PRE –CONSTRUCTION PHASE 1.1 Site Visit/Turn-over of Office Unit 1.1.1 Site Visit – It is strongly recommended that the tenant and its designer/architect visit the unit to verify actual conditions prior to the preparation of Preliminary Designs and plans. Turnover and Remeasurement of Space – On the scheduled date, the Owner’s representative and / or the Building Administrator shall turn over the Leased Premises to the Tenant’s representative and/or its Designer Architect. The provisions of the space, as well as the condition and any deficiencies, shall be noted in the Turnover Checklist, found in Annex C. During the turnover, the Leased Premises shall be re-measured following the procedure described in Annex C. Common area charges shall commence on the date of turn-over. Likewise, the tenant shall be responsible for its security upon turn-over date and must abide by all guidelines set by 6750 Joint Venture, the Owner, and the Building Administrator. A fixed rate for the use of utilities (electricity, water, portalets, etc.) shall also be charged to the tenant during construction. During the turnover, the lease space shall undergo a leased remeasurement procedure described in Annex “A”. 1.1.3 Technical meeting – It is imperative that prior to any design, the tenant, its designer and contractors, Owner and Building Administrator meet to discuss pertinent matters regarding construction.



Submission of Plans (see Annex “D”) – All drawings shall conform to the guidelines specified hereinafter and shall be forwarded to : Building Administrator Building Administration Office Basement 1, 6750 Ayala Ave., Makati City Ayala Center, Makati Philippines 1.2.1 Schedule of Receiving Plans TIME 8:00 – 12:00 AM 1:00 – 5:00 PM DAY Mon.-Fri. Mon.-Fri.

1.2.2 Schedule of releasing plans – The Building Administrator shall notify the tenant/ unit owner when the plans are available for pick-up. TIME 1:00 – 5:00 PM • DAY Mon. – Fri.







Plans requirement – All drawings Administrator for review must a) Be signed by the tenant ;


b) Be signed and sealed by the respective designers; c) Be complete (refer to item 1.4 below); and d) Shall comply with the guidelines on sheet presentation and contents to facilitate evaluation. e) All working drawings shall be in standard size sheets measuring 20 inches by 30 inches and shall follow the front/cover sheet format, margins and title block standard as stipulated in the latest edition of the National Building Code. 1.3 Reviewing Fee 1.3.1 A fee shall be charged in respect of the involvement of the Owner’s nominated reviewing consultants in the review and approval of fitting-out plans, and coordination with the contractors for any alteration with and/or additional works required. This fee is fixed at Php 13.00 per square meter of the gross leasable area or Php 10,000.00 per floor per tenant which ever is greater. The fee involved will be solely borne by the tenant. The review fee shall be paid directly to the Owner’s reviewing Consultant, together with the submission of the fit-out plans.



Format for Preliminary and Final Plans 1.4.1 All sheets of drawings submitted must be properly labeled. For example: XYZ Company, Inc. 6750 Ayala Ave. Makati City Fifth Floor, Unit 501 1.4.2 All working drawings submitted for review must be properly collated, arranged, and stapled on the upper-middle and lower-left side of each set of drawings to enable the Building Administrator to immediately: a) Establish the number of sets of drawings, b) Determine how many sheets per set have been submitted, and c) Ensure that no sheets are detached from the set so as to avoid misplaced drawings/sheets


The tenant/unit owner shall submit the following: a) Preliminary Plans – three (3) complete sets made up of: Architectural Plans and Drawings



loading. and fire extinguishers Specifications Electrical Plans and Drawings • • • • • • • Riser Diagram Load Schedule and Design Computation Power Layout / Illumination Proposals Auxiliary System Layout (telephone. fire sprinklers. fire alarm etc.• • • • • • • • • A plan showing the location of the office unit Floor Plan Longitudinal and Cross Sections Four (4) Elevations ( if applicable) Reflected Ceiling Plan Structural Details and location of wall partitions The location of furniture and furnishings (fixed & movable) Location of any heavy equipment. if any existing floor clean out) Cold Water Line Systems Mechanical Plans and Drawings (If Applicable) • • • • • • • • Air-conditioning Plan Air Ductworks System Piping system Ventilation System Piping system Isometric Drawings Fire protection System including smoke detectors. dimensions and specifications Signage Details Structural Plans and Drawings (If Applicable) • • • Design and Computations (duly certified by a licensed Structural or Civil Engineer) Specifications Floor Framing Plan Plumbing Plans and Drawings (If Applicable) • • • • Design & Specifications Isometric Drawings Drainage Systems / Vent (indicate.) Specifications Legend Details of any Electrical Equipment (if applicable) b) Final Plans – (After preliminary plans have been approved) four (4) complete sets made up of: Architectural Plans and Drawings • • A plan showing the location of the office unit Floor Plan 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 3 . its weight.

