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1. We demand national democratic 8.

We demand an end to the theft,
rights and self determination for kidnapping, sale, abuse and removal
African people in the U.S. around the of African children from our
world. communities under the genocidal
The International
2. We demand community control of the foster care system.
police in the African community and 9. We demand an end to the political
Democratic Uhuru
the immediate withdrawal of the
Movement and social oppression and economic
terroristic police and military forces
(InPDUM) is an exploitation of African women.
from the African community.
3. We demand community control of the grassroots
10. We demand reparations for
schools and mandatory African organization – led African people.
history in public schools. by the African 11. We demand a United Nations
4. We demand community control of working class supervised plebiscite to determine
healthcare. community. We the will of the African community in
5. We demand community control of fight for the right the U.S. and around the world as to
housing. of African people their national destiny.
6. We demand the removal of the to be a self 12. We demand an end to the
parasitic merchants and slumlords determined people political economy of the
from the African community. and to control our counterinsurgency, the parasitic
own resources and
7. We demand an end to the colonial relationship that benefits the white
economic affairs. population with millions of dollars for
court and prison systems that have Membership is
the majority of Africans incarcerated, jobs, resources and stabilized
open to anyone economy sustained off of the U.S.
on probation or parole, and immediate
release of all political prisoners and counterinsurgency (war) on African
prisoners of war. people in the U.S.

General Meetings Held In the Following Locations:

Time: Thur. 7:30 pm Time: Tuesday 7:30 pm
441 Marcus Garvey Blvd. (bet. African Poetry Theatre
MacDonough and Decatur) 176-03 Jamaica Ave. Jamaica NY
Phone number: 347-249-1570 Phone number: 718-810-4953