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Kingdom of Britannia

Eagle Class War Rotor

1 9 9 (5) 2 5 RANGE BAND Main Turrets (P) Fixed Aft Bombs Fixed Aft Mines 3 2 4 -

DR 6 AP 8

CR 8 AA 5

Mv 7 CC 4

HP 8 RR 0

Cost: 120 Points

This is a LARGE CLASS CAPITAL FLYING model This model MUST move 2 straight ahead before making each 45 degree turn If moved, this model MUST move a minimum of 2 during its activation Up to 70% of your points can be spent on LARGE CLASS models Kingdom of Britannia War Rotors are deployed in SQUADRONS of 1 model

Model Assigned Rules

Manoeuvrable Experienced Engineers Armoured Belly

This model IS fitted with ONE internal Guardian Generator for NO points difference. The TWO Main Turrets (P) have a 270 degree Arc of Fire. This model can drop 2 Mines during its activation.