Geneva Rivera Janelle Galvez After School… Geneva: 早 上午 好 Good Morning! Janelle: 早 上午 好 Good Morning.

Geneva: 我姓 Rivera 叫 Geneva Rivera My name is Geneva Rivera My name is Janelle Galvez Geneva: 认识 你 很 高兴 Pleased to meet you. Janelle: 认识 你也很 高兴 Pleased to meet you too. Geneva: 你 是 新 的学生 来自法国的 吗? Are you the new student from France? Janelle: 是 Yes. Geneva: Ah. 你好吗 ? Ah. How are you? Janelle: 我 很 好,你 呢 ? I’m fine, how about you? Geneva: 我 也 很 好. 你去 哪儿? I’m fine also. Where are you going? Janelle: 我 打算去市场,你 呢 ? I’m planning to go to market, how about you? Geneva: 我去拜访我的朋友,在她的宿舍. 你知道市场在哪里? I’m going to visit my friend in her dormitory. Do you know already where the market is?

Janelle: 我姓 Galvez 叫 Janelle Galvez

can you help me find the place? Geneva: 好的. Geneva: 不贵. 我也跟你 Sure. 1 kilo of bananas worth 30 yuan. it’s cheap. How much is 1 kilo? Geneva: 一 买香蕉 五十 钱. Geneva: 早 上午 好 Good Morning! Janelle: 早 上午 好 Good Morning. Janelle: 可以有 折扣 吗? Can I have discount? Geneva: 好了. Geneva: 你 要吗? What do you want? Janelle: 我 要 买 一 买香蕉. it is expensive. 一 买香蕉 多少钱? I want to buy 1 kilo of bananas. I’ll give you 50 yuan. At the market.. 可以你找到的地方? No. Oh. 1 kilo of bananas worth 50 yuan. Janelle: 谢谢 Thank you. 一 买香蕉 便宜 No.Janelle: 不. Geneva: 不客气 or不用谢 Welcome.. I’ll come with you. 一 买香蕉 三十 钱 Alright. 一 买香蕉 贵 Janelle: 我 给 你 五十 钱 . Geneva: 我 给 你 找 钱 二十钱 Janelle: Oh.

Goodbye.. but I don’t know. Good Morning. Goodbye. Janelle: 再见 Goodbye. Ending… Geneva: 谢谢 Janelle 明天见 再见 Thank you Janelle. Janelle: 谢谢 你 还 Geneva. Take Care. . 我不知道. Goodbye. Sorry. 慢慢走 再见 Thank you also Geneva. Goodbye. Thank you.I’ll give you a change of 20 yuan. Janelle: 谢谢 再见 Thank you.. Geneva: 早 上午 好 Good Morning! Janelle: 早 上午 好. 请进 请坐. Geneva: 没关系 谢谢 再见 That’s ok. see you tomorrow. Geneva: 谢谢 再见 Thank you. Come inside and sit. Is Wang Xiaoyun here? No. Geneva: 谢谢 Wang Xiaoyun 在 吗? Thank you. she’s not here. Goodbye. Geneva: 她 在 哪儿? Do you know where she is? Janelle: 对不起. Janelle: 她不在. At the dormitory.