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Most Worshipful Grand Master General H. Spencer Lewis (1916)

Most Worshipful Grand Master General H. Spencer Lewis (1916)

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The American Rosae Crucis
February, 1916
The American Rosae Crucis
February, 1916

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Published by: sauron385 on Feb 19, 2013
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The American Rosae Crucis February, 1916

H . Spencer Lev^is, F. R. C.
| H O S E interested in the study of the w orkings of plan etary influences w ill find m uch food for th o u g h t in th e n atal m ap of our M ost W orship­ ful G rand M aster General H. Spencer Lewis. H is entire life £eem s to have been along the very grooves w hich are so well defined. His present position in life, his attain m en t in the predestined fieldfe of endeavor and his achieve­ m en ts for th is country in bringing to it the O rd er of Rosae Crucis, are undoubtedly the re ­ su lts of the evolution of his Soul through pre­ vious cycles of 'preparation and of planetary guidance and developm ent here. O ur Im p erato r w as born on N ovem ber 25th (S unday), 1883 at 12:38 noon in the little tow n ()f Frenchtow n, N. J. H e is of W elsh ex trac­ tion on his F a th e r’s side, his ancestors having a long line beginning w ith Sir R obert Lew is who came to this country from W ales and of whom M erriw eather Lew is, form er V ice-President of the U nited S tates was also a descend­ ant. O n his M other’s side he is of Germ an extraction. H is religion is M ethodism. H e w as educated in N ew Y ork In stitu tio n s and early in life began his stu d y of the vari­ ous sciences Shd arts. I t is told of him how m any years ago, while P resid en t of the New Y ork In stitu te for Psychical Research, there cam e before him a m an w ho desired m em ber­ ship. In passing upon th e question our M as­ te r found th a t the m an was his form er public school teacher. T he teacher volunteered the inform ation th a t w hile a boy a t school our M aster was m ore interested in laws of psy­ chology and the principles of biology than he was in S IM P L E F R A C T IO N S . And such did seem th e tren d of his m ind w hen only 15 years of age, for at th a t age he was devoted to the study of th e laws underlying the p rin ­ ciples of photography and had constructed an unusually efficient cam era and. had perfected th e chem istry of photography fo such an ex­ te n t th a t he m ade very im portant discoveries relating to the laws of the vibrations of colors. Before he was tw enty-one years of age, our M aster w as editor of the tw o leading occult journals of this country and w as elected Chair­ man of the Lewis Commission appointed by twelve scientific organizations to investigate the so-called psychic m anifestations becoming so prevalent at th a t tim e in various cities. T his Commission lite r exposed considerable fraud in such w ork and was instrum ental in ending the charlatanism being perpetrated under the nam e of spiritualism . H is success in this com­ mission resulted in his election to the P resi­ dency of the Am erican Psycho-L egal Society the purpose of wjiich was to investigate and prosecute all pretenders to unusual psychic abilities. From childhood our M aster has seemed to be a prolific w riter on deep and unusual sub­ jects, having the rare ability to so analyze and present the laws and principles of science th a t they become interesting to the lay mind. H e insists th a t his peculiar insight, his seem­ ing fam iliarity w ith the ancient and m ore m od­ ern sciences, is due to experiences in some previous incarnation. H is w ritings, / which have been published in m any publications and reference books, certainly indicate a m ost un­ usual know ledge of the laws underlying all phenom ena of life. It is not rem arkable then, th a t even as a young man, his work should have attracted the attention of men of science— especially Rosaecrucians—in Europe. H e was unanim ously elected to H onorary M em bership to the Societe Philom atique of* V erdun, F O n ce ,'an d to ra V the Intem aciona Ciencala Societo of Spain and the Societo di A rti e Cienci^of France. In 1904 he was made a Fellow of Aie • Franco Ecole R. C. and given the Degree of Dofctor of Psychology and in the following year the~same college conferred on him the-.title *of .D octor of Philosophy and proposed him i as va ^Digni-' tairc Suprem e of the R osaecrucian Ordir* In this country he was likew ise-honored oeP a g e S e v e itl e e n

T hose w ho have m et him know Mr. Lewis cause of his editorial and general literary work in business as a congenial, pleasant w riter, and was elected President of the P ublishers’ w ith a m agnetic personality and an open, hon­ Syndicate for tw o years and appointed Ameri­ est countenance. In our O rder we have can Representative of the French Federation learned to love and adm ire his m any kind and of E ditors. B ut in 1909 our M aster journeyed to France considerate qualities and his sincerity and de­ and E ngland to com plete his preparation for votion* to this his chosen—and predestined— th e R osaecrucian w ork—which alw ays seemed work. to be his goal—and he was given several hon­ In passing, let it be said th a t in his pride ors and titles by the French R. C. O rder and ;' and satisfaction of the w ork so well under w ay, one by the E nglish O rder. By agreem ent w ith ; „ our M aster paid a deep and lasting honor to the Suprem e Council in France and E g y p t the his charm ing wife whom all in the G rand perm ission—long sought by scientists and Lodge have learned to love for her kindly, earnest philosophical stu d en ts—was given help, pleasant w ords and sw eet disposition. u n to our M aster to establish the R. C. O rder O ur M aster saw to it th a t M rs. Lew is w as th e: in A m erica in the y ear 1915. Six years of first to cross the T hreshold of the O rder im preparation and study w ere necessary and in A m erica and the first to w ear the insignia^ th e m onth' of D ecem ber, 1914, th e Council in A nd—while B rother Lew is has three children; France delivered to'him , through m any sources the youngest, E arle Cromwell was the first and m any persons, various articles, papers and Rosaecrucian to be born in Am erica and w ilj jew els w ith w hich to establish the O rder which be christened w ith due R. C. Cerem onies in is now grow ing so rapidly here under the direct the G rand Lodge during the year. supervision and ruling of our M aster.

Berzelius’ Electro -Chem ical Elements
According to Berzelius each elem ent has a different key-note, represented by color, and the solar spectrum divided into four octaves each, of th e positive and the negative “pull.” T he relation betw een all these elem ents is such th a t those of the tw o extrem es will separate any of the intervening elem ents w hen arranged in a compound. T h e nam es of the valencies, or com bining powers, are know n as the M onad, Diad, T riad, T etrad ^P ^ n tad , H exad and Heptad, and in colors correspond w ith Red, O range, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

Oxygen Boron Sulphur Carbon A ntim ony Selenium N itrogen Tellurium Fluorine T antalum C hlorine T itanium B rom ine Silicon Iodine H ydrogen P hosphorus Gold Arsenic Osmium Chromium Indium Vanadium P latinum M olybdenum Rhodium T ungsten Palladium M ercury Silver Copper Bismuth Tin Lead Cadmium Cobalt Nickel Iron Zinc M anganese U ranium Cerium Thorium Zirconium Aluminum Didymium Lanthanum Y ttriuni Glucinqm Magnesium CalciumJ Strontium Barium Lithium Sodium Potassium


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