Grading  Rubric Pssble Earned Comments Criteria Name  of  Student Quality/development   4 intro,  purpose   of  intro  material

 and   statement,   background background,  etc. Quality  and   8 narrative  elements,   development  of   following  prescribed   scenarios paragraphs,  etc. Quality  and   4 does  conclusion   development  advice   summarize?  Is  advice   and  conclusion relevant  to  area  of   research?  Etc. Quality  and  use  of   3 incorporated  into   non-­‐visual  source   your  text,  or  merely   material mentioned?   Relevance,  clarity,   reliability Quality  and  use  of   3 relevance,  tied-­‐in   visual  materials with  text,  size,   usefulness,  clarity,   etc. Documentation  and   4 APA  formatting   formatting conventions,  headers,   margins,  font,   spacing,  text-­‐wrap   around  pictures,  etc. Adherence  to   Document  Structure   and  Organization 5 relative  distribution   of  content  (i.e.  most   focus  on  the   scenarios,  then  the   background  and   advice  sections),   extra  material explicit  focus  on  the   audience's  interests word  connotation,   focusing  on  the   positive  parts  of   neutral  or  negative   info. 0

You-­‐Attitude Positive  Emphasis

4 5


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