) Specifications Legend Details of any Electrical Equipment (if Applicable) Other Plans (If Any) • • • Details of Security / Burglar Alarm Systems IT rooms fire suppression system Other plans as required by the Building Administrator THESE DRAWINGS SHALL BE THE BASIS FOR A MORE DETAILED EVALUATION OF THE SUBMITTED DESIGN PROPOSAL. dimensions and specifications Signage Details Structural Plans and Drawings (If Applicable) • • • • Design and Computations (duly certified by a licensed Structural or Civil Engineer) Specifications Floor framing Plan Location Layout of heavy fixtures / equipment (indicate weight. and fire extinguishers Specifications Electrical Plans and Drawings • • • • • • • • Riser Diagram Load Schedule and Design Computations (Normal & Emergency Power) Power Layout Lighting Layout/Illumination Proposals Auxiliary System Layout (telephone. fire sprinklers. etc. ALL COMMENTS SHALL BE PLACED ON THE 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 4 . loading. its weight. dimensions and specifications) Plumbing Plans and Drawings (If Applicable) • • • • Design & Specifications Isometric Drawings Drainage Systems / Vent (indicate if any. existing clean out) Cold Water Line Systems Mechanical Plans and Drawings (if Applicable) • • • • • • Air-conditioning Plan Air Ductworks System Piping system Isometric Drawings Fire Protection System including smoke detectors. loading.• • • • • • • Longitudinal and Cross Sections Four (4) Elevations (if applicable) Reflected Ceiling Plan Structural Details and location of wall partitions The location of furniture and furnishings (fixed & movable) Location of any heavy equipment. fire alarm.

Sanitary Permits (when applicable) Other government mandated applicable permits • • 1. through the Building Administrator and design consultants reserve the right to approve.6. TWO SETS SHALL BE RETURNED TO THE TENANT.7 Construction Bond A refundable construction bond equivalent to one month’s rent or Php 75.000. disapprove or give conditional approval to the submitted plans and drawings. The Owner.6. IMPORTANT NOTES • • Incomplete plans shall not be received for evaluation.3 Building Permit Electrical Permit Structural.1 1.2 1. Mechanical.00 (which ever is higher) is required to cover deductions for violations/sanctions of construction rules and regulations. NO EXTRA FIT-OUT PERIOD WILL BE ALLOWED ON ACCOUNT OF PLANS NOT BEING READY OR APPROVED FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THESE RULES. THIS WILL AVOID ANY DELAYS. The efficiency of the design and the performance of the materials used shall be the responsibility of the tenant / designer / contractor. PLEASE ENSURE YOUR PLANS ARE AS CLEAR AS POSSIBLE AND INCLUDE ALL THE DETAILS REQUIRED. Accomplishment of Activity List (See Annex “B”) – The tenant/unit owner shall accomplish the activity list accordingly. 1. The Building Administrator shall release the Construction Bond net of deductions (as may be necessary) after issuance of clearance and compliance of the 6750 Construction Guidelines. Copies of these permits must be submitted to the Building Administrator.6.8 Comprehensive General Liability Insurance The tenant shall secure Comprehensive General Liability Insurance from an Owner – approved insurance company for bodily injury. Any deviation from the approved plan is considered a violation.6. PLANS MUST BE SUBMITTED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.5 1.2 1.6 The tenant / unit owner shall properly display / post all necessary city permits on the exterior of the barricade / board up at all times. City Permits – The tenant shall secure the following permits from the Office of the Building Official of Makati City at its cost: 1. 1. IT IS ADVISABLE THAT THE TENANT / TENANT’S DESIGN CONSULTANTS CONSULT WITH THE BUILDING ADMINISTRATOR AND ACCREDITED DESIGN CONSULTANTS OF THE OWNER PRIOR TO PREPARATION OF FIT-OUT DESIGN PLANS TO AVOID DELAYS. Approved plans must always be at the construction site. These plans are considered the construction plans and must be followed by the respective contractor. property damage to the 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 5 .DRAWINGS BY THE CONSULTANTS AND BUILDING ADMINISTRATOR. The Building Administrator reserves the right to issue a work stoppage order if this requirement is not met.

