Written By Anass Moudakir

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INT. INSIDE ATTIC. - NIGHT The man about to go to sleep hears noise of a crowd which seem to come from far away. He gets out of bed, closes the window, checks underneath the bed and goes back to bed.


He realises that the attic door is open and gets out of bed again to close it, thinking that the noises come from there. INT. INSIDE ATTIC. - CONTINUOUS The strange sounds stop for few seconds, it starts again when he gets to bed. He hears the same crowd sounds which seems to get closer and louder. The sounds gradually decreases. INT. INSIDE ATTIC. - THE NEXT DAY - CONTINUOUS While in bed, he looks up the ceiling and where the exit is. INT. INSIDE ATTIC. - MOMENTS LATER The sounds get louder, he jumps out of bed rushing to pick matches and light them up. He lights up a match, flashbacks occur showing us some pictures of people in miserable and unacceptable state. He is scared to death, drops the match and lights up another one, trying to be quick at lighting the candle, flashback occurs and shows more horrible pictures that makes him drop the match and candle on the floor. 00:00:33 00:00:19 00:00:15

INT. INSIDE ATTIC. - THE NEXT DAY - MORNING Camera slowly shows burnt matches, candle on the floor, a box of matches and then shows the young man on the floor. Camera zooms out and notices wardrobe open,zooms in, we can see a black and white stripped uniform with a badge on it showing the Jewish flag and a small text saying Sonderkommando underneath.




Yousef Hamza Jan 22, 2013 10:26 PM

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