Leadership Guidelines High Performance Teams for LTG Startle, Commanding General

– Standardize those skills/criteria measurements across the organization. – Identify how team performance can be assessed. .Purpose • Provide the summary of research to review high performance teams per CG’s guidance to: – Identify what skills/criteria are required for high performing teams.

no fear to ask for support from others (master resources and systems) . Many SMEs Quick turn-around in ½ the time of std groups Shared vision. goals Strong collaboration and communication Positive attitude Strong reliability among members Know strengths and weakness.Findings • Identify what skills/criteria are required for high performing teams. mission.

Abilities . no solution time. over identified identified budget Problem unsolved KSA = Knowledge. no produced. over Problem not consensus. Skill. 2-12) avoidance Problem solved Focusing on end statesolving the problem KSA #5 3 2 1 0 Group think No product Individual work.Assessment Rubric High-Performance Team Assessment Guide Brainstorming KSA #1 Collective Problem ID/scoping KSA #2 Collective Problem Solving KSA #3 Efficiency 4 Multiple ideas generated Problem clearly identified KSA #4 50% faster product production than Identify and use bench standard w/ marks to judge solutions 50% cost (FM 5-0.

Way Ahead • Actions: – Standardize skills and criteria across the organization • Develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) within three months • Implement SOP within six months • Require High-Performance teams to conduct and document After Action Reviews • Act upon the findings of AARs for continual improvement .

net/library/7steps.shtml http://en.Resources • • • • http://www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubric FM 6-22 Army Leadership FM 5 Decision making process .learningcenter.

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