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Art Lesson

Art Lesson

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Published by Stephanie Rae
Art Lesson for Elementary
Art Lesson for Elementary

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Published by: Stephanie Rae on Feb 18, 2013
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Name: Stephanie Veech Topic: Acrostic Poems Grade level: 2nd grade Time Span of Lesson: 40 min.

Objective: Students will write an acrostic poem using the words Fall or Autumn. Using the materials provided, students will then decorate their poems in a fall/autumn theme. Standards: Materials:  Pencils, makers, crayons  White printer paper  Large construction paper (brown, orange, yellow, red)  Glue sticks and glue  Leaves (you can have the class collect these from outside the school)  Any other fall items for students to decorate with Procedure: 1) A review will be done over what an acrostic poem is and what it look like. 2) Students will then write their own acrostic poem for fall/autumn. 3) After completing the poem, students will be able to come pick a piece of construction paper in their choice of color and a baggy with decorations. 4) When back at their seats, students will glue their poem on the construction paper with the glue stick and the using the glue, glue down their decorations.

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