10 Other requirements – The following additional requirements must be submitted to the Building Administrator.1. the particulars of his contractors / authorized representatives so that their access into and departure from the building can be monitored by the security personnel. The Notice to proceed shall only be released after: 1.building and any third party for the duration of construction.2 All items from number 1. However.11. 1. 2. The space shall not be used as sleeping quarters by the workers. a 24-hour construction schedule may be allowed upon securing the proper clearance from the Building Administrator.’s – The tenant shall provide Identification Cards for the proper identification of his construction workers / personnel.2. 2.11 of the Activity List (Annex “B”) have been complied with.0 CONSTRUCTION PHASE 2.2 2.1 The space has been properly boarded-up and accepted by the Building Administrator.1 Construction hours are from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM.1 Board Up 2.11 Notice to Proceed – This is the written notice from the Building Administrator signifying the go-signal to start construction.1 to 1. painted white (unless there is specific design for the building) with a provision for an access door. 1. 1. It shall remain closed at all times during construction and shall be properly padlocked during non-construction hours.D. This door shall swing inwards the office unit so as not to obstruct corridor traffic.2 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 6 . for security reasons.10.2 Schedule of Construction 2. A copy of the Notice to Proceed must be prominently displayed at the construction site at all times. 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 1.1 Before any construction is allowed. These should be worn at all times within the construction site.2. 2. 1. The Board-up shall be constructed of plywood.10. The tenant is required to submit.1.11.2 List of Workers (2 copies) 1. The ID’s must be properly filled out and sealed to avoid tampering.9 Work / Access Permit Any work carried out should secure a work permit from Building Administrator Office from Monday to Friday. Access to the premises during the construction phase will not be granted to persons without these cards.3 Worker’s I. A copy of the insurance coverage must be submitted to the Building Administrator. construction premises must be properly boarded up.

shall follow this schedule.3.3. a) Any time: • • • Minor carpentry work (provided no hammering. and other parties involved in the construction of the space must log in with the building security guard upon entry into the building. The location of designated entry / exit points shall be announced by the Building Administrator.4 Sandos. long pants and shoes. Identification cards must be worn at all times while inside the building premises. 2.3 2.) Demolition Spray painting Welding Sanding All other works which disturb operations of adjacent spaces and which endanger the safety of the building and its occupants. the following construction activities. drilling and other noise generating works are involved) Masonry Laying of electrical circuits b) Non-operating hours (5:00 PM – 5:00 AM): • • • • • • Major carpentry work (heavy hammering. c) The Building Administrator or its authorized representative reserves the right to issue a temporary work stoppage order in case of any violation and/or any relevant complaints from adjacent units.1 All workers. 2.2 2.3. from Saturday to Sunday All overtime pay for the elevator operator shall be charged to the tenant’s account 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 7 .4 Delivery of Construction Materials 2. supervisors . etc.3 Since the building is operational. Those not properly attired shall not be allowed to enter the premises. All construction workers must be in plain yellow T-shirts or uniform Tshirts bearing the contractor’s logo. Those without ID’s shall not be allowed to enter. short pants.3 Access to the Building 2. Workers must wear hard hats at all times. sandals or slippers and the like are prohibited. Workers and their supervisors are not allowed to loiter within the building premises.1 Delivery of construction materials by vehicles larger than private cars shall be as follows: 7:00 PM – 5:00 AM from Monday to Friday 24 HRS.3. d) A compromise agreement between the Building Administrator and the tenant/tenant’s contractor must be agreed upon before the lifting of the work stoppage order.

