Legal Statement for Webster University - Internal Purposes only 18 February 2013 Seventeen years ago, at the age

of 20 years, Dr. Patricia Esparza was the victim of a sexual assault in her college dormitory room in Claremont, California. Several individuals, including her former boyfriend, have recently been charged with the sexual assault perpetrator’s kidnapping and murder. Dr. Esparza had no intention whatsoever that the perpetrator of the assault be kidnapped or killed. Since moving to Geneva in 2007, Dr. Esparza has maintained contact with the United States, traveling there in 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2012 for professional and personal reasons. She learned for the first time in 2012 that she was recently charged with conspiracy to commit murder in the 17-year old case. She has been released on bail and is free to continue living and working in Europe. She has pled not guilty to the charge and is cooperating with the authorities. She fully expects to be vindicated when the investigation is completed. Dr. Esparza will continue to raise her three-year old daughter with her husband in Geneva, where the family resides, and she intends to continue her professional duties with complete dedication. Peter A. Schey Law Office of Peter Schey 11994 Chalon Road Los Angeles, Ca. USA 90049 Telephone: (323) 251-3223 Facsimile: (310) 526-6537 Electronic mail reply to: Personal Statement for Webster University “My wife, Dr. Patricia Esparza, has been unjustly charged with involvement in a murder that took place in Santa Ana, California, over 17 years ago. She is innocent of the charge and has cooperated with the police and prosecutors investigating the crime. She fully expects to be vindicated when the investigation is completed.” Dr Jorge Mancillas Neuroscientist, Geneva

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