Hoback Eagle It was President’s Day many years ago Had spent the weekend in Jackson Visited Yellowstone

by snowcoach from Flagg Ranch to Old Faithful Rode horse-drawn sleighs through the National Elk Preserve Attended the horse powered cutter races. Time to make the long drive home The temp was 20 below The truck started but with less alacrity than normal Took the road south along the Hoback River Driving along wondering when the heater’s blast Would overcome the still cold air in the cab Miles of wooden fence post marched on both sides of the road Saw one up ahead that was oddly taller than the others Slowed and stopped to see if I could determine why As I walked through the roadside ditch in a foot of snow I came close enough to see that a very large Golden eagle Was perched on top of the “long” post As I got closer it remained firmly in place With its eyes following me Telepathically I received its thoughts though, “You SOB, if you make me fly in this cold I might Have to take a swipe at you with my talons.” I slowly backed away, got into the truck and Headed on south toward home. Paul Richardson

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