4.3 2.1 The schedule of pull-out of construction debris. An assigned representative of the tenant should be present to receive all the deliveries. written approval may be given on site (during routine inspection) by the Building Administrator or his authorized representative. must be logged in with the building security guard. cement and the like must be delivered in closed sacks.4.6 Conformity with Plans 2. should the tenant wish to relocate the utilities. For minor revisions.1 All construction works must be done in accordance with the plans evaluated by the Building Administrator and reviewing consultant. gravel. Water supply and distribution for fire fighting purposes shall be provided and maintained by the tenant in the construction site in accordance with the Local Fire Code. Any item which is not properly logged shall not be allowed to be brought in to or out of the building.40m radius. It is highly recommended that the existing utilities (smoke detector.7. who then issues a gate pass for the said purpose.2 2.3 Sand.5.4 2.6.6. four (4) copies of the shop drawing must be submitted for approval prior to any implementation of changes.2 2. it should be noted that this relocation is still subject to the approval of the Engineering and Design consultants and the Building Administrator.8 Works By Accredited Contractor (Original Building Contractor) 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 8 . 2. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the construction site. All deliveries shall immediately be brought to the construction site. 2.2. For major revisions.4 2. Deliveries shall not be received by the building guard or any of the building personnel.1 One (1) unit-20-lb. An extinguisher must be provided and a fire watch assigned where welding and /or gas cutting operations are performed. ABC type fire extinguisher must be provided within an 11. All deliveries. Any proposed revision of the tenant space must be approved in writing by the Building Administration prior to construction.6. 2. etc.5 2. sprinkler heads. excess materials.2 2.4. However.5 Pull-out of Excess Materials 2.4. including equipment.2 2.7.7. 2. Cooking is strictly prohibited within the construction site.7 Fire Safety 2.) remain in their original locations.3 2. and equipment which will no longer be used is the same as the Delivery Schedule.7. Construction debris must be hauled out of the building every night.

rates and programs of works.8. Inc.1 Accredited contractors are nominated by the Building Administrator to carry out specific work required for fit out works. c/o Engr. no. 632-0452 : LR Punsalan and Associates c/o Engr. These include: a) Fire Detection and Alarm System – Multi-Line facilities • Alteration or addition to the installation to suit tenant’s layout.2. George Palafox Tel no. Rochelle Elep Tel no. 8430718. 631-5176. c/o Arch. 8430048 to 49 Public Address System .9 Others 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 9 .Metropolitan Industrial Marketing • Alteration and/or addition to the system to suit tenant’s layout • Testing and Certification c/o Gregg Grainger Tel no. 892-4586 to 87 2. Delyoma. Raul tel no. 8449125 : DCCD Engineering Corp. Caryl Silva Tel no. 758-8888 : Trans Asia Philippines c/o Engr. 831-1741 Fire Suppression System – PhilSafety System Equipment.8.2 b) c) d) e) Structural Mechanical Electrical : RMJM Philippines. • Testing and Certification c/o Melvin Clarin Tel no. Tenants shall be responsible for making all arrangements with the Accredited Contractors for carrying out of all works required by their fit-out proposals. 735-8529. 735-8269 Technical Consultants • Architectural • • • 2. The following works are to be carried out by the Accredited Contractors and Consultants appointed by the Building Administrator. Inc. including the negotiation of costs. at the tenant’s own and exclusive expense. 929-9911 Air Conditioning Automation System – All System Matrix • Alteration or addition to the system to suit tenant’s layout • Testing and Certification c/o Jun Balatbat Tel no. • Alteration and/or addition to the system to suit tenant’s layout • Testing and Certification c/o Henry Batacan Tan Tel. The Building Administrator or its agents takes no responsibility for the works or any unsatisfactory discharge of delay arising from such works carried out by the Accredited Contractor. The Owner and/or the Building Administrator and/or their respective agents shall not also be held responsible for the acts of neglect or omissions of the Accredited Contractors.

