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SELAMAT MENGERJAKAN 1. I breath with my.. a. Nose b. mouth c. hand d. teeth 2. I have hands a. Two b. one c. three d.

four 3. I wash my.twice a week. a. Ears b. tongo c. hair d. feet 4. I see the moon in the sky with my.. a. Hand b. forehead c. eyes d. ears 5. My Aunt carries a bag with her. a. Head b. hand c. forehead d. face 6. In a week, there aredays a. Five b. six c. seven d. eight 7. The second day is. a. Sunday b. Monday c. Tuesday d. Wednesday 8. Wednesday is a. Third b. second c. fifth d. fourth 9. Saturday is the day a. Sevent b sixth c. fifth d. first 10. Bag my blue is (the correct sentence is) a. My bag is c. bag is my blue b. My blue is d. do homework 11. The students..on Monday a. Borrow books c. go to school b. Play football d. do homework 12. I study in the. a. Class room c. field b. Canter d. garden 13. There is the class room (papan tulis) a. Table b. cupboard c. chair d. blackboard 14. This is my..(buku) a. Pencil b. book c. ruller d. pencil case 15. This is my(penggaris) a. Ruler b. book c. bag d. pencil case 16. This animals lives in the forest. It is a.(harimau) a. Giraffe b. monkey c. camel d. tiger

17. My favorite pat animal is..(burung) a. Fish b. bird c. duck d. cat 18. This animal is dangerous. It is a(buaya) a. Tiger b. rhinoceros c. crocodile d. lion 19. My father has(ayam jantan) a. Peacock b. bird c. duck d. cock 20. What is is ? It is a(jambu) a. Guava b. watermelon c. strawberry d. avocado II. 1. Stomach 2. Tumb 3. Fish 4. Lion 5. Hen 6. Grden 7. Protractor 8. Library 9. Tomorrow 10. Tuesday Translate it into Indonesia 1. This is my shoulder 2. I have two eyes 3. I have monkey 4. Today is Friday 5. Before Thursday is Wednesday KUNCI JAWABAN KELAS 3 1. A 2. A 3. C 4. C 5. B II. 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. D 11. C 12. A 13. B 14. B 15. A III 16. D 17. B 18. C 19. D 20. A (..) (..) (..) (..) (..) (..) (..) (..) (..) (..) a. jempol jari b. ikan c. selasa d. busur derajat e. besok f. singa g. kebun h. ayam betina i. perut j. perpustakaan

1. I 2. A 3. B 4. F 5. H

6. G 7. D 8. J 9. E 10. C

1. Ini adalah pundakku 2. Saya punya dua mata 3. Saya punya monyet 4. Hari ini adalah jumat 5. Sebelum kamis adalah rabu