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Syed Shaheer Hassan Rizvi Department of Management Sciences, IUB

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Syed Shaheer Rizvi, M. Asif Tanveer, Moaaz Latif ,

Student Department of Management Sciences, IUB Lecturer Department of Management Sciences, IUB Student Department of Management Sciences, IUB

Umer Saleem ,

Student Department of Management Sciences, IUB


Motivational Quote

“When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad.”

(Abraham Lincoln)



Financial crises, giant corporate failures, and the increased public concern for fairness and ethical practices Companies can also learn from this study and get valuable information about the behavior and thinking of students about business what it should to do, as they are future employees. Business ethics have great importance for social and economical development

Research Objectives

To examine whether there are significant correlation between ethical and moral values with students’ demographic and personal characteristics, like gender, education, and culture



This study is designed on the bases of quantitative research method Attitude towards business ethic questioner (ATBEQ) is adopted as a measurement scale Sample size of 102 students was taken from management sciences department, IUB



The results variation in term of male and female reveal that the mean for women are 2.65, and overall mean for men is 2.75 Overall mean and standard deviation score suggest that business students have fair knowledge and information of business ethic and its importance



Businesses that exhibit and promote strong corporate codes of ethics are more prosperous in the long run It enhances a company’s reputation The highly competitive environment in today’s global economy put pressures on company leaders to remain profitable



The researchers anticipated that more knowledge of business ethics may lead to greater source of concern in student Study recommended that more practical and conceptual framework of knowledge and studies should be included in the curricula.


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