The tenant and its consultants and contractors must ensure that free access to the common areas. elevators and parking areas from the premises is provided to all persons present in or working on the premises.3 2.5 Portable Toilets – Portable toilets shall be available for the use of all workers. Protective Apparel – Personal protective devices (hard hats. Any debris found on the Premises shall be removed by the Building’s cleaning contractor at the tenant’s own cost. for more efficient coordination. it is highly recommended that the tenant hire a security guard from the agency serving the building.7 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 10 . The tenant shall ensure that its contractors remove all waste and rubbish from the leased areas at the end of each work day and as required or as directed by the Building Administrator. its consultants or contractors.2 2. entrances. boots.9. Medical Facilities – First Aid Kits must be provided by each tenant at the construction site for the use in case of emergency. coordinate their work with other contractors employed by other tenant and contractors employed by the Building Administrator or their agents. Security – Security within the space is the sole responsibility of the tenant. Neither the Owner nor the Building Administrator nor their agents shall be responsible for the act. Such free access may not be blocked. 2. General cleaning of any debris in the ceiling void and meter room shall be made upon completion of the fit-out works. and plumbing utilities must be done in coordination with the Building Administrator.1 Tapping of Utilities – Tapping of electrical. if required by the Building Administrator.6 2.) No refuse will be allowed to accumulate in the leased spaces or in the common areas. neglected or omission of any tenant. unless specifically authorized in writing by the Building Administrator. The tenant may hire its own security guard.9. The Building Administrator reserves the right to charge the tenant for any cleaning work deemed necessary.9.) 2. 2.9.9. staircases. The cost of the rental of the toilets shall be to the tenant’s account.9. b.2. However. from any of the security agencies accredited by the Building Administrator. Rubbish – The construction area as well as the common areas must be kept clean and free of foul odor. The Building Administrator shall inspect the areas before a refund of the construction bond is made.) c.) d. Waste. etc. Garbage and construction debris must not remain lying outside the office unit. Such material must be hauled out of the building every night.) shall be furnished by the contractor as needed.4 Sanitation. fire protection. gloves. Coordination All contractors employed by a tenant shall. These shall be placed in an area accessible to all. mechanical.9. a.

whenever necessary.13 Pre-Final Inspection – The tenant shall request the Building Administration (through a written request) at least three(3) days in advance. The Building Administrator is authorized to deduct the same from the construction bond.) The tenant and/or its contractors should provide adequate protection for the fixtures. 2.8 Safety Materials & Equipment – The contractor shall provide safety measures such as construction nets.) The tenant shall indemnify the Owner and the Building Administrator against any claim for damages suffered or incurred by other tenant of the building or any other third person caused by or due the conduct by the tenant of its fitout work.9. to conduct a pre-final inspection prior to the following critical construction activities : a. b.9 2.2. All observations and instruction given by the inspectors (indicated on the construction checklist – See Annex “C”) must be taken note of and strictly followed. fittings and finishes in the common areas of the building in accordance with the specifications of the Building Administrator.11 Behavior of Workers –The tenant is responsible for controlling the conduct of his contractors and workers.) Permanent closure of ceiling Pouring of concrete 2. c.) Electrical 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 11 . shoring etc. 2. All costs incurred to repair any damages to the said common areas shall be borne by the tenant concerned.9.. Obstruction – Work will not be permitted outside the office unit. The Building Administrator shall decide on all disputes.9. The tenant shall be made liable for any damage caused to the fixtures or fittings in the common areas as a result of violation of this provision. This is to ensure that the same are not damaged in any way by reason of the fit-out works of the tenant. sheeting.9.9.) b.) No waste materials shall be discharged into toilets or hand basins.9. the decision of which shall be final. Construction materials will neither be allowed to lie outside the unit nor in any other common area of the building.9.14 Testing and Commissioning – The tenant shall inform the Building Administrator (in written form) at east 3 days in advance to witness and make record of the following : a.12 Routine Inspection – The Building Administrator or its assigned representative/s shall make routine inspection of all construction sites as often as necessary.10 Damage to Common Area and/or to other Tenant’s Area a. 2. The Owner reserves the right to issue construction changes on approved plans when deemed necessary. 2.

) Megger Test Voltage Test Grounding Continuity Test Manual Transfer Switch Test Kilowatt-Hour Test Smoke Detector Test and Alarm Test Load test Other Test required by the Building Administrator Design Guidelines implementation and compliance Mechanical and Fire Protection • • • • Smoke Test (for new and existing ductwork/system) Hydro Test (300 psi for 24 HRS for all sprinkler system.17 Monetary Penalties – Monetary penalties shall be imposed on the tenant for any and all violations and/or non-compliance with the above Construction Guidelines and deviation from approved plans: First Offense - Php 500.9. The tenant shall be responsible for the communication and implementation of all Construction Guidelines to his assigned alternate or contractor. 2. A safety Engineer must be at the construction area and must be present during the entire duration of the construction. A written Work Stoppage shall be issued for this purpose. Supervisor or Foreman) to be present at all times at the construction site for coordination purposes.00/violation/person One week ID confiscation Php 1.) Plumbing and Sanitary • • • Flood Test (water proofing) Flow Test (sanitary line) Pressure Test (cold water line) 2. electrical safety and other construction related safety incidents and/or issues.9. He shall be responsible and shall be held liable for any fire safety.00/violation/person Two weeks ID confiscation Php 2. He must submit daily safety compliance report to the Building Administrator and ensure 100% compliance at the construction site.000.• • • • • • • • • b.15 Supervisors – The tenant shall assign a key person (Project Manager.000. A/C piping and waterline) Nitrogen Pressure Test (for LPG line system at 300 psi for 24 hrs) Air Balancing (actual air parameter measurement using Balometer instrument) c.16 Compliance – Violations and/or non-compliance with any or all of the above guidelines and requirements and deviations from approved plans shall constitute grounds for the stoppage of construction especially when previous notices remain uncorrected or unresolved.00/violation/person Second Offense - Third Offense - 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 12 . All communications related to tenant construction will be directed to designated key personnel.9. 2.

