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"Doctor!", the cry rang out, sharp and clear. "Martha?

", the Doctor turned, and yelled it again, "MARTHA! WHERE ARE YOU?". No reply. The Doctor had regenerated quite recently. This was his tenth form. He turned and ran down the narrow hallway of their house, and flew down the steps to the front of the house. Just in time to see Martha get shot in the stomach. The blood ran out of her mouth, "Doctor..." she said weakly, "Save me, Doctor", then the light went out of her eyes. For a moment, all was still. Then everything seemed to explode. Now the doctor saw him. He had turned around after shooting Martha, so the doctor could only see his back. The one who had shot his beloved Martha. He was tall, and blonde, and had a terrifying "Je ne sais quoi" about him. "Hello Doctor." He said with an almost gleeful insanity sounding in his voice. "Martha's song has ended. Let me see if I can sing the end of yours.", then he turned. The shadows obscured his face, until he took a step forward. It was the Master. The pattern was three quick shots, and one after a slight delay. It was always. That was the Doctor's last breath. The Doctor awoke suddenly, drenched in a cold sweat. He felt a sudden pang of pain, and realized that he had been biting his lip bloodied. The dreams had been haunting him ever since he had regenerated. He would always be shot, never being able to save Martha. The dreams were getting more intense, more vivid by the night. He realized suddenly that he was not the only one awake, Martha was sitting up beside him. "Doctor? Are you all right?", Martha said this gently, with a hint of concern. "Yes, yes, I'm fine.", said the Doctor. "You were yelling.", she lowered her voice, "My name.", she paused, uncertain whether she should go on, then decided to go on against her better judgement. "I'm a doctor too you know. Not a Timelord, but still qualified enough to help you" "Martha, I-" "I've been having them too you know. The dreams, the dirty bloody dreams.", she interjected. "Well then, go back to sleep, if you know what's bothering me.", he said.

There was no question about it, the conversation was over. The next morning, as the Doctor was making tea for the both of them, Martha was acting very odd. She was making multiple phone calls. Finally he couldn't take it anymore. "Martha what is happening to you.