, Usually, Often, Sometimes, Rarely, Never Subject + Verb - I am. He is. We are. - I work. He works. We work. BE LINKING = Subject + Verb + not - My name is not Mike. OTHER VERBS = Subject + do / does + not + Verb - I do not work. He does not work. We do not work. BE LINKING = Verb + Subject…? - Is his name Mike? - Yes, it is. No, it is not. OTHER VERBS = Do / Does + Subject + Verb…? - Do you work? Does he work? - Yes, he does. No, he does not. Present Progressive Event that is in progress; happening right now. Temporary. Right now. Look! Subject + BE + Verb + ing - I am working. He is working. We are working. OTHER VERBS = Subject + BE + not + Verb + ing - I am not working. He is not working. We are not working. OTHER VERBS = BE + Subject + Verb + ing…? - Am I working? Is he working? Are you working? - Yes, he is. No, he is not.

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