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Picture of lifecycle of a tree

Butterfly Lifecycle


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Frog Lifecycle Frogs are amphibians which are types of animals that live their life in the water and part on land. Most amphibians start their life with the ability to breathe in the water with gills. As frogs get older they develop lungs. Stages: Eggs-A frog lays 1,000s of eggs which are covered in a jelly substance which prevents predators from eating them. Eggs bond together to create a frog-spawn that gradually comes to the top of the water. Soon after, tadpoles hatch from egg.

Tadpoles- A 7-weeks a tadpoles hind legs starts to grow. After 9-weeks their front legs and tail are almost disappeared. After 12-weeks tadpoles can swim. Adult Frogs-Tadpoles become adult frogs in as little as 3 months. They are able to live in water and out of water. Resource Links:

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Plant Lifecycle Life stages of a plant: Seeds-Germination-Stem & Roots-Leaves-Flowers-Pollination

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Chicken Lifecycle Egg-Egg HatchResources:

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