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These horrors from the deepest depths of the Broad Blue are fiercely territorial creatures, scarcely seen

until recent years. Some say that it is the advent of submersible vessels which has brought them to the surface; tracking the vulnerable vessels back to their ports to exact harsh punishment for encroaching on their domain. Others believe it is simply the unending tumult of war, raging across the Uncharted Seas that has roused them from their rest. Swipe Attack: the Kraken can make up to FOUR Swipe Attacks of 7AD against ANY models that are on the Surface and within 4 of its base in a 360 arc. The AD of a Swipe Attack IS reduced by damage and / or crew being killed A Kraken CANNOT perform a Swipe Attack while it is involved in a Boarding Action A Kraken CANNOT Split Fire with a Swipe Attack A Kraken CAN Link Fire with its Swipe Attacks


DR 5 7 CR 8 7 MOVE RAM 8

Points: 105


Large Capital Class Diving Special 1 model Template: NONE This model IGNORES the wind direction Squadron Size: 1 Model

1 2 3 4 7

MARs: Underwater Hunter (Swipe Attack), Lethal Strike (Swipe Attack)

ADDITIONAL RULES This model CAN choose NOT to Board a model after a Ram or a Collision This model CANNOT Capture another model, and it CANNOT be Captured This model treats the area within 4 of an island or sandbar as impassable Terrain (Soft) MARs: Underwater Hunter (Swipe Attack)

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