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Grand Finale Written by Kenneth Roberson Sunday October 28, 2012 Seek and you will find.

I knew it was the truth. Call me a treasure hunter. Its what I did for a living. For eons, I had searched the cosmos for the greatest treasures. Sometimes I came up short; sometimes, like tonight, I hit the mother lode. Right now, wizened me was thinking I had found the one treasure above all else. It was a small, blue world rich in biodiversity that my scanners had pinpointed as the cup that held the prize. I set my spaceship down and began my dig. With my outdated technology, it would take a minute. Peace of junk machinery I once found a ship that could travel sixty light years in one hour, two if you were loaded for bear. I found the artifact in my own backyard. I once found an item that could transmit entire galaxies across vast voids. I even had a towing company for a while. Made lots of money. I once found a portrait of God. Nice looking fellow, clean teeth. Well, here it was, the reason I had traveled a billion parsecs in three directions. The treasure of a lifetime. It was inside an oblong treasure chest, large, ordinary. I picked it up. Squinted. There was an inscription. It was dirty. I wiped it down. The language was foreign. I had never seen such language before. I used my recalcitrant articulator. Aha! The inscription was one word: HUMANITY.