Example 1 The age of a father 3 years ago was 7 times the age of his son.

At present the age of son is five times the age of son. What are the present age of father and son ? Solution: Let the present age of son = x years the present age of father = 5x years 3 years ago sons age = x-3 Fathers age = 5x-3 7(x-3) = 5x-3 7x-21=5x-3 2x=18 x=9 So, Present age of son is 9 years and father is 5*9=45. Shortcut Sons Age = T1(x-1)/x-y= 3*(7-1)/(7-5) = 9 Example 2 A sum of money doubles itself in 10years at S.I . What is the rate of Interest. Solution: Let the sum be x After 10 years it becomes 2x Interest= Rs.2x- Rs.x =Rs.x Rate = 100*l/P*T =100*x/x*10 = 10% Shortcut : Time*Rate = 100(Multiple Number of Principal Amount -1) Rate= 100 (Multiple Number of Principal Amount-1 ) /Time Example A sum of money doubles itself in 7 years.In how many years will it become four f old? shortcut : Double in 7 years Triple in 14 years 4 times in 21 years 5 times in 28 years Example When a person covers a distance between his house and office at 50 km/hr . He is late by 20 min. But when he travels at 60km/hr. He reaches 10 min early.What is the difference between his house and office ? Solution: Let the distance be x km Time taken to cover x km at 50km/hr is = x/50 hrs Time taken to cover x km at 60km/hr is = x/60 hrs Difference between time taken = 30 min ?x/50-x/60 = 30/60 => 6x-5x/300 = 1/2 => x = 150 km

and remember it well. This kind of shortcuts saves a lot of time whil e solving problems.Shortcut: Required Distance = Product of two speeds / Difference of two speeds * Differenc e between arrival time. So a short cut should written after solving every type of problem in a separate notebook . By following shortcut methods one can solve problems in time with high degree of accuracy .