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Am I?

My name is Chris Passafume. I am looking forward to growing in my use of technology in the classroom and impacting my students in a greater way. Personally I am a fun, outgoing person that loves to dance, watch UFC (thats me with Junior Dos Santos above), eat Mexican food at Rosas Cantina, and smoke cigars. I enjoy competing in Triathlons, I have done 3 of them, but my diet is not very good. Frappuccinos, meat lovers pizza, and California burritos are my weakness . I attend Rancho Community Church and am a part of the leadership team for the Sunday night service called Antioch. Professionally I have taught 5th grade at Monte Vista Elementary School for 6 years now. I absolutely love it!!! Most days, I do not even consider it a job; rather, its a platform for me to express my creativity, hang out with cool kids, and teach interesting things. I also run Student Council at my school and 2 after school clubs, chess and magic. Technically I consider myself fairly proficient in my technology skills. I would like to develop a better skillset in Photoshop, photography, and website design. I think technology can be my best friend and worst of friend. When everything is running smooth, computers are the greatest, but when I cant get something to work; especially when I am confident I am doing it correctly, it is the most frustrating thing. I expect to learn some amazing ways to integrate technology in my classroom from some of the top-notch educators in the nation, the Azusa professors!!