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Published by Rodelio C. Catuy
Relax contributes to our health
Relax contributes to our health

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Published by: Rodelio C. Catuy on Feb 19, 2013
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Leisure and rest are God-given rights and are essential to a healthy, productive life
What does the Bible tesch about rest? When we look at the Scriptures, we detect immediately that rest is important. God Himself rested on the seventh day when the creative work was done, But more than just rest was involved, for God was also refreshed. Moses wrote that "on the seventh day, He rested andwas refreshed" (Exodus 31'.17). He commanded Israel to follow His example (Ex. 20:8-11). The day of rest would bring God's people physical refreshment for their labors. Jesus Himself rested, going often into the mountains to renew His spirit (Mark 6.45-47). And when His disciples returned from their preaching mission, Jesus took them away from the crowds to "Fest a while"

(Mark 6'.37,32). Wat does this means to us? It means that God has nat designed us to keep going interminabbt None of us is Superman. We need to rest God has created us in such a wqv that we can be renewed and revitalized through rest. If we deny ourselves rest, we will eventually pay the price emotionally, physically or spiritually. What is the place of leisure activities in God's plan? Leisure time spent in rest, relaxation and enjoyment is approved of God for our restoration and renewal. Even so, some people believe that all leisure time is wasted. They see it as a misuse of time and as poor stewardship. For one thing, activities that are not productive can be very worthwhile. We should do things regularly just for the fun of doing them, even though they may not be "productive," Furthermore, the Bible encourages pleasure and enjoyment. It does not say, as some seem to believe, that all pleasure and enjoyment are evil. "Delight yourself also in the Lord," the psalmist wrote (Psatm 37:4) He spoke of the lines falling to him "in pleasant places, " and said that ar God's "right hand are pleusures forevenmore" (Psalm 16:6,11). If all pleasure were bad, these verses would not be in the Bible, nor would the verses from Ecclesiastes that speak of the enjoyment of ltfe (2'.24-26;3:l l-13; 5:18,19, 9'.7,9;11'.7). Haw does leisure help us? Studies on the effect of leisure reveal that it helps us physically and emotionally in the following ways; it provides a healthy balance to the strain qf work; it compensates for the stress of obligation; it gives us relaxation. helping us recover from fatigue; it entertains us, freeing us from staleness and boredom, it improves our social shlls and cultivates our mind and spirit. Hotv might leisure harm us? Here are some of the dangers we must make ourselves aware of as we consider the topic of leisure: (I) we ccm let it occupy too much of our time, (2) entertainment such as television presents an altered view of reality that we often cannot accept withaut lasing biblicol perspective, (3) wrong kinds of leisure activities can undermine our moral foundation, (4) A preoccupcttion with leisure can keep us from doing things for the Lord, (5) We can make leisure or recreation more important than ourfamily andfriends. To summarize, test and leisure are impofiant for balance and restoration. They are wrong in themselves, but they can become wrong if they are used in an excessive or morally degenerative manner. So it's-u8!-ontry-g@-to relm, it is essential!

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