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CRM Vision and Strategy


The vision is the what and why while strategy is how

A vision starts with understanding market demand as well as the enterprises market position, then creating a core proposition to target. example, innovation, independence, quality, expertise and involvement.

The final part of the vision is an outline of what the customer experience should be for different situations and segments. From employees point of view: The vision should motivate staff and enable them to work together, generate customer loyalty, gain greater wallet share and turn target customers into advocates

A CRM strategy is the blueprint for how an enterprise is going to turn its customers into an asset by building up their value. It is based on an understanding of the vision and how an enterprises competencies can be used to create value propositions for customers, the market segments that offer the most value potential and then systematically developing that potential

In other words it looks at how you can build better value for customer and thus valuable customers. A CRM strategy must look at the customer from a life-cycle (business-to business [B2B] or business-to-consumer [B2C]) perspective not a sales, service or marketing capability perspective that leaves out the rest of the company. All areas of the company play a part. If you are not serving a customer, serve someone who does.

CRM Building Blocks

CRM Vision: Leadership, Market Position, Value Proposition CRM Strategy: Objectives, Segments, Effective Interaction Valued Customer Experience Understand Requirements Monitor Expectations Satisfaction vs. Competition Collaboration and Feedback Customer Communication

Organizational Collaboration Culture and Structure People: Skills, Competencies Customer Understanding Incentives and Compensation Employee Communications Partners and Suppliers

CRM Processes: Customer Life Cycle, Knowledge Management. CRM Information: Data, Analysis, One View Across Channels CRM Technology: Applications, Architecture, Infrastructure CRM Metrics: Value, Retention, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Cost to Serve