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Accel Technologies Limited India,Singapore,UAE,USA MNC

Advanced Micro Devices

Alcatel Vacuum Technology (I) Alliance Semiconductor India,USA

Altera Semiconductor (I) Pvt. Ltd. Altium Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Switzerland, USA India

Ammos Software Technologies

Analog Alchemy GmbH Germany MNC

Analog Devices Inc

Apache Design Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Applied Materials MNC MNC China,India,Taiwan,USA MNC


Atheros Communications, Inc.


AustrianMicroSystems (AMS) / Headquartered in Austria-Semiconductor Foundry USA

AutoESL Design Technologies

Baegan Technologies India

Bartronics (I) Limited Beceem Communications India,USA

Bharat Electronics Limited BitMapper India

Black Pepper Technolgies Pvt Ltd

Black pepper is a technology driven company started its business operation in Q4 of 2010, to deliver comprehensive design services for nanometer SOC, SiP & allied areas of semiconductors. We at Black pepper with our proven engineering team believe that we have capabilities to address the most complex design and implementation challenges. In our world class engineering talent assembled from top semiconductor companies, we possess strong knowledge base in all aspects of SOC & SOC based system designs across Wireless, Consumer, Communication, Storage & Automotive business . With our experience in state-of-art design tools, advanced methodology, & a very hungry Young, Vibrant, Innovative & Customer centric engineering team, BP is committed to deliver nothing but the best in class services at the best priceperformance. We have ensured that we provide our world class talent an environment that is enjoyable, cordial, vibrant & conducive to competitive leadership enabling them to innovate & create breakthrough solutions. Specialties SOC/ASIC based design services

Bluespec India

Broadcom Corporation MNC

cadence Calypto Design Systems MNC USA Japan, USA India India China, German, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, UK, USA

Carbon Design Systems



Chartered Semiconductor Manufacturing Lt

Chiptest India, USA

Cir-Q-Tech Tako Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CircuitSutra Technologies India Cirrus Logic China, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Software
Taiwan, UK, USA Cisco Systems Inc MNC

CMR Design Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Conexant Systems, Inc. ControlNet India,USA India Canada, China, India, USA

Cortina Systems Cortina Systems, Inc. Cosmic Circuits CoWare India Pvt. Ltd. Canada,China,India,USA India Cranes bangalore Software Internationa l Limited CriticalBlue Japan,UK,USA Cswitch Canada, Germany, Japan, UK, USA MNC


Term Dafca Inc.

Definition USA

Denali Software France, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, UK, USA DigiBee Microsystems India

Digital Core Design DSP Group Israel,USA

D\'gipro Systems Pvt. Ltd.

E-Con InfoTech Pvt Ltd eASIC Israel, JAPAN, Singapore, USA Edison Semiconductors EDWARDS (I) Pvt Ltd eInfochips India,USA Malaysia

Embedded Wireless Ltd Emulex Corporation eon infotech ltd India, UK, USA INDIA Brazil, Spain, India, Hungary, Austria (Deutschlandsberg), USA, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Singapore and China. France

Epcos AG

Esterel EDA Technologies SAS EVE Design Automation Pvt. Ltd. Term Definition Fabtech Technologies International Pvt L Forte Design Systems Four-C-Tron Freescale Semiconductor France,Japan,USA MNC