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(1)For anti-aircraft and anti-missile applications considerable importance must

attributed to an unmanned fully automatic gun and to a substantial reserve of ready use
ammunition which can be fired without human intervention.

2 You may have read stories in which the hero gets into his spaceship
and"blasts off"into the outer reaches of space without a worry about fuel.

(3) Vietnam was his entree to the new administration, his third incarna-tion as a
foreign policy consultant.

(4) Where a railway crosses a navigable water way, and it is impossible to lift the line
high enough for vessels to pass underneath without interception, a bridge must be built
which is capable of being opened in order to allow the river or canal traffic to pass.


(1) A modern frigate or destroyer could well use up all her surface-to-air missiles in
the first hours of a serious large-scale encounter.
(2) Many men have recognized the similarity of plants to the behavior of animals,
and have dreamed wistfully, but forlornly, upon some method or source of rejuvenation
such as Ponce de Leon sought in the Fountain of Youth several centuries ago.

(3) What is known is that weight extremes in either direction are definitely unhealthy.
(4) Administrating this fluid intravenously will fill up the deficiency in potassium.
administrating ""

(1) Plants cannot grow well in the absence of water.

(2) Shock the bottle well before the experiment.
(3 )Radar waves go through clouds or fog quite well, whereas light waves no not.

(4) Examine the account well before you pay it.


(1) No reproduction is granted by implication or otherwise of this information.

or otherwise "" by implication
(2) The planes may be in commercial use as early as the end of this decade or the
beginning of the next.this
decade the next """"
(3) Empties are not taken back.
(4) The stars twinkled in transparent clarity.




deadlock ()"" circulation desk



(1) The United States is often depicted as a nation that has been devouring the
world's mineral resources.devour
(2) A single thermonuclear bomb today has the destructive force of all the bombs
and other explosives of World War II.
bomb explosive """"
(3) Monday-morning quarterbacking about Israel's lack of preparedness for the
October war plunged the country into a new political crisis last week.

Monday-morning quarterbacking ""

(4) For generations coal and oil have been regarded as the chief energy sources
used to transport men form place to place.

(1)In the modern world salt has many uses beyond the dining table.
dining table ""
(2) Pregnant women and women breast-feeding their children may need vitamins.
breastchildren ""
(3) ATGMs alone cannot be expected to bear the burden of the MBT threat.
bearof ""
(4) The scene is a dramatic reenactment of one among thousands of spontaneous
that led up to the revolution.
dramatic reenactment ""
(5) Cyrus Vance has always been a clean-desk man, so it did not take him long to
prepare to leave Washington.

(6)Don't worry about it, for the project is on the fire.