penalty per 3. the tenant or his alternate will be given a set time to effect rectification works. or his duly authorized representative. Operating Permits / Certifications – Copies of the following must be submitted to the Owner / Building Administrator : 3. Should the Owner or Building Administrator find items not in accordance with the set standards after the final inspection. rectification cost for non-compliance to the tenant guidelines shall be automatically deducted to the tenant’s construction bond. Submission of ‘As-Built’ Plans – The tenant shall submit ‘As-Built” drawings in reproducible original.6 3. This shall also serve as a written request for final inspection by the Owner / Building Administrator/APMC-TSG.6.6. cost of repair for damages. These submission shall become the property of the Owner. Acceptance Letter – After all requirements have been complied with by the tenant or his authorized representative a Final Acceptance Letter shall be released by the Building Administrator on behalf of the Owner. electronic file in CD-ROM format (refer to Building Administrator for acceptable CADD format) and 3 sets of prints signed and sealed by their respective licensed designer.0 POST – CONSTRUCTION PHASE 3.5 3.4 3.5 3. No final inspection will be conducted without the ‘As-Built’ Plans. the Permit to Operate (PO) shall be issued by the Building Administrator. 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 13 .1 Written Notice of Completed Construction – The tenant shall inform the Building Administrator in writing of the completion of construction works for the office unit. Another Final Inspection shall then be scheduled and conducted.6.6. All applicable monetary penalties.2 3.2 3.6.7 Permit to Operate (PO) – After the office unit has been inspected and accepted by the Building Administrator.3 Occupancy Permit (City Engineer’s Office) Business Permit (Mayor’s Permit) Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (City Engineer’s Office) Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (Fire Department) Other government mandated permits 3.1 3.Permanent ID confiscation/ejection of offending party Succeeding Offenses Double the monetary violation and work stoppage 3.4 3. Release of Construction Bond – The Building Administrator shall release the tenant’s construction bond only after the issuance of the Final Acceptance Letter.3 Final Inspection – An inspection of the office unit shall be conducted by the Owner together with the Building Administrator and the unit tenant or his alternate.

4 2.3 1. The remeasurement shall not begin if any of the aforementioned parties are absent. Company name (tenant) 3. Absolutely no complaints regarding the plan and floor area shall be entertained after this period.5 Emergency telephone number(s) (This shall be used in case of any emergency during non-operating hours.) 3. Once the re-measurement exercise is completed.0 GENERAL PROCEDURE 1.8. all representatives shall affix their signatures on the plan as witnesses.1 Multiple Tenant Floors: 2. The occupant is given a period of 5 working days upon receipt of the CADD drawing from Building Administrator to contest the validity of the floor area presented.8 Submission of Occupant / Owner Information – Each occupant shall submit to the Owner / Building Administrator the following information : 3.8. 1.2 Name of Company Representative and sample signature 3.8.4 Company telephone number 3.) Permanent outer building walls.1 Required to be present on the day of re-measurement are the tenant or his/her duly authorized representative and Building Administrator / Owner. if any (Only the signatures of the tenant and authorized representatives shall be honored for permit purposes.8.6 Name of Unit Owner/s ANNEX ‘A’ STANDARD GUIDELINES FOR CONDUCTING SPACE RE-MEASUREMENTS 6750 Ayala Avenue Office Building 1.) b.0 SPECIFIC GUIDELINES The floor area computation guidelines for all units shall be as specified below: 2. All dimensions shall be indicated on the plan.3 Name of office administrator and other authorized representatives.1.2 1. 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 14 .1 Units on multiple-tenant floors shall be measured from the center line of: a. Walls directly facing corridor areas.) 3. The Building Administrator / Owner representative shall proceed to get dimensions of the perimeter walls as witnessed by the tenant and as specified hereinafter.

