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The word bear is susceptible to varying meanings depending to its use.

Here are some of which: As a noun: It may refer to a mammal which is doglike carnivore with large body, stocky legs, long snout, shaggy hair and plantigrade paws. It may denote to a member of Lesbian-gay society which is to be considered as slang term. It may refer to a gruff, burly, bad-mannered or rude person; The boy in the neighbourhood is a bear. He beats every person he encountered. It may refer to a person who believes that market prices, especially of stocks will decline; The financial analyst of the company is a bear. He had able to predict the market trend. It may refer also to persons having great ability, enthusiasm, stamina, etc.: Ana was a bear in Physics. She able to solve problems at an instance. As a verb: It means to hold up; or support ; To bear the weight of the package all alone, is a torture. It means to sustain and remain firm under (load); The bridge will not be able to bear that big cargoes. It means to give birth; She bears a baby girl after long years of waiting. It means to give sprout or produce something by natural; The mango tree bears a lot of fruits this year. It means to hold up under or be capable of; His accusation does not bear to the resolution of the case. It means irrelevant to something; His roles have no bearing to our skit.