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40 Days Prayer for the Faithful Departed First 9 consecutive nights will be The Holy Rosary to Our Blessed

Virgin MotherD aily Prayer for 31 Consecutive Nights, After The 9 Consecutive Nights of The Hol y Rosary Leader: In the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.Amen. ALL: Merciful Lord Jesus! Listen to the prayers of the souls in purgatory.Listen to our prayers for the soul of the faithful departed/especially for the soul of _________/through the infinite merit of your life/passion and death/we beseech Y ou to grant ______ pardon for all his shortcomings on earth. Leader: O God/You alone are ever merciful and sparing of punishment. ALL: Humbly we pray in behalf of the soul of _______ whom You have commanded to go forth from this world. Do not forget him but command that his soul be taken u p by the holy angels and brought to paradise. So that since he hoped and believe d in You/ he may share the joys of Your eternal kingdom. Leader: Absolve/O Lord/the soul of Your faithful servant ______ from every bond of sin. ALL: So that _____ may rise again to life in the glory of the resurrection with your saints. May the angels welcome ______ to paradise where there is everlastin g peace. AMEN. Leader: By Your Holy Incarnation. ALL: Have Mercy on the soul of_______ By Your Holy Birth.By Your Baptism.By Your Suffering on the Cross.By Your Death and Burial.By Your Resurrection.By Your Ascension.By Your Coming of the Holy Spi rit. Leader: Christ have mercy on us. All: Christ have mercy on us. Leader: Lord have mercy on us. All: Lord have mercy on us. Leader: To You O God our Father/ we humbly commend_____/in his mortal life on ea rth/You loved him with great love. Now that he has been freed from the suffering s/trials/and evils of earth/grant that your mercy and goodness will bring him to Your paradise/where there is no more grief or suffering/questioning/ or temptat ions/but only peace and joy/with Your Son and the Holy Spirit/forever and ever. ALL: Blessed be God/ the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ/a gentle Father and the God of comfort and joy/who comforts us in our sorrows and pains/so that we can offer to others/in their sorrows and pains/the comfort we have received from God ourselves. Let us trust him. Through His Son who invites us/saying, gCome to me/a ll you who labor and burdened/and I will give you eternal rest h.