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Instituto de Educacin Superior Daniel A.

Carrin Apellidos y Nombres Profesora: Lilia Len Lavi Seccin:


ENGLISH EXAM (1 UF) I. MATCH THE WORDS. corazn cabeza tobillo hgado brazo arm ankle heart head liver

COMPLETE THE SENTENCES USING THE VERB TO BE: AM, IS OR ARE Mary _______a teacher The children _______ happy The cat _______ small I ______ student Dr. Perez ______ in the hospital USE THE VERBS IN THE PRESENT CONTINOUS FORM I _____________________ (work) in the hospital Fred _________________ (sleep) early We __________________ (listen) to music Sheyla ______________ (not play) cards The students _______________ (not eat) in class MATCH THE DESCRIPTIONS TO THE WORDS antiseptic thermometer oxigen mask microscope


Lets see if you have fever Lets find out your weight

_____________ _____________

Equipment that makes small things appear larger _____________ I need to sterilize the wound _____________ I cant catch my breath _____________