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1. What does this personality say about me? It says that I am a spontaneous and active person, and that I enjoy acting on impulses. It says
that anything that involves great power, speed, thrill and risk attract me. This personality type also says that I am very competitive and that I trust people very easily, and that we rely on our gut feeling and that my intuition is virtually absent much of the time.

2. Do you agree or not? Why? Yes, I enjoy acting on impulses rather than having to think through everything I do. I also love
risky, fast things just like it said. I also tend to be very competitive and I subconsciously trust my gut often.

3. What are some careers your personality suggests? Actor, Producer or Director, Public relations manager, sales manager, marketing manager 4. Famous people with this personality Al capone, Alexander the great, Winston Churchill, Donald trump, FDR. How will this help me in the future? Now, I know myself better. I also know which jobs I would enjoy doing, instead of maybe picking a job that I wouldnt enjoy accidently.