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The international people’s democratic uhuru movement

against search and
protected laws
constitutionally –
which violate
housing projects,
sweeps of the
the anti
demand an end to
people.. We
for African
into prison camps
public housing
law which turns
imposed martial
the U.S.
demand an end to
gentrification. We
population due to
of the African
forced relocation
of rent, and the
artificial high cost
homelessness, the
end to
necessary for an
is absolutely
control of housing
for collective
law that provides
that a land reform
Movement believe
Democratic Uhuru
the International
We inside
Demand Community control over housing!!

What’s worse The Rats in
Defend the African
your housing or the rats
community & demand
who control your housing?
community control over
___________________________ housing

New York City’s Housing ______________________________
Authority (NYCHA) Does
Defend the African
Not represent the interest
community against NYCHA’s
of the African community attacks. Organize for
however they control our community control &
housing.. NYCHA is
Self-determination is the Demand that the U.S.
responsible for stealing
highest expression of government end it’s
millions of dollars from counterinsurgency war
the African community which it is waging to take
Every Tuesday
while unlawfully @ 7:30pm
evicting Every Thursday @ 7:30pm
away the basic democratic
rights that African people
thousands of Africans fought and died forBrooklyn
during Mass meetings
Uhuru MassFreedom
means Meetings
from their homes making the black revolution of the
our overall living @ 60’s. Demand the end to @
conditions worse. NYCHA these attacks which come
The African
is monopolized poetry theatre
by iNpdum
corrupt under the guise of fighting
Unity in Community