Will Age Catch Up to the Knickerbockers Going into the season, the New York Knicks were the

oldest team in the league with an average age just under 33. The only player on their current roster under the age of 27 is the man bringing back the ‘flat top’ Iman Shumpert. And now I hear the Knicks exploring interest in J.J. Redick for Shump? Stay away Dolan. Why do they need the Duke sharpshooter? All he will do is add space for the ‘infamous’ Melo Isolation, and we have enough deep threats for that. Lets assume the Knicks roster is still in tact by late Thursday, and the ageless wonders only get older. The Knicks will not make it deep into the playoffs isolating Lala’s husband, aka honey-nut cheerios, or better known as Carmelo Anthony, as we found out last year. With this being said, the blue and orange need their role players to remain consistent and reliable. The one thing the Knicks having going for them in the second half is a deep, deep bench. With Amare’, J.R., and Novocain (Novak) rocking their warm-ups at tip off, not only are they making a total of about $27 million, but they indeed add production and rest for Kidd and Tyson Chandler. STAT has been playing some of the most efficient ball of his career. In his first 20 games back from injury, he’s shooting 56% from the field. If Amare’ can stay consistent and play some defense (as Mike Woodson requires such play), his salary can at least be somewhat earned. Who would of said that in December? On another account, Novak needs to get back to his 2011-2012 form. Novocain is getting more minutes this year then last,(22 compared to 19) and his scoring is still taking a hit, along with his 3-point percentage. He’s averaging just 6.9 points and his percentage from behind the arc dropped from 47% last year, to 45% this year. Still, 45% can and should be a lethal weapon so what’s the solution here? Rest our 8th wonder of the world in Jason Kidd, and play the man. Let Novak stroke, get hot, and flex some championship belts in MSG. We have no lack of ball handlers on our roster, and we will need the soon-to-be 40 year old in Kidd on the court at the end of games in the playoffs. To wrap it up, Shumpert needs to take his game to the next level. He’s probably the most athletic player on the roster even with a bummed knee. His on ball defense last year, along with his will to get to the basket shows his potential. And if the Knicks want to get to the Eastern Conference finals, the weight can’t fall 100% on Carmelo. Yes, he’ll have his crazy games where he can’t miss a shot while pulling up from 25 plus feet, but the athleticism of Shump needs to get back to full form. If Shumpert can work up his minutes and prove to be a key piece to the Knicks system, we won’t have to see Ronnie Brewer getting any burn. And if you didn’t watch a Knick game in the beginning of the year, Brewer brings as much offense to the Knicks as A-Rod brings to the Yankees in the post-season.

The second half to the season starts tomorrow in Indiana, and the Pacers are just a game and a half back from the Knicks. At least the games in Indiana, so Spike Lee can’t heckle a future star in Paul George and psych him up to hate the Knicks as he did to Reggie Miller.

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