3 Construction Charges We would like to inform you that 6750 Administration is charging construction and/or fit-out related fees to cover additional operating & utilities expenses incurred by the building as follows: I.2.c.2 Units on multiple-tenant floors shall be measured from the center line of: a.) b. and enclosing walls of such rooms.) Partition walls that separate the premises from adjoining office areas.1. 2.2 Toilets within and exclusively serving only that floor shall be measured from the outside finish of the toilet walls.3 No deductions shall be made for columns located within the premises. 2.g.1 Office areas for single-tenant floors shall include all areas within outside walls excluding : a.) c.2 Single Tenant Floors 2.) Walls specifically designated by Building Administrator 2. Construction CUSA Charges.) 2. No deduction shall be made for column and projections necessary to the building.) d.00 per sqm per month (base on tenants proposed construction area).) e. Services and Amenities (CUSA) charges will be levied to all tenants during their construction and/or fit-out period at a cost of Php 60. 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 15 . Walls specifically designated by Building Administrator b. 2.2.1. This will cover the following: 1.) Walls directly facing other common areas (e. d. Additional power requirement of service elevator operation during non-office hour (for hauling and delivery of construction materials). service areas).2. The Common Utilities.) Stairs Elevator shafts Air-conditioning rooms Electrical rooms/closets Other rooms not actually available to the tenant for its furnishings and personnel.

5. the tenants fully understand that 6750 Administration/ALI/APMC is not liable for any damages that may be caused in the performance of or incidental to the tenant gondola usage request.00 per hour per person 2. II.00 per floor will also be imposed to all tenants that requires draining of the sprinkler system in their area.00 per hour Gondola Rate = Php 150. 1. Gondola Operation. carpet cleaning). 1. This will cover for the additional water.2. Additional Manpower that will serve as service elevator operator during nonoffice hour. III.and. 3. Air-conditioning & Ventilation equipment general cleaning due to dust and fume accumulation during construction. Access of curtain wall during fit-out/renovations. power (fire pump operation). Extra security service for monitoring workers access and at the same time ensure safety in our building. For the use of our Gondola equipment. 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 16 . termination and testing). Service or maintenance of tenant owned air-conditioning equipment 2. 6750 House rules & regulation. However. other charges related to life and property damage due to negligence of the tenant’s contractor. Therefore. Service. Gondola Usage (power & equipment) = Php 50. service elevators. and manpower expenses. we will also collect Php 150.500.00 per hour The tenants fully understand the use of the Gondola by its contractor and/or its company representative is under the tenant instruction and the tenants have full knowledge of an option to perform alternative solution other that using the building gondola. More frequent common area cleaning & Maintenance (stairs. Maintenance assistance in common area machine room access (during electrical tapping. 3. 6.00 per hour to all tenant requests intended to repair and/or rectify your equipment and or facility as follows. Manpower rate (Gondola Operator) = Php 100. 4. A recovery cost of Php 1. installation and other works related to individual tenant equipment and/or facility. Charges will be based on the existing “work order policy” of the building (kindly refer to the existing work order request form and concierge rate). Draining of Sprinkler System. non compliance of 6750 Design & Construction Guidelines. 6750 administration instruction & comments on the plans will be billed separately and deducted to the tenants construction bond and security deposits. repair. rectification.

1 AWARD LETTER (Applies to tenant Only) Manager.ANNEX ‘B’ ACTIVITY LIST 6750 Ayala Avenue Office Building TENANT / UNIT OWNER : FLOOR : The Activity List which enumerates the steps the tenant / unit owner has to accomplish before. Inc. Corporate Business Division Ayala Land. during. 1. and after the construction of its space.0 PRE-CONSTRUCTION PHASE 1. Corporate Business Division 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 17 . must be properly signed by the authorized representatives listed on the right.2 CONTRACT OF LEASE Manager. 1.

4 PRELIMINARY PLANS 1.OVER OF UNIT Lease re-measurement (if applicable) Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave.Ayala Land.. Inc.4.1 Coordination/Submission at the proposed plans to the Building Consultants Architectural Consultancy RMJM Philippines. 1.3 TURN.2 Submission of three (3) sets Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave. Office Building 1. Structural Consultancy Trans – Asia Philippines Mechanical Consultancy LR Punsalan & Associates Electrical Consultancy DCCD Engineering Corp.. Office Building 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 18 . 1.4. Inc.

