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CONTOH SOAL SHORT MESSAGE SERVICE -----------LINDA-----------DEA, its 11.30 have a nice sleep.

coz ething uve learnll b useless if ur sleepy while doing d test. C u on thurs. Option Back 1. The following are what the sender expects from Dea, except .... a. Going to bed now. b. Stop learning now. c. Meeting her on Thursday. d. Seeing her as soon as possible. 2. When was the short message sent? a. At mid night b. In the evening c. In the afternoon d. In the morning Dear Vicky, Our niece got an accident this morning. She is waiting for the operation in Dr.Moewardi hospital now. It is scheduled at 3 pm. Our family will be waiting for it there before three. Please dont worry about that. Im sure it will run well for the operation. Love, Nita 3. According to the message, what is the relationship between Vicky and Nita? a. Vicky is Nitas friend. b. Vicky is Nitas brother. c. Vicky is Nitas uncle. d. Vicky is Nitas nephew. 4. It is scheduled at 3 pm. What does the word it refer to? a. Dr. Moewaardi hospital b. The accident c. The operation d. Familly Dear Virna, I was so sorry to learn of your mothers passing. I know it was very sudden. I saw her as a warm and grcious lady who was both honest when needed but sincere in her affections towards others. She is one person who will be misses not just by her family but by all those who knew her. Please extend my condolences to your entire family. I am willing to help in any way needed during this time. Please contact me if i am needed. With my deepest sympathy Laura

5. What is the letter about? It is about ... a. Lauras condolences. b. Inviting Anton family. c. Missing a good mother. d. Informating Antons mother. 6. Who was just lost the mother? a. Anton was b. Laura was c. The writer was d. The family was Rose, Im at grandmas. She fell and sprained her ankle. Ill be back by 5.00 pm. Warm the dishes and make sure Andy takes his lunch. No Fizzy drinks for him.

7. From the message we learn that .... a. Andy dislikes fizzy drinks. b. Roses at her grandmothers. c. Roses mother sprained her ankle. d. Andy is most probably Rosess younger brother. Roni, sorry i cant come to your house tonight to do the wall magazine project as we have planned. My grandmother has just come and she wants me to accompany her to my aunts house. I will meet you at school tomorrow. Erika 8. What is Erika and Ronis plan ? a. To say sorry. b. To meet Ranis aunt. c. To accompany her grandmother. d. To do the wall magazine project together. 9. From the short message we know that Erika will be ... tonight. a. In her gandmothers house. b. In her aunts house. c. In her own house. d. In Ranis house. Dear Sandra, Have you planned to do something this weekend,San? If you havent, why dont we go and see the music consert next saurday night. our favorite band will perform. That must be great. Ill ask Joan to join us. Lets meet at the bus station at 6 pm. Please let me know as soon as possible if you are agree! Tino 10. From the text above, we know that .... a. Sandra will go to the music consert alone. b. A paradise c. One of popular tourist destinations amazing landscape. d. The cosy place

11. of popular tourist destinations for those who ... The underlined word refer to .... a. Kuta and legian. b. Balinese people. c. The friendly people. d. Foreign and Indonesian tourists. 12. What is expectional in Bali ? a. Friendly people and cosy place. b. Amazing landscape and bustle nightlife. c. Its custom and culture. d. Beauty of the beach and sunset. Dear Anindya, Wish you many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health,wealth and prosperty in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVE, MELTA 13. What does Melta do for Anindyas birthday? a. She wishes her many happy returns of the day. b. She gives her prosperity. c. She share with her health. d. She returns her love. 14. What is the purpose of the text ? a. To give warm wishes on someones birthday. b. To congratulate someone on her success. c. To announce someones birthday. d. To entertain the reader. Dear Karin, Congratulation on your appoinatment as the OSIS chairperson in your school. Do your best. There are a lot of things that you can do to make our school better. I am sure you can manage it. Goodbless you. Best wishes, Renza 15. From the text we know that .... a. Renza manages the OSIS well. b. Karen has an appointment with OSIS chairperson. c. Renza congratulates karen as a new OSIS chairperson. d. Karen and Renza make their school better with OSIS. 16. The purpose of the text above is to .... a. Make karen think of her new promotion. b. Warm karen to be careful with her new position. c. Congratulate karen on her success in the examination. d. Congratulate karen on her appointment as the students chairperson.

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