Weapon Characteristics ----------------------------------------------------------------------------P: M: P stands for Post-Movement. use it after moving.

An attack with this icon means you can

M stands for MAP, meaning a MAP Weapon. These weapons can actually be used on the map screen itself and are capable of destroying or harming several units at the same time. W stands for Double Attack, since W sounds like Double to some people. This attack will let you attack two adjacent enemies with the same attack. A notes that this can nullify an AT Field. G notes that this attack can nullify a Distortion Field. O appears in the final two columns. In the next to last column it means that the attack uses missiles that a Jammer can disable. In the final column it means that attack can be used to break down walls.


A: G: O:

P ‘®

Refers to "Post" movement as in "usable after movement" Weapon attribute for normal, M map weapon, Ţx weapon used for assist attack Weapon used for a double attack (hit two enemies in one attack) Weapon type B G ŢÀ Šg ŠÑ for normal for beam for gravity for physical attacks, missiles, etc ... that can be stopped by the [Cut] ability prevents skills such as Illusion Flash or Bunshin from activating (ex : Rah's Voice) piercing, reduces shield effect for each attack, shield number -2 (ex : Grendizer's Screw Crusher Punch) nullifies AT Fields (ex: Progressive Knives) piercing, reduces field effect (ex: Distortion Attack)

W Ţí






—U Œš

Guided weapon Building

Attacks with an 'O' will miss if the enemy has the 'Jammer' ability Attacks with an 'O' will be able to destroy walls (ex : inside Spiral Tower) (a la Impact)

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