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; This cellref.

ini files illustrates one major feature of the cellrefs dll as we ll ; a small little addition ; The information section provides one with an area to place data, ; the CellRefVer is a standard tag containing that version of the cellref file ; format that this file conforms to. ; GSM_BSIC exists for backwards compatibility. [Information] CellRefVer=2 ; Techology_Element ; Technology elements can be assigned default values in this section by appendin g "=xx" (where xx is the default value, e.g. Antenna_key="Default") to the relev ant technology parameter [Network Elements] CDMA_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude CDMA_Cell=CDMA_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP PN MCC SID NID BID PctPilot PctTraffic PctPagin g PctSync SRCH_WIN_A SRCH_WIN_N CDMANeighborList Face_Dis play Azimuth_Display Phase_Display LayerType Height Tilt Antenna_ key CDMA_Freq Channel LayerSize=3 CDMA1xEVDO_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude CDMA1xEVDO_Cell=CDMA1xEVDO_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidt h EIRP PN MCC SID NID BID SRCH_WIN_A SRCH_WIN _N CDMANeighborList Face_Display Azimuth_Display Phase_Display SubnetMask Color_Code LayerType Height Tilt Antenna_key CDMA_Freq Channel LayerSize=1 GSM_MSC=ID MSCName GSM_BSC=ID MSCID BSCName GSM_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude GSM_Cell=GSM_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP BCCH MCC MNC LAC CI BSIC BSCID Face_Display Azimuth_ Display Phase_Display RAC LayerType Height Tilt Antenna_key TCHList GSMNeighborList IDEN_Site=Site_Name SiteID City_Code Latitude Longitude IDEN_Cell=IDEN_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth CCCH Color_Codes MCC NDC LAC IDEN_CI TCH_List DLAI Face_Dis play Azimuth_Display Phase_Display LayerType Height Tilt Antenna_ key IS-54/IS-136_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude IS-54/IS-136_Cell=IS136_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP DCCH MCC SID Band Network_Type DVCC ACCH DCC Traffic_Channels Color_Codes Face_Display Azimuth_Display Phase_Di splay LayerType TETRA_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude TETRA_Cell=TETRA_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP MCCH MCC MNC LAC CEID Traffic_Channels Face_Display Azimuth_Display Phase_Display LayerType Height Tilt Antenna_key WCDMA_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude Vendor RNC Software WCDMA_Cell=WCDMA_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP SC MCC MNC LAC WCDMA_CI GSM_BSIC WCDMANeighborLis t LayerType GSMNeighborList UARFCN Height Tilt Antenna_key PA_Power Pilot_Power Sync_Power Other_Common_Powers LayerSiz e UTDD_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude Vendor INC UTDD_Cell=UTDD_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP Toffset MCC MNC LAC UTDD_CI UARFCN UTTDNeighborList WCDMANei ghborList GSMNeighborList LayerType WiMAX_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude

WiMAX_Cell=WiMAX_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP DL_CentreFreqInKHz Preamble BSID LTE_Site=Site_Name SiteID Latitude Longitude LTE_Cell=LTE_SiteIDForCell Sector_ID Azimuth Beamwidth EIRP DL_EARFCN PCI MCC MNC WCDMACINeighborList GSMNeighborList ECI ;Name=Type (valid types are real, integer and string) ;Links between objects are defined using the Ref:TableName:Field:RelationtypeToO ther#RelationToMe [Fields] Test=array:integer GSM_SiteIDForCell=Ref:GSM_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key CDMA_SiteIDForCell=Ref:CDMA_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key CDMA1xEVDO_SiteIDForCell=Ref:CDMA1xEVDO_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key IS136_SiteIDForCell=Ref:IS-54/IS-136_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key AMPS_SiteIDForCell=Ref:AMPS_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key IDEN_SiteIDForCell=Ref:IDEN_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key TETRA_SiteIDForCell=Ref:TETRA_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key WCDMA_SiteIDForCell=Ref:WCDMA_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key UTDD_SiteIDForCell=Ref:UTDD_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key WiMAX_SiteIDForCell=Ref:WiMAX_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key LTE_SiteIDForCell=Ref:LTE_Site:SiteID:CellSite#Cell:key MSCID=Ref:GSM_MSC:ID:Parent#Child BSCID=Ref:GSM_BSC:ID:Parent#Child Site_Name=Site SiteID=string:key Latitude=Degrees:required Longitude=Degrees:required City_Code=integer Sector_ID=string:key Azimuth=Azimuth Degrees:required Beamwidth=Beamwidth Angle:required EIRP=integer PN=CDMA PN:required MCC=GSM MCC SID=integer NID=integer BID=integer BCCH=GSM ARFCN:required MNC=GSM MNC LAC=GSM LAC CI=GSM CI:key BSIC=GSM BSIC:required GSM_BSIC=GSM BSIC DCCH=IS136 channel ACCH=IS136 channel MCCH=integer CEID=integer Network_Type=string DCC=integer SAT=integer DVCC=IS136 DVCC CCCH=IS136 channel:required ID=integer:key MSCName=string BSCName=string Traffic_Channels=array:integer Color_Codes=array:integer:required Band=string

Color_Code=integer NDC=integer TCH_List=array:integer DLAI=integer PctPilot=integer PctTraffic=integer PctPaging=integer PctSync=integer SRCH_WIN_A=CDMA Search Window Size SRCH_WIN_N=CDMA Search Window Size CDMANeighborList=array:integer Face_Display=integer Azimuth_Display=Degrees Phase_Display=integer SC=WCDMA SC:key WCDMANeighborList=array:integer WCDMA_CI=integer UTDD_CI=integer IDEN_CI=integer SubnetMask=IP Address LayerType=string SectorName =String RAC=integer Vendor=String RNC=String Software=String GSMNeighborList=array:integer WCDMACINeighborList=array:integer UARFCN=integer UTTDNeighborList=array:integer Toffset=integer INC=String DL_CentreFreqInKHz=integer:required Preamble=integer:required BSID=integer ; The tilt of the antenna measured in degrees. This is positive for downtilt and negative for uptilt. Tilt=Degrees ; Height in meters of the base station antenna above ground level. Height=integer ; A unique identifier for the antenna mask in use on the site. The antenna mask identifies a specific electrical downtilt configuration for a particular antenna ; type. This key must correspond to a key in the antenna pattern database. Antenna_key=string ; PA_Power: the max PA output power in dBm PA_Power=integer ; Pilot_Power: the CPICH power in dBm Pilot_Power=integer ; Synch_Power: the combined P-SCH and S_SCH in dBm Sync_Power=integer ; Other_Common_Powers: the combined power for other common downlink channels in dBm Other_Common_Powers=integer ; This optional field indicates the frequency in MHz in multi-frequency network configurations where PN varies with frequency. If this field is absent, all ; fr equencies are assumed. CDMA_Freq=integer LayerSize=integer Channel=integer TCHList=array:integer

DL_EARFCN=integer:required PCI=integer:required ECI=integer [GSM_MSC] RootObject=yes