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Conscientious Technology

Greensigns * 770 W. Chicago Ave. Chicago, IL. 60642

Greensigns is not just our name, it is our way of doing business. Through strategic partnerships with energy suppliers, Greensigns lowers our impact on the environment by purchasing renewable energy to power our sign locations. RECs purchased through our partners supply power to the grid from wind, solar, and reclaimed methane gas from regional land lls. Being a good corporate citizen is a bit more costly, but the returns are priceless.

Ad-Tech F4X uses the most power e cient LEDs available today. A more e cient LED produces more light with less current (electricity). An Ad-Tech F4X screen produces more light with less power than any other LED screen available today. The Ad-Tech F4X powers the LEDs at up to 50% lower current that other comparable screens. This is because our LEDs produce more light at a lower current, and that we have substantially more LEDs per square foot (higher LED Density). Powering the LEDs at a lower current will cause the LEDs to run at a lower temperature, signi cantly increasing the useful life of the LED.