Jane sat on her haunches and opened her hands to show the butterfly she had just captured from a nearby flower and said the name of it but you were studying her sitting there the way she opened her hands like some flower in the morning light spreading its petals and her eyes bright and deep set on the wings of the butterfly and its opening and closing of wings and she smiled and she said something else but the words escaped you not the tone or softness of her voice but the words the structure and meaning of them and you looked

at her legs spread downward beneath the summery dress of red and orange and the sun making her warm and you sitting there wanting to lean forward and touch her hands maybe to stroke the butterfly but no she said the wings are so delicate they may damage just look and see and she moved her hands closer to you and you smelt her scent the perfume she said her mother gave her and you breathed it in as you leaned forward and the butterfly took off

and she watched it go and waved it goodbye and then turned and looked at you and you felt a warm passion flow through you as she gazed into your eyes and spoke but the words slipped away like the butterfly but the perfume was still there and her hands closed and she placed them over yours as you sat opposite and the sun warmed and blessed both your heads and the butterfly disappeared over the high hedge and away and her words were lost to you that moment

of that summery day.

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