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Falashah Carroll How I learned Grammar Assignment

My grammar learning experiences are very fuzzy. My father was in the military and we traveled a lot. During my 3rd grade year I went to 4 different schools. One of which was a German school (Because we were in Germany at the time). No one in that school spoke fluent English so for the time, I had to learn German. Eventually my parents moved on Base Housing. From what I remember there was a lot of practice as in correcting sentences that were written. Like add the correct punctuation and the end of the sentence. I also remember being given choices like him, his or he in a given sentences and had to choose the one. The think that stands out the most are the rules that I had to memorize. For example I before E except after C and when two vowel go walking ( like oa), the 1st one does the talking. The other significant teaching strategies were song and video the one that I remember the most is conjunction junction whats your function? . All of those were good strategies, as a teacher I still use some of them. But I also try to play games that students can apply the lessons and incorporate speaking skills.