2 1.Office Building 1.6. 5th Floor 1.2 Evaluation Staff Architect APMC – TSG 1.6. Office Building 1.6 CITY PERMITS Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave...3 Evaluation APMC – TSG Glorietta 4.1.1 1. Office Building 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 19 .4 Building Permit OR # Electrical Permit Structural.5.4.3 1.5 FINAL PLANS 1.6. (ACA) Mandated permits 1.7 COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY Insurance – one (1) copy Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave. Sanitary Amount (where applicable) Any other applicable Government/ Ayala Center Assoc.6.. Mechanical.5.1 Submission of four (4) sets Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave.

. Treasury Department Ayala Land. Inc.5 Copy of Official Receipt of payment of Review fees 1. Department Treasury Ayala Land.2 Workers’ ID’s with pictures (signed by tenant/unit owner) 1.8 CONSTRUCTION BOND (check made out to 6750 Joint Venture) Cashier.R# _________________ Amount ________________ 1.10.10 OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave.3 Copy of Official Receipt of Security & Rental deposits 1.11 NOTICE TO PROCEED Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave.4 Copy of Official Receipt of Construction Bond 1.9 SECURITY & ADVANCED RENTAL DEPOSITS (check made out to 6750 Joint Venture) Cashier.10.10.1 List of Workers – 2 copies 1.10.1.. Office Building 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 20 . Office Building 1. O. Inc O.10.R # _______________ Amount ______________ 1.

2 Temporary Permit to Operate Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave. Office Building 2.3 Submission of Complete As-Built Plans Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave..0 POST-CONSTRUCTION PHASE 2. Office Building 2.1 Submit Written Notice of Completed Construction Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave. Office Building 2...4 Operating Permits / Certifications Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave. Office Building 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 21 .2..

Office Building 2..1 2.4 Occupancy Permit (City Engineer’s Office) Business Permit (Mayor’s Office) Certificate of Final Electrical Inspection (City Engineer’s Office) Fire Safety Inspection Certificate (Fire department) 2.7 Release of Bonds Manager.4. Inc..4.5 Inspection of Compliance with Punch list items indicated in the Temporary Permit to Operate Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave.4.4.2. Division Corporate Business Ayala Land. Office Building 2.3 2. 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 22 .2 2.6 Acceptance Letter Building Administrator 6750 Ayala Ave.

Signage 5. Floors 2. Interior 1. Main entrance door 2. Service entrance door 3. Ceiling 3. Gas System Centralized Temporary LPG System III. Fire Protection System Fire Sprinkle Smoke/Heat Detector Fire Extinguisher C.ANNEX ‘C’ TURN OVER CHECKLIST 6750 Ayala Avenue Office Building Company Name PARTICULARS DEFICIENCY NOTED I. Ventilation System Exhaust Fan Fresh Air Fan Duct Works D. MECHANICAL A. Hallway 4. CIVIL & ARCHITECTURAL A. Partition walls/columns 4. Exterior 1. Others B. Air-conditioning System Ductwork Fan Coil Unit Packaged – Type Unit Performance Test B. SANITARY Unit Number: ACTION REQUIRED TIME TABLE 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 23 . Others II.

System Waterproofing Flood Testing ANNEX ‘C’ TURNOVER CHECKLIST 6750 Ayala Avenue Office Building Company Name : DEFICIENCY NOTED D. Splicing VI. Water Line Supply Pipe Line Calibrated Water Meter IV. ELECTRICAL A.A. Drain System Stub-out Connection Clean-out Maintenance Flow Testing B. Grounding Required D. Wire Size B. OTHERS Unit Number : ACTION REQUIRED TIME TABLE 6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 24 . TELEPHONE SYSTEM A. Sewer System Stub-out Connection Grease Trap Provision Clean-out Maintenance Flow Testing C. Insulation Testing V. Conduits C. Materials Used Neon Lighting Conduits Ballasts Cove Lighting Open/Dangling Wires Boxes Cover Fan Coil Power Source ECR Power Source Allocated Feeder Size : Normal Emergency B.

6750 FIT—OUT GUIDE LINE 25 .INSPECTED BY : REVIEWED BY : NOTED BY: Tenant Contractor Tenant NOTE: The tenant’s contractor is deemed responsible for transmitting this document to the tenant and informing the latter of the findings / observations indicated herein.

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