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Published by: L2RR on Feb 20, 2013
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“I need to know if you saw any weird activities going on in the apartment next door” said copper. “ What do you mean”? I know only that a young woman around my age live there”. I didn’t mention that said young woman was a blond bombshell that came with with fake boobs and all, and had all sorts of men coming around every other day. “What do you know of the woman”? Are you friendly with her? “To tell you the truth officer I really would rather not get involved in whatever this is if you know what I mean, and I don’t even know the girl. I see her going in and coming out of her apartment and sometimes putting her garbage out. What is this all about?” I live in a new apartment complex that has the works. A nice swimming pool to jump in on lazy days, a back yard (well me at least, since I live on the first floor). My apartment is pretty nice for a Medical Secretary salary but I kind of don’t know how to manage money so that’s the main reason why I’m living here. In other words, I can’t afford it.

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