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With a theme of:

Kalusugan ng sanggol ay isaalang-alang sa wastong kaalaman ng magulang.

Submitted by: Group 9 BSN-4 Submitted to: Prof. Evangeline B. Mecija


Opening Prayer

Ms. Charizel Albaciete BSN-4 Student Ms. Alyssa Marie Marquez BSN-4 Student Mrs. Evangeline Mecija Clinical Instructor Mr. Randy Leynes BHN Mr. Gerald Oria BSN-4 Student BSN- 4 Students

National Anthem

Opening Remarks

Talk 1: Expanded Program On Immunization Talk 2: Newborn Screening

Intermission Number

Talk 3: Grow Chart and Breastfeeding

Mrs. Nora Dayo Nutritionist

Talk 3: Vital Signs Taking

Ms. Ara Sherisse Lim BSN- 4 Student

Return Demonstration of Vital Signs Taking

Ms. Claudine Oblena BSN- 4 Student

Closing Prayer

Mrs. Lourdes Moreno BHM


Ms. Katrina Maia Zuiga Mr. John Kevin Brias

Community health nursing is the utilization of the nursing processs in the different levels of clientele- individuals, families, population groups and communities, concerned with the promotion of health, prevention of disease and disability and rehabilititation (Maglaya, It is concerned with the health of the whole population. One of the specific objectives of CHN is to attend on field works. As part of the specific objective, our group conducted a mothers class at Brgy. Kalumpang, Tayabas City. Health education is a big part of community health nursing and the main important role of a community health nurse. We tried to educate and share some information and knowledge about some topics on which they really need specifically, the mothers. The program started with an opening prayer led by Ms. Charizel Albaciete, and it was followed by the national anthem led by Ms. Alyssa Marie Marquez. After that, Prof. Evangeline Mecija gave her opening remarks as to welcome the participants of the said activity. The first topics that was tackled about were Expanded Program on Immunization by Mr. Randy Leynes, the barangay health nurse and Newborn Screening by Mr. Gerald Oria. The mothers were given the chance to ask and give their inquires on each topics that has been discussed. The BSN-4 students had the chance to show and share their talents to the audience on an intermission number. The program continued with the talk about the new grow chart and breastfeeding emphasized by a nutrionist, Ms. Nora Dayo.