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What are the experiences did you think about at the beginning of this process? Which experiences did you have the strongest reaction to? How did these reactions inspire you? What is the message you are trying to express? What did you choose to use this medium over other mediums? What reaction were you hoping for? What reactions did you get?

Artist Profile – Sunshine
My name is Sunshine and I am an artist at NIST, Bangkok. I am not sure what came first, being nosey about the world or a natural curiosity with color and paint. Maybe a bit of both. I have only been painting for a few weeks, but during this time I have found a new passion and enjoyment for being free with my work. I have learned that when I relax my best art work happens. A lot of things inspire me, but I guess I can’t say exactly how that takes shape. My experience with people and the relationship I have with them is evident in my work. This is important to me because I value people in my life. I like people. I learn many things from people, both positive and negative experience. I am at my best when I don’t think of a clear vision with my work. My creative juices seem to just flow out of me when I feel an idea, not think of one. Some say that my work has been inspired by Jackson Pollack, others say that I have my own unique style. For me, I just enjoy painting, experimenting with different colors and letting the paint do its work instead of trying to control every detail. I have experimented with portraits and objects, but I do prefer abstract art as a way of expressing feelings. I feel as if time floats away when it is just me and the canvas. I hope the audience thinks about the people they care about in their lives. I would like them to consider the importance of spending time with them in the busy and stressful lives